EDIT TO ADD:  Note to whoever added this pic:  "The love of money is the root of all evil."  If We remove the soil in which the root grows, it cannot flourish. This quote was made from inside the scarcity paradigm, and as such does not reflect the options and expectations of the abundance paradigm.

I want to talk to all You revolutionaries.  You, who now are looking around You and thinking this is not how it should be.  You who, regardless of who You blame for the problems of this planet, know that something is about to break.

Maybe You are tucking food and ammunition away, preparing.  Most likely You are just going about Your day, watching the web, and saying, “We have to do something.”

Something is VERY wrong with the picture.

I watch as this solution to that problem is suggested – and yeah, maybe that might bandaid that problem – but there are other symptoms that crop up, and then We, to mix metaphors, have to put that fire out.  Quick!  What size bandaid do We need, and what shape, what contour?  And underlying virtually all of these sores in Our society, diverse as it is, on this planet I see a common infection.

Point blank, the infection that drains Humans of creative – and yes, loving – behavior is the need for money.  I see People behave badly in so many ways, trying to find ways to enhance Their money.  Most don’t, as a rule, making do but maybe contemplating what it would be like if They robbed a bank and got away with it.  What would They do with all that money?

So not only do We have to come up with bandaids, We have to be able to afford them – which leads to wrong sized bandaids, or no bandaid at all.  And within this the need for money, We have a very few on this planet sucking Us for all We are worth.  Add to that there is evidence that They also are not interested in the global welfare of Humanity.

So…  Let’s take a look at money.  Is there a way to eliminate the need for it?

Let’s ask the question, what function does money play in Our social interaction?  Surely We measure “success” by the quantity One can accumulate of it.  Its main function, however, is to allow Us to conveniently move the products of Human and “external” energy between Us.

Human energy is used in services, in labor, and in what I call documenting – dealing with red tape, creating receipts, keeping books, accounting for this currency.  “External” energy is, of course, all the other sources of energy:  coal, gas, oil, wood, etc.

This makes sense if You think of the first hunter, gatherer, fisher, farmer, miner, builder…  In each case, Human energy is put forth in a meaningful way and the product represents that energy, with the meaning giving it value.  Everything They used was free – the bows, the baskets, the rods, the seeds and soil and sun and rain, the picks – were created with free stuff through Human energy meaningfully expended so as to collect the free goods (with more meaningful energy expended).

Because the product of meaningful energy expended was scarce, compared to all One might want to accomplish, We placed the value We did on what We produced.  Out of this grew the exchange of the products – whether services or tangible.  From this We can see that 100% of the cost of anything is the cost of energy, whether Human or “external.”

When trade and barter became too cumbersome, tokens began being used, and more convenient tokens were devised as time went on.  Shells, beads, coins, bills, checks, electronic funds – all tokens of this meaningful energy expended.

Throughout the history We have on this planet, there has been the presumption that energy is scarce.  This has affected the way in which Our society has grown.  For instance, when Humans began to be used as the energy source along the assembly line, the “work ethic” sprouted up to keep Us believing that a handful of tokens was Our just due for doing Our duty to the system, keeping it going.  In fact, We have become slaves of this system.

Until recently, the energy scarcity has been a yoke on Humanity, in the form of money, and the symptoms of wearing that yoke are many.  Poverty and privilege, oppression, wage/debt slavery, greed, a banking system that is out of control, and war profiteering.  With accumulations of money comes power – in fact, power over Others is merely another form of money, leading Us to the equation, money=power=energy.

Now, for the first time in Our given history, We have access to the energy pool We swim in – the so-called “Dark” Energy, also called zero point energy, radiant energy (Tesla), orgone (Reich), “vacuum” energy, plenum energy, and other such names.  The methods of extracting this energy, however, have been hidden and suppressed.

Because the power “elite” know Their power depends on energy scarcity – which begs for a system to account for it, and thus money (and thus power over Others) – They hide any technologies that offer free energy.  If we had free energy flowing, the cost of things would be vastly cheaper as the cost of “external” energy is removed all down the production line.

Another development We are just now seeing is the great advancement in robotics.  We are at the point where all necessary work no One WANTS to do can be done by robot.  If free energy took the bulk of the cost of things away, making robots affordable, and We built robots for all the necessary work no One WANTS to do (or not enough People), We can remove the cost of Human energy – and this will make everything…free.

So, yes.  We CAN get rid of the NEED for exchange (trade, barter, money...)

We Humans will readily do things We WANT to do for merely the social currency it brings Us:  appreciation, thanks, lauds, fame, recognition, attention, and Self-satisfaction.

And so…  Rather than Us dividing on the issues of what bandaid in what shape, size and contour We should be placing on what societal sore, I call for a solidarity in doing all We can to strip the “elite” of Their power over Others – by working to release free energy extraction methods from secrecy, and building robots.  Yes, indeed, We CAN get rid of the NEED for money.

Let’s break out of the old paradigm and institute simple societal seeds for a healthy society to emerge from.

For more detail please see:

1.  The Foundation:  http://12160.info/profiles/blogs/the-end-of-entropy-a-look-at-our-entropic-world-and-the-evidence

2.  Governance:  http://12160.info/profiles/blogs/stigmergic-governance-via-the-web

3.  A Plan:  http://12160.info/profiles/blogs/t-a-p-you-re-it

4.  Another approach:  http://12160.info/profiles/blogs/if-you-control-the-gold-and-money-is-tied-to-gold-you-control-the

5.  Info about one hidden free energy method:  http://12160.info/profiles/blogs/electrogravitics-a-simplified-description

6. The Ethical Planetarian:  http://12160.info/profiles/blogs/the-ethical-planetarian-party-platform


Let Us go a new direction on this planet and solve all issues related to money – which is at least 98% of the problems We see.  First step:  Spread awareness of this solution to the tipping point.

The root of all evil is the LOVE of money.  Remove the soil in which the root grows...


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Comment by Amaterasu Solar on November 16, 2012 at 6:49pm

Money is not the root of all evil - it is the soil in which the root grows.  The root is the LOVE of money.  I already have a solution:  add free energy and robots.

And People WILL work for nothing if what They are working on is Their bliss.  If You LOVE to do research, as long as Your needs are met, You will do research.  If You LOVE to be a farmer, if Your needs are met, You will farm for free (though most farming will be done by robots...).  And so on and so forth.

The whole point of eliminating the NEED for money is to free Us to follow Our bliss.  Do read the links provided if You haven't already.

Comment by honeygirl on December 6, 2012 at 2:08pm

Your Brilliant Amaterasu Solar !  Thank you for all the hard work you contribute to us here

Comment by Amaterasu Solar on December 6, 2012 at 2:37pm

Thank YOU, honeygirl.  CH, We don't need to "get rid" of Them... Get awareness of this to the tipping point, many toadies will see they are better off having no master - and then info will be released.

Check out the end of the linked piece above under "A Plan."  It describes how the psychopaths will be handled.

While I have no religion, I am in love with Humanity, and see the three Laws as put forth at least as early as Zoroaster, and which are the foundation on which all religious "laws" are based (except those calling for belief in some external Being), as the only Laws We would need in energy abundance.

Also note that none of Our "laws" are actually laws - they are codes, statutes, acts, regulations, edicts, mandates, rules, bills, orders, declarations, constitutions...  There are only three Laws.

Insert a Betterment Ethic in place of the slave's ethic (work "ethic") and Humanity will shine far brighter than We might now imagine.

Thank You for the information and links!

Comment by DTOM on December 6, 2012 at 2:47pm

I have to agree with Hugh.

Ultimately, yes I think AS will be right. But the type of people who will see in this kind of change will be those that opt out of mainstream society and trade/co-operate accordingly in a new social model of their own choosing.

There will be no overnight change, because firstly the elite would rather take us with them than lose, secondly, the majority of tv watching, SMS button pushing, braindead morons who can't boil an egg, let alone possess any other skills, wouldn't want to contribute to such a change. They'll sit there, demanding the fruits of others labor, and would no doubt trash and burn property and assault others when they don't get their own personal (insert piece of technology of your own choice here) for gratis.

Comment by Amaterasu Solar on December 6, 2012 at 3:19pm

Exchange in energy abundance/robots will be unnecessary.  We will still exchange things because We WANT to, but for fresh, organic food, for appropriate clothing, for clean water, for a comfortable home, and for anything robots can provide - We will need to exchange nothing.

Go to the interweb and order what We want. Robots will deliver. And any People whose bliss it is to deliver things...if there are any...

As for "change..."  Get the ideas I offer to the tipping point, get free energy out, invest in retrofitting & new energy using things, invest in robots...money will dissipate quickly.

Don't be so hard on the "tv watching, SMS button pushing, braindead morons who can't boil an egg, let alone possess any other skills."  Virtually ALL of Them cannot afford:  education, the wherewithal to follow Their bliss.

And ALL tech WILL BE GRATIS.  Artists will gift Their work to Those who appreciate it most.  Social currency will replace the energy accounting We presently have in place in energy scarcity.  Thanks, appreciation, lauds, gratitude, fame, fan-base, Self-satisfaction, and so on will Our currency.

Any who WANT to sit on Their butts & do nothing are welcome to do so.  But when One's bliss is affordable, few will be blissing out just vegging.

Comment by DTOM on December 6, 2012 at 6:49pm

Someone has to R&D, source materials, fabricate components, build, assemble and maintain this technology.

It won't appear from nowhere.

Even in a 'individual mutualism' society - see "The Stainless Steel Rat Gets Drafted" by the late great Harry Harrison - where a minimal amount of work, allows one to build up credits - known as Whirrs, which can not accrue interest, but can be used in exchange for goods, services and would allow one to live a basic but comfortable way - such as system would be still reliant on that key issue that supposedly makes any voluntary society existing for mutual benefit work - co-operation and contribution.

Why shouldn't I be hard on lazy and predatory fucktards, who has no wish to improve themselves mentally or physically, who, when our current joke of western society no longer provides them with things gratis at the expense of others' time/labor, will openly prey on/attack people and take what they want.

There are predators in all sections of society, not just at the top.

I'll call you out on the education BS!

Some of the biggest cretins I have had the misfortune to come into contact with on several continents on this planet, regard themselves as superior over others, because they attended college/university and recieved a piece of paper, usually for their alleged study of some utterly worthless subject. These type of one-dimensional people are rarely possesing of basic common sense.

The greatest, creative minds of the human race, have more-often than not been those who are self taught.

I spent several summers as a kid in public library or in my grandfather's library, through my own choice, educating myself in as many subjects as I could...it didn't cost me anything, except my own time.

Predatory dullards, who always seem to be wearing the latest in fashion and shoes, and who excuse their actions with the overused phrase 'I'm bored', tried to burn said library down.

Bluntly, fuck 'em.

Their bliss, like that of the elite = preying on others.

I will happily seek out likeminded folks, share what knowledge I have towards a goal of mutual benefit, but there is no place for feral minded predators in any voluntary society.



Comment by Amaterasu Solar on December 7, 2012 at 1:50am

DTOM, do You think there are no People who, for bliss, betterment, or earning social currency would R&D?  Robots can get materials, fabricate components, build, assemble and maintain if there are not enough People to do this whose bliss it is or are otherwise motivated...

I KNOW there are Those whose bliss is to build and program robots...

In The Abundance Paradigm, there is no NEED for exchange - of any kind, be it trade, barter, work exchange, shells, bead, coin, bills, checks, electronic funds, or even, yes, Whirrs. 

However...  We may CHOOSE to trade things or gift them - if We find such transactions amenable to all. 

Also, so many think all the work will be taken over by robots - and this is just not true.  If You have a robot, for example, to scrub Your toilet, You would have a choice.  Have the robot scrub it today, or tell the robot to stay put while YOU scrub it because You WANT to (thought most would probably opt for the robot doing it...).  If You LOVE to farm, You can tell the robots how much land You want to farm and where, and they'll clear out and You can go to town.

The question of being hard on "lazy and predatory fucktards" stems from a scarcity paradigm.  In the scarcity paradigm, where Human energy is required to keep the system running, People who "leach" off the system are a drain on the system.  In The Abundance Paradigm, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A DRAIN.  There is plenty for all, and to be frank...  MOST "lazy" People are "lazy" because They can't afford Their bliss. 

If They can't afford Their bliss, They are scant motivated to pump energy into the system.  It's not so much not WANTING to improve themselves mentally or physically, so much as not being able to afford doing so in the direction They want to go or not being able to do so, period.

There is no such thing as an economic predator in The Abundance Paradigm.  (Sexual predation may continue to be an unsolvable problem, but caught, We will lock Them in a luxurious prison.)  What would be the motive?  "I'm gonna steal that from Him...and not order My own for free over the interweb!"

As for education...  How's this for a scenario?  Children are taught over the web, with basic reading, writing, and 'rithmatic.  Beyond that each child has the option of leading Her/His (Hume's - to use the genderless pronoun for a Human) own education according to what interests Hume.  There is no "college" or even grade school.  What there is is People offering the skills and knowledge They have developed through childhood in Betterment - the Betterment Ethic has replaced the slave's work "ethic." 

On the web They have a personal site at which Others may comment on Their experience with the goods or services rendered by the provider.  In searching for a service or good, One may read the comments Others have made and thereby determine who One wants to use.

In this way, only merit is rewarded.  AND... People will get REALLY good at things for the social currency of appreciation, lauds, thanks, gratitude, fame, fans, and Self-satisfaction as They pursue Their bliss in life.  In large part also because People who are doing what They LOVE to do very rarely do it poorly.

Imagine doctors being doctors strictly because They CARE...

And in TAP...  You will never have to deal with These You hold such contempt for.  They will not affect Your life at all. 

You will surround Yourself with People You enjoy being with.  No more bosses You hate, coworkers that creep You out, or subordinates that frustrate You to no end.

No shopping and dealing with cashiers that aggravate You - robots will deliver Your interweb order.  And maybe, occasionally a Human whose bliss is delivering things...if there are any...

Teachers will have very high regard.  If They are good, They will become extremely rich in social currency.

Did I address Your concerns?  If not, please let Me know where You might need additional clarification.

Comment by DTOM on December 7, 2012 at 5:24am


Individuals still need to design and build the prototypes to begin this process.

You have still not addressed how this grand plan is to begin.

Open Source voluntaryism?

Where will the raw materials come from to fabricate everything?

Is this all under some beneficial dictatorship, that will 'obtain' and distribute materials for the public good as required.

Initially only the skilled will be able to start such a process - it won't magically come about of it's own accord.

Before this utopian system comes to pass, people still need to eat and trade goods and labor.

Troy has raised a valid point, which crossed my mind upon reading your reply.

To hand over the running of society to an automised AI intelligence would be suicide.

I reject the 'scarcity paradigm'; I've had the misfortune to come across feral predators who have been given almost everything by their well-to-do parents, including houses, cars etc.

They still spend their weekends attacking people and property.

You ask 'What would be the motive?'

You fail to address human nature.

We as individual beings are NOT all the same.

There will always be those, whose ONLY bliss comes from exercising violence, wanton destruction and control over others. 

Give them all the material comforts to pursue a positive life; and it won't matter. It will only heighten their hatred and contempt of everything around them and their goal of destroying it from within and dominating others.

History has shown this time and time again.

That's how we ended up in the current mess; no-one wants to address the main issue that we have allowed the predatory psychopaths and sociopaths to laud it over the human race for the past millenia.

Comment by Amaterasu Solar on December 7, 2012 at 12:26pm

DTOM, yes.  Individuals are still needed to design & build prototypes - but I know MANY who LOVE to design - and would build if They could afford it - prototypes.  I really don't think We would have a shortage of such Individuals.

Did You read the link under "A Plan?"  I DO address the process. 

1. Get awareness of the economic facts and what We can do on this planet to the tipping point.

2. As the toadies who keep the knowledge for Their "masters" see that They will not have to toady to anyOne if the knowledge is released, They will release it.

3. Add free energy, investing in retrofitting & creating new items with it (doesn't matter how much We spend, as money and debt will vanish in the end), removing the cost of external energy.

4. Invest in robots for all necessary work not enough People WANT to do.

When all this has taken place, there will be no need for money.  Things will get cheaper and cheaper as the cost of energy is removed all down the line, and since energy is 100% of the cost of anything, when all the energy costs are removed, what is left is free.

Because energy abundance is new to Humanity, a structure should be defined - and that is part of what We need to spread to the tipping point (see "The Foundation" for the societal seed).

There is no top down governMENT (control MIND).  See the link under "Governance."

We absolutely will NOT "hand over the running of society to an automised AI intelligence."  We will stigmergicly govern Ourselves.  Again, see the link under "Governance."

You say I "fail to address human nature."  I fail to address Human nature in a SCARCITY paradigm, You're right.  Because this is The Abundance Paradigm.  In scarcity, We are taught to want money and things, to consume, to buy, to accept poorly designed products that are made to fail so as to ensure future profits, to want and want and want.

Yes, in scarcity, Humans do stupid and desperate things.  In abundance there is no desperation, and the very few who are just plain nasty will earn either pariahhood - no One will invite Them anywhere or at any time, will not have anything to do with Them - or incarceration in a luxury prison if Their crime is heinous enough.  The only crimes are breaking one or more of the three Laws.

And it is BECAUSE We, as Individuals, are not all the same, that I constructed this.  Right now We ARE debt slaves. We are required to pump Our energy into a system designed to account for meaningful energy expended. Your bliss doesn't make money? Forget about it and find a job. Be a slave. You OWE the slave masters Your energy if You expect to live. You have to "EARN a LIVING."

My goal is thus:

For every Human Being to have have no need to "EARN" Their place on this abundant planet. For every Human Being to have a CHOICE of living styles - from a cave to a palace in the sky, from a humble Amish approach to a party hopper to a technogeek to...any choice that does not break the three Laws. To free Humanity from the slavery into which We are presently bound through energy scarcity requiring exchange (money, trade, etc.) to account for the meaningful energy expended.

And sure, there will be a very few Individuals who, given the ability to afford any bliss within the three Laws, will still choose to behave poorly.  VERY few.  And, as I said, We will avoid Them if We don't like Them - and lock in luxury if They break the Laws so hideously We feel endangered by Their freedom.  More or less exactly like We do now.

History cannot be used as a gauge - Humans have ALWAYS lived in a scarcity paradigm, ALWAYS been required to "earn" a living.  Always taught to want and buy and consume.  Always some part of Humanity has been desperate.  The Abundance Paradigm is terra incognita.

And in abundance no One lords it over others ("laud" means to praise highly...).  We let go of power over others in favor of autonomous power over Self.

Economic truth:  money=power=energy.

Comment by Amaterasu Solar on December 7, 2012 at 1:12pm

Troy, I don't believe We will create sentient, sapient robots.  But if We do, We then accord Them Beinghood, and expect adherence to the three Laws, but otherwise allow Them Their freedom.


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