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Informing on your neighbours? There's an app for that: Big Brother iPhone download encourages you to spy

By Daniel Bates

Last updated at 8:50


It claims to be a handy way to make you a ‘better citizen’.

But a new app for the iPhone has been condemned by critics who claim it is turning mobile users into a network of government spies.

The PatriotApp links your phone to American security and law enforcement agencies via the Internet and allows…


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AP sources: Hill leaders agree on Patriot Act

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Top congressional leaders agreed Thursday to a four-year extension of the anti-terrorist Patriot Act, the controversial law passed after the Sept. 11 attacks that governs the search for terrorists on American soil.

The deal between Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Speaker John Boehner calls for a…


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Spain´s Labour Minister says All newborn Babies Should Be Schoolarized "Since Day One"

"Had I have to choose one single measure to estimulate equality, and at the same time, the economy´s efficiency, the capacity,production and long and short term wealth,  that would be that all kids could be schoolarized just inmediately after birth."


The minister, after reviewing some of the measures undertaken by the government in equality matters, highlighted that " to extend permanently" schooling from 0 to 3 years old is "the big remaining subject" and…


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US lawmaker aims to protect tipsters on extremists in the event that they turn out to finger innocents

(AFP) – 1 day ago

WASHINGTON — A top US lawmaker unveiled legislation on Wednesday to protect individuals who tip off authorities to potential extremist threats from lawsuits, in the event that they turn out to finger innocents.

House Homeland Security Chairman Pete King introduced the "See Something, Say Something Act" as a shield for those "acting in good faith" and with "objectively reasonable suspicion" that a plot may be unfolding.



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Rule by Cowardice

Milo Nickels…


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Warmists: 'We can't win the game, so let's change the rules'

By James Delingpole Last updated: January 18th, 2011…


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Wall Street Secret Society Kappa Beta Phi Inducts Members With Lehman Rite


A bald man in a tuxedo walked into Manhattan’s St. Regis…


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Autism Study Tying Disorder to Vaccine Was `Not a Hoax,' Researcher Says

The author of a study linking vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella to an increased risk of autism said the research was…


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Warm Bias: How The Met Office Misled The British Public

Saturday, 18 December 2010 14:16

Dr. Benny Peiser

Met Office 2008 Forecast: Trend of Mild Winters…

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Grab a tissue for this one: Kids write Santa this year for basic needs instead of toys ...

Santa Claus and his elves are seeing more heartbreaking letters this year as children cite their parents' economic troubles in their wish lists.…


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A Secretive Banking Elite Rules Trading in Derivatives

On the third Wednesday of every month, the nine members of an elite Wall Street society gather in Midtown Manhattan.

The men share a common goal: to protect the interests of big banks in the vast market for derivatives,…


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« F#@K YOU GEITHNER - Treasury Announces Plan To Sell Taxpayers' GM Stake With 'No Concern For Profit' »

Scroll down for VIDEO...


Remain calm as you read this story from Bloomberg. I dare you.

Pay particular attention to this passage:

Taxpayers, however, haven’t broken even on GM. The government needed to sell… Continue

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Dead Drops: When US Cyber Command Pulls the Net

TheRedacted | 16 de noviembre de 2010

We need to start creating our own internet infrastructure backup and this is a great way to start before Sen. Joe Lieberman has his way with an internet "kill switch" like the one China has that he loves so much.

Dead Drops: When US Cyber Command Pulls the Net

' />…


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F.B.I. Seeks Wider Wiretap Law for Web


Published: November 16, 2010

WASHINGTON — Robert S. Mueller III, the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, traveled to Silicon Valley on Tuesday to meet with top executives of several technology firms about a proposal to make it easier to wiretap Internet users.

Mr. Mueller and the F.B.I.’s general counsel, Valerie Caproni, were scheduled to meet with senior managers of several major companies, including Google and Facebook,… Continue

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Did Somebody Just Try to Buy the British Government?

November 3rd, 2010

' />

(starts at 1:30)

Wow, oh wow. Here’s one for your Double Plus WTF? file folder.

It’s in the Lords Hansard. That’s the link. Scroll down to 1 Nov 2010 : Column 1538.

Tell me this is simply a case of a codger and too many single malt drinkies.

If not, this is the most delicious one…


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BIG -Lack of- SURPRISE! No Criminal Charges Sought Over C.I.A. Tapes

By MARK MAZZETTI and CHARLIE SAVAGE Published: November 9, 2010

WASHINGTON — Central Intelligence Agency officials will not face criminal charges for the destruction of dozens of videotapes depicting the brutal interrogation of terrorism suspects, the Justice Department said Tuesday.

After a closely watched investigation of nearly three years, the decision by a special federal prosecutor is the latest example of Justice Department officials’ declining to seek criminal… Continue

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Ron Artest or the Elite´s handy fools

Ever wonder how all these plans the elite have for you and your children get implemented...? Exactly, you need tons of fools, oblivious or ignorant people, most of them good will people who have no clue their work is being channeled towards bigger, evil goals they dont even get a whole picture of in the first place.

Here´s a perfect example, as you can read in the link below, the los angeles lakers player Ron Artest is auctioning his NBA champions ring "to start raising funds and… Continue

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GlaxoSmithKline Agrees to Pay $750 Million in Settlement‏

Glaxo to Pay $750 Million for Sale of Bad Products


Published: October 26, 2010

GlaxoSmithKline, the British drug giant, has agreed to pay $750 million to settle criminal and civil complaints that the company for years knowingly sold contaminated baby ointment and an ineffective antidepressant — the latest in a growing number of whistle-blower lawsuits that drug makers have settled with multimillion-dollar fines.

Altogether,… Continue

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Blackwater´s Free Pass Card handed by the Gov.

Efforts to Prosecute Blackwater Are Collapsing


Published: October 20, 2010

WASHINGTON — Nearly four years after the federal government began a string of investigations and criminal prosecutions against Blackwater Worldwide personnel accused of murder and other violent crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan, the cases are beginning to fall apart, burdened by a legal obstacle of the government’s own making.

In the most recent and closely watched case,… Continue

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800 reasons to question Global Warming

"The science is settled!" That's the slogan used by the pro-Global Warming crowd. but is it really? Below is a list of 800 papers by respected and awarded scientists that question or contradict the Man-Made Global Warming Theory (AGW). The science is NOT settled... This list was compiled by Andrew over at This is worth sifting through!…


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