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How the NDAA Directly Threatens Average Americans, and How You Can Take Action Now

Amber Lyon
October 10, 2012


Journalists rarely take a vocal stand against legislation in order to remain objective, but sometimes new laws are such an egregious assault on our basic rights to democracy and freedom that we have a duty to speak up.

This is the case with the National Defense Authorization Act, a relatively new law that gives the U.S. military the power to detain anyone without trial indefinitely, further criminalizing dissent and investigative journalism in the United States.

What does the NDAA do?

The NDAA gives the federal government the power to behave like dictators and arrest any American citizen, or anyone for that matter, without warrant and indefinitely detain them in offshore prisons without charge and keep them there until “the end of hostilities.”


We must rise up and take action to stop the NDAA before it’s too late. Here’s more information on the law and ways you can get involved:

Stop the NDAA

Journalist Chris Hedges Sues the Obama Administration over the NDAA

Tell Congress to fix the NDAA

Read full article

Last month, Amber was interviewed on the Alex Jones show and the Infowars Nightly News.

Jakari Jackson also did an extensive report breaking down Amber’s situation.

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Comment by paul goeltz cookie on October 12, 2012 at 10:28pm

they are all controlled by the feds, news, banks, telecom giants, internet, etc. etc. they control it all.


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