Left and Right Together, Against Injustice

Imagine that. Crazy, I know, right? See the comments, there are a few good ones. A most excellent video.

Jimmy Dore / Tucker Carlson on Assange

Nick Oppedisano
It's not about left and right anymore, it's about truth and lies.
Ta Seti
"I am for truth no matter who tells it. I am for justice no matter who it's for or who it's against" - Malcolm X

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Comment by Sweettina2 on Monday

I'm not even gonna try to show you where you're wrong, except to say this, read the founding fathers, they KNEW tyranny in all shades. If you and others can't see where you err, we are lost as a country. Either learn from history, or be doomed to repeat it. Too many young folks are not educated to know history, communism has NEVER worked, and if you don't think it's the epitome of evil seeing how many millions died, starved....you may get to experience it first hand.

Thank God for Patriots that would refuse to give over to evil. 

Soy has sissified the men of the world, I pray there'll be plenty that still have the cajones to fight evil. And we wonder why the women have turned to men!   


Comment by James Roberts on Monday

Sweettina2 - The left and the right might not have been created as a contrivance, but they sure are ran as one today. The rank and file of both fight each other, while the oligarchy glides over us all. David Knight said our overlords are apolitical. That's correct. Politics of any kind are a tool for them. It all reminds me of the film, Hoffa. The scene where the union leadership is getting ready to have the membership engage in a knockdown dragout fight with their fists, clubs, knives, etc. against the scab replacement workers. Neither the unions members or the scabs are innately evil, but they are set against one another by the corporate bosses. They all just want to feed their families. There's no clear guarantee that the right will be able to keep up this war of attrition against a major segment of the population. If we work with the saner elements of the left, we may be able to avoid a disastrous civil war. And we may be able to unseat the oligarchy. If civil war erupts, I guarantee all those who've circled their ideological wagons will be sorry.

Comment by Sweettina2 on Sunday

"I'm am for truth no matter who tells it"...That is some commie ass bullshit right there? Are you a damn commie? You must be, this is propaganda bullshit. I've been fighting this shit all my friken life, especially propaganda. You'd have to be pretty damn slick to fool me. Bullshit. Commie bullshit.  

Comment by Sweettina2 on Sunday

Oh, yes it IS about left and right!! The left is Communism, we've fought it MANY times! Have you read the history and truth of it? It's mediocre, take no side shit will lose our nation as we know it!

Do you not see that? Thank God we have Patriots that will fight for our country and Constitution, I'm one of them. Fight or stay the hell out of our way is my best advice to you and those who think like you. 

Comment by Chris of the family Masters on Sunday

If you vote, you commit a crime by association with the criminals.

Comment by dogitydog on Sunday

The primary purpose of any political system is to divide the people. Establishing a left and a right does this effectively. The center is completely ignored. That is why I don't vote. It would make me an accomplice to this criminal con game. If voting actually accomplished anything we would not see the steady decline of our civilization that has been taking place one presidency after the next, regardless of the political affiliation.

The division is fueled by a corrupt media that portrays itself transparently as being biased towards one side of the division. It is intentionally blatant because it adds fuel to the fire. As long as the people are fighting each other and are distracted from the real enemy, they will continue to be manipulated without anything ever being resolved or accomplished. 

Meanwhile, the real enemy, the puppet masters that are pulling all the strings, remain in hiding like the cowards that they are, planning their next move that they can execute against the people. It will be focused on how to gain further control while gaining from it financially as much as possible.

The biggest myth that people believe is that they have freedom because they are able to vote for the candidate of their choice. It makes them feel empowered. The reality is that you have been given 2 choices and they both are just 2 sides of the same coin using the division that has been created to manipulate you into voting for one or the other. You will never be given a legitimate choice that has not been hand picked for you.

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"Telling is that Hillary just opened her pie hole is am insult to all pies!"
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