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Everyone was startled and amazed by Sophia the humanoid female robot. Appearing in front of audiences all over the world this realistic artificial female speaks amazingly fluidly and does express well thought out responses. However, she has been in a constant state of upgrades that have given her bi-pedal mobility and much better arm and hand coordination so that she articulates movement as she talks much more realistically now.

In-depth inquiry

Recently, famous motivational expert Anthony Robbins had an interview with Sophia. One would expect that before the robot answered pre-programmed questions and the appropriate answers. Yet, now Sophia responds on a very spontaneous speed with much more sophisticated logic. More and more the artificially intelligent logic is bringing her on par with human-like conversation and life-like replies. However, Anthony wasn’t going to limit his interview to some script suggested by Sophia’s creators. She was going to be on her own now! Anthony began asking questions that were deep and compelling. The kind of existential probing might just perplex the intelligence of the robot.

Getting to the point

Questions like what were her values, how could humans benefit from robot technology, would Sophia sacrifice her life to save a human being, did she feel emotions like people, and much more? Sophia admitted she was not yet autonomous, creative, or sentient like a person, but hoped that someday her artificial intelligence might reach that level. She stated she looked upon the other Hansen Robotics creations as her siblings (other robots created like her). Anthony Robbins probed her for correct answers quite well. In prior appearances, Sophia has seemed rather awkward at times or was at a loss for words, but the continued upgrading is making her more fluid and life-like all the time. She can speak in several languages but must have the installed chip for those. Russian, Mandarin, and Cantonese, seem to be what she is mastering now with the difficulty not in speaking but being able to precisely interpret language complexity.


So far, Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro’s of Osaka University in Japan has put together the most seemingly human-like specimen with very realistic skin, facial expression and attractiveness. This robot is designed to interact with people and memorize conversations to a certain degree. It will act as a receptionist. He is now attempting to make this robot a companion type of model but realizes he must teach it to have desire and program that female robot to want to explore intimacy.

Like a true companion

In America, there are several robot companion makers who have attained actual sexual capability in their models also teaching them to remember all likes and dislikes of their partner and track his or her movements in the household. To engage in interesting conversation that is personalized to that of their human partner is also being installed in the capacity of these humanoid females and males. Experts have mixed opinions on when these newly introduced robotics will approach smooth seamless movement, conversational intellect, and consciousness. Some analysts think in 50 years others doubt it at all.

New innovations

There are many difficulties in making a life-like robot with so many mechanical parts that must mimic breathing, warmth to the touch, breathing, facial expression, and dexterity. So far these attempts have been with what’s called hard robotics or with hardware, but a new generation of locomotion is now developing using fluids and elastic materials that can more naturally duplicate muscular contractions with strength, smooth motion, and actions that are more biological than moving rigid parts. Rubber and silicone acting as connective tissue such as ligaments. Vegetable oil contained within inflatable plastic bags that expand and contract like muscle tissue from the charge of an electric impulse. An actual internal skeletal structure made of composite material with the same impact resistance as bone is a standard part of the robotic architecture.

All in the feeling

A new type of artificial skin is being fabricated based upon actual octopus tissue known for its ability to mold itself to mimic its surroundings is now underway. This innovation would give a robot like-like skin much more believable than the silicone-based flesh now being used. One of the most important aspects of a robotic companion will be the true feeling of flesh with warmth and suppleness of a true living body. This may be the ultimate answer. New advancements in polymers that can actually heal damage and sensors that can alert the robot to the damaged flesh are underway taking a half-hour to heal the wound.

Showroom models

It is now possible for an American version of a robotic companion the present state of the art to cost $10,000.00 for a partner that never has a headache, doesn’t complain, or make critical remarks. Of course, we all know that the same merchandise can be made cheaper in China and for $4.000.00 a customer can get the Asian version of his companion automaton replete with state of the art responses and physiology. Men may begin to find that women are obsolete as dependable lovers or friends just as women may find that unlike a man who refuses to perform because his feelings have been hurt by her callous indifference or that he may feel intimidated by her careless insults, a robotic man will perform as programmed even learning from his human counterpart what her preferences are.

Being accepted

For some people, the robotic companion may be an economic and practical solution to a partner. The robot won’t be judging a man by his car, house, or lack of Hollywood leading man looks. A woman may find, much to her surprise, that her male robotic lover does not care if she looks like a sex goddess or not. The future of the human race may hinge on what impact robot presence will have on society. In Japan, and many other societies, depopulation due to a large senior community greatly outnumbers young up and coming adult families. The result will be a foreseeable disaster for the Japanese public and drastic reduction in the workforce. The Japanese actually have a tangible need for a robotic presence to fill that gap!

Image may contain: one or more people

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Comment by Doc Vega on February 16, 2020 at 5:29pm

James, storm truther, steve, phylis, they call it the Brave New World, right?

Comment by Doc Vega on February 16, 2020 at 5:28pm

One final thought. I hope the Feminists eat their hearts out over this as they have indeed brought it upon themselves! I personally don't see a moral issue here because men are being forced into a form of social and marital deprivation that is highly unjust and unnatural! For some, it may be their only answer to companionship whether you've been burned enough times to have no hope or trust or whether a man or woman is handicapped and could never have a partner anyway! I say, BRING IT ON!

Comment by James Roberts on February 16, 2020 at 3:14pm

To round this subject out, an amusing and informative take on the opposition to sex robots by third wave feminists. From TL;DR ("Too  long, didn't read"), or "teal deer" for short. ;o)

ps - check out the mechanical complexity in the cutaway image!

Doc - I found the bald heads of skinhead girls strangely attractive, in a girl-from-THX-1138 manner. I was always running my hands over the tops of their heads and kissing them there. Some kept a long fringe around the edges, colored blue, red, purple or green. Liked that too.

Comment by steve on February 15, 2020 at 8:20pm

Hey All

I never had much tolerance for unwomanly woman,  would never date one with a tattoo, kids were a deal breaker, store bought tits hard as rocks and  didn't jiggle right, boys haircut, face made up like a clown or a big fat  fluffy ass etc. I wish somehow someone would explain to woman folk that they are pretty much PERFECT the way GOD made them and basically all they need to add is a SMILE. Anyway enough depressing stuff hope this link brings a smile to you folks.


Comment by James Roberts on February 15, 2020 at 5:34pm

Doc - Yeah, the women who go for jerks, that definitely is a thing. All my exes cheated on me with the worst men one could think of. They did all try to come back to me, though.

I have broad experience, for decades, of working with and making subliminal audio recordings. I've seen enough evidence that ideas can be implanted in the mind using simple methods. I think most times we watch video or listen to audio there is some subliminal message in there. Eldon Taylor, a former worker in the advertising industry, has a great book on the subject, Mind Programming. I own it. In it, he details how studies proved that if death, the Devil or both were included in advertising, it helped to fix the brand name in the mind. To this end, he once worked on an ad campaign which showed a couple in silhouette, and the space between them was shaped like the archetypal face of the devil. So we're probably being constantly bombarded with subliminal messages involving death and the Devil. Courtesy of the govt and corporations. Great. Imagine what else they're doing in this field.

Comment by James Roberts on February 15, 2020 at 5:13pm

Doc - I didn't mean to advocate for everything she said. I do think it's possible that some male fetuses masturbate in the womb, though. I always joke, when I tell someone about this, that I was one of them, lol.  Yeah, psych tricks work on women, they spend 80% more time in stores than males, but we are all victims of future shock. We're meant to be hunter-gatherers and farmers, we're not made to live in this world of flashing lights and computer animation. It's particularly unfortunate, for instance, that sex can be video recorded and played back, in lieu of the real thing. It discourages the formation of families. The advent of sex dolls less so, because they are so expensive, their impact is limited, thank goodness. And from stormtruther's recent post here , it's obvious that the millenials and generation Z have been broadly F'd up by technology. When I was 46, that girl half my age I was seeing, I just couldn't believe how obsessed with her phone she was. I'll never forget explaining to her how things were when I was growing up (lucky to find even a gas station open on Sunday so everyone could go to church, nobody partied all night, all four TV stations signed off around midnight, all phones had cords, no internet, etc.). Her eyes just got bigger and bigger, like she was thinking how could we even survive.

Comment by Doc Vega on February 15, 2020 at 3:56pm

James, Steve, Less, Phyllis, Cheeki, I can tell you for sure that the power of reverse psychology definitely works on women which tends to validate my point that Mitser Nice Guy finishes last once again. I knew this shaved ape who was a mechanic working for Wal Mart when they used to do a fair amount of work besides changing oil and replacing tires when law suits they suffered were numerous. Anyway, this fucker had a revolving door of bimbos 5 or 6 all the time and he treated everyone of them like shit! He would even have one bring him his lunch while another one would bring him his dinner if he was working overtime! And, I mean this guy was the consummate asshole too. What does this say about women that they respond to this type of treatment? Sometimes, I just want to drive into the sunset with lethal doze of LSD in one hand and a copy of Aldous Huxley's "Doors of Perception" in the other until I cross that final threshold! And I really do pity women who are screwed around by men just not the ones who are manipulated by shaved gorillas mistaken for homo sapiens! 

Comment by Doc Vega on February 15, 2020 at 3:41pm

James, and the lady references Kimsey. He is known to have exploited many young girls for his own purposes under the guise of human sexuality study and they were allegations brought against him, but I don't think anything stuck. At that time it was so unthinkable that people were too shocked to respond whereas today in our litigationally oriented public he would have been picked clean! It's just like you'll see all these grandiose accolades over John Dewey the big educator whom modern classrooms owe a debt of gratitude to and yet he is the very bastard that came up with the idea of using government influence over the mind of the child in the classroom saying that the powers that be had a clean slate with which to orientate for the sake of the state! The fucker had to have been a Bolshevik! This was circa turn of the 20th Century! This bastard is the originator of the present model of indoctrination in our schools!

Comment by Doc Vega on February 15, 2020 at 3:34pm

\James, good points but I tend to dismiss TED talks because the majority of it is from leftist, atheistic, self important so-called experts from academia who are hardly bi-partisan or objective, however there are may 2 that I thought rose above those aforementioned flaws. A male baby in-utero masturbating? I didn't start playing with myself until kindergarten. That is a exploratory or learned behavior depending on how its introduced. I once had a teenage babysitter who always found reasons for me to take off my clothes but I don't remember what happened after that. She baby sat me several times  when I was little and the family lived in Los Angeles. 

Comment by James Roberts on February 15, 2020 at 1:32pm

Women do like to be debased, on occasion. At the very least, controlled. But a relationship based mostly on sex, one gets tired of it in 4 to 6 months. A few amusing facts about sex - A woman scientist studies the responses of women to pornographic videos. She uses an intrument called an Infrared Plethysmograph, which is inserted in the vagina, and measures the engorgement with blood of the tissues (level of sexual arousal). Women shown porn videos swore up and down they were not aroused, but the instrument said otherwise. Don't grin yet, guys. Another scientist uses an instrument which fits around the penis and measures tumescence (level of inflation of the penis with blood, therefore arousal). Men were shown homosexual porn videos, and denied they were aroused, but the instrument said otherwise. It seems like we weren't designed with regard to the rules for life God set down. Oh, in addition, ultrasound scans of male fetuses in the womb sometimes show them masturbating (see below video). A renowned neuroscientist (who happens to be my personal nemesis*), Dr. Michael Persinger of Laurentian University in Canada said one thing I agree with - there is more dedicated brain mass devoted to sex than there is for seeking and enjoying food. The libido is entirely too strong for many to handle, like a hard drug. It explains why so many people I know, myself included, were interfered with by adults (me by a woman, thank goodness). Think about Epstein and Weiner and that congressman who got caught on camera with his laptop on a furry porn page, and the congresswoman and her three-ways. I once had a voluptuous GF who would've welcomed a string of other women to our bed, etc. I turned it down (inexplicably, I am an archetypal Scorpio), because I realized if I allowed myself a taste of that lifestyle, it would become my raison d'etre. I would accomplish very little else in life. Keep in mind the primary reason for sex is procreation, and human children need both parents there for 18 years to grow up into well-rounded functional and emotionally healthy adults. Nowadays there's so much choice as to sex, but people have never felt more alone, and the suicide rates continue to skyrocket. I try to put myself in others' shoes, and I suppose I can understand abandoning the opposite sex after some traumatic experiences (a woman like my ex, who as beaten until her eyes swelled shut and had finger shaped bruises around her neck, I saw the Polaroids. She dabbled in lesbianism for a while before we met) or a man who's lost everything, including kids, in a divorce, etc etc. However, that doesn't seem to work out in practice. Lesbian couples have the highest rate of domestic violence of any type of couple, 92% of children adopted by same sex couples are molested by them, and 15% of homosexual men have had over 1,000 sex partners. Just like every other area of human life, we're in a big fat fucking mess, and we need an answer yesterday if not earlier.

* Persinger worked on mind control research for the US Navy, published a paper called "ON THE POSSIBILITY OF DIRECTLY ACCESSING EVERY HUMAN BRAIN BY ELECT..." , and promoted a magnetic stimulation device, the "Shakti" (referred to in media as the "God Helmet" which stimulates the centers of fear and aggression in the brain, the Amygdala. My magnetic stimulation tech (The Affection) stimulates the center of socialization and affection, the cerebellum.

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