The Enduring Mystery of the Anasazi

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Probably, the most mysterious lost civilization in human history are the Anasazi. If any society ever could qualify as a mass abduction it would be these Indian people who simply vanished from the face of the earth without a trace. Their unique architecture and incredible prosperity in an unforgiving desert environment are also part of that enigma that still perplexes archaeologists to this very day.

As opposed to cliff dwellers or the Pueblos who, after the analysis of their remains suffered from the harsh scarcity of food as low quality corn was grudgingly planted and harvested while the region often suffered droughts, yet in all this the Anasazi strangely managed to thrive. This presents the question of how they were able to produce nourishment and also build such well planned structures under the unforgiving desert extremes?

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There is no doubt that the location of their dwellings were chosen for defensive advantage from possible enemies though it seems they suffered little in the way of invasion. The two known pockets of well established citadels were Mesa Verde in Colorado and Chaco Canyon's Pueblo Bonito in New Mexico. Evidence of other minor village establishments are scattered through out New Mexico national parks south of Grants, New Mexico.

The Anasazi are not to be mistaken for the Aztecs, Mayans, or Pueblo tribes as their architecture is distinctly different as well as the desert environment they apparently mastered. Many architectural designers have marveled at their dwellings as being magnificent. The Anasazi may well be the very first indigenous Americans on the North American continent as even the Pueblo established the first civilized cultural and living center in New Mexico some 1,500 years ago where it still stands and functions today a major tourist attraction and retail outlet for Indian artifacts.

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One of the most unique and mystical aspects of the Anasazi culture and dwelling design is the Kiva. This ceremonial living quarter is a dug out two level underground chamber. The upper level is a normal living area but the second floor is a place the Anasazi believed was a portal to another dimension! It was here they could be in contact with their ancestors or those who lived in another dimension! The lower level also makes perfectly good sense because the temperature is stable the year around despite heat or cold extremes. Over the centuries the wooden roofing of the Kivas eventually rotted away revealing an uncovered concave digging where a family made their home.

According to the Navajo or Apache the name Anasazi means "Ancient Enemy" but to other neighboring tribes only means "Ancient Ones". Some archaeologists have tried to dismiss the mystery of the Anasazi disappearance as simply drought devastation, disease or resource shortage that caused them to move outwardly and maybe assimilate with other tribes, but neighboring tribes say this is not true that there was no unification with other Indian cultures as they tell of strange stories about the Anasazi. They believe that the Anasazi were taken up into the sky and that one day they will return to Chaco Canyon, but the question is taken up into the sky by whom?

Could the Anasazi be simply the oldest example of the 411 disappearances by David Paulides only on a massive scale on steroids a millennia ago? Still, this anomaly resists explanation by the experts. However, when we examine many such erratics in the fossil record and ancient dwellings there are many questions to be solved about million year old manufactured parts that are now fossilized and other oddities that defy the textbook narrative created by our educators!

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