2012: World On the Brink By Kurt Nimmo

2012: World On the BrinkBy Kurt Nimmo

As we prepare to enter 2012, a number of crucial issues confront us:

Economy: The bankster engineered implosion of the economy - beginning in 2008 with the collapse of the housing market - will likely reach a crescendo in 2012. The eurozone contagion will spread, taking down global economies. It will diminish national sovereignty across the board. The global elite are positioned to offer their world government and banking scheme as a curative and there will be increased pressure to implement their underhanded plan in the coming year.

War: 2012 will more than likely be the year the globalists make their move on Iran and also take down Syria. In recent weeks, the Iranians have awakened from their lethargy and are now making defensive gestures on the world stage. Over the past week Iran has stated in no uncertain terms its military will shut down the Persian Gulf oil trade by blocking the Strait of Hormuz if new sanctions on gas - in effect, a war embargo - are implemented. Iran's ability to intensify and compound the global economic crisis and get nuclear super powers China and Russia involved in a coming cataclysmic war are all part of the plan to realize order out of chaos.

NDAA: The National Defense Authorization Act signals that the global elite are now ready to not only round-up and imprison Americans in internment camps - camps long planned and recently activated by FEMA - but are also ready to assassinate opponents and attack targets in a widespread cyber war against domestic enemies of the state. This is a new and frightening trend that will play out in the year ahead, especially if war is launched against Iran. Government invariably demands fealty and subservience as it rolls out its predictable us-versus-them narrative under the guise of patriotism during its engineered wars.

Police State: As noted last week, the TSA has officially announced it will move its hands-down-your-pants operation from the nation's airports to bus stations, mass transit hubs and beyond . DHS boss Napolitano has said the DHS plans to be entrench its Gestapo apparatus at the local mall . By Christmas of 2012, the TSA and its heavily armed VIPR good squads may be forcing citizens through deadly porno scanners at the mall. Expanding roadside checkpoints - collaborative efforts between local cops, the feds, and the military - with deadly radiation scanners will also become normalized features of the American police state. 2012 may also be the year surveillance drones become a routine sight in the skies over many cities as militarized cops soak up DHS grant cash and further implement the global elite's police and high-tech panopticon authoritarian state control grid.

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