Brooke Duppstadt, 18, an employee with Custom Blends, demonstrates how to make a cigarette. (Daily Record/Sunday News - Jason Plotkin)

A 2,400 percent federal tax hike on roll-your-own tobacco has many smokers fuming.

But workers at a local tobacco store say their customers are trying to beat the clock, not the habit.

On Thursday, workers at Custom Blends in York Township talked of customers -- that shop in the store as well as order supplies from the store online -- that are buying as much tobacco as possible before the tax kicks in April 1.

Customers who normally buy one or two pounds of tobacco at a time are now buying 20 to 30 pounds, said Diane Tucci, a worker in the store.

She said she's also received several calls from people that are angry about the tax increase.

"People are yelling at the top of their lungs," she said.

Smokers, including many that say it's healthier to smoke roll-your-own than commercial pre-made and Fire-Safe cigarettes, said the tax is unfair, said Heather Wantland, manager of Custom Blends.