Hi folks,
Well I'm so glad I found this place! Lots of stuff to get my teeth into :) But first I'd like to introduce myself.
I am a married mum of 5 kids and 4 fur kids :)...my cats. I am a freelance photographer in the tourism industry, did my photographic training as a civvy with the Navy. I am also a UFO and anomaly researcher so I'm into everything from UFO's, to paranormal, to crop formations, to cryptozoology. I am a contactee since I was 10.
At present I am involved with 2012 research and in particular digging up all the stuff that the governments refuse to tell us about...things that we'll be faced with in the not too distant future like the real reason behind global warming, and pole shifts or total polar reversals and trying to find out how to survive. If anyone is interested on more info in this area, feel free to visit my page at :
http://atlantis777.ning.com/profile/LynetteDonnaDay at 2012 Survival Atlantis group on Ning.

Like a typical Aquarian, I only have one foot firmly on the ground, and the other is off with the pixies :) I am into alternative healing therapies such as Indian Head massage, hands on healing, just learning Reiki, also sound healing. Most of all...I am a Truth seeker.

I am an AVON rep, also a Youngevity rep distributing colloidal mineral products, however, the way the economy is going maybe not for long...people just don't have the money! I know...I'm one of them! Up to the eye balls in credit card debt and mortgage. But then you just don't know you're alive until you've got the sheriff knocking on your door every other day to serve you notices! lol! :)
I have a genetic degenerative abnormality of the spine called Scheuermann's disease also that slows me down and makes it impossible to work normal jobs, as it paralysed me once already 5 years ago, it was only strength and determination, and 9 months of physio that got me walking again, or else I'd be in a wheelchair right now. Though as I write today, my back is really giving me hell, as the disc above the one that ruptured the first time, is now bulging and causing stacks of pain.

I believe in everyone taking a proactive approach to their lives, because in this world you HAVE to, the governments and other powers that be certainly won't look after you. It's only people like us working together to find the Truth that will help in the end. It seems that the world powers only want to dumb everyone down...and yes, you thought that was only a problem in the USA....no sir....even here in good ol' Oz (Australia) it is a problem!
But that's a story for another day :)
In the meantime, I look forward to catching up with you all and adding you as friends! Take care!

Peace Profound!

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Comment by Lynette Donna Day on February 28, 2009 at 1:24am
Hi there!
Thank ya'll :) There are some interesting groups here James, I've joined a few already, but have yet to actually check out the chemtrails one, thanks! Charles, you're a character yourself! :) So you're into sci-fi too...me too big fan! Still trying to get my head around quantum stuff...physics and that sort of thing but it's interesting, and though I believe in life "out there" and them visiting here...I don't know why on Earth they would WANT to visit here! :) lol :) This planet is whacko! ;)
And thanks illuminated-dj! I will have a look at that site too, sounds good!
It's great to be here folks! Lot's of info to still look at here for me, I will be spending LONG hours I can see catching up!
Catch ya later!
Comment by illuminated-dj on February 27, 2009 at 1:54pm
hi,welcome to site from ireland,you may find this interesting http://www.thecrowhouse.com/bigpic.html enjoy.peace
Comment by truth on February 27, 2009 at 1:54am
Howdee! We have a chemtrail group. Click on groups on top and check it out. I just put up some stuff there ! Welcome again, glad to have ya.!

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