American and Worldwide Food Modification

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Since the early 1950's the food we buy from our grocers has been treated with all types of additives to make it more desirable to the consumer, more tasty, and even more addictive to the centers in the brain as artificial flavoring, food coloring, and preservatives were added to increase shelf life. Food testing kitchens are little more than laboratories that taint everything from children's cereals to frozen TV dinners with a combination of seasoning extracts, sugar, and flavor amplifiers to make the flavor imprint itself in the brain of the consumer. Not unlike narcotic addiction food flavoring keeps people coming back to fast food restaurants who more and more don't even prepare their food at the location anymore. That food is pre-prepared at facility corporately owned that actually cooks most of the menu so that all it needs is mirco-waving or frying when it arrives by truck to each individual franchise store. This is called a commissary.

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What you think you're eating

Among the large selections of frozen foods from pizza to whole entrees, to frozen pies, the product is pre-cooked, seasoned, modified, and flavor enhanced with the most addictive additives they can legally get away with. Sugar is one commodity that has been vastly improvised from being a primary sweetener to a second tier choice when opposed to corn sweetener or corn syrup. A Japanese chemist figured out how to make fructose from corn syrup. The flavor is hundreds of times stronger than regular pure cane sugar and causes many different health threatening effects upon the human body. Fatty liver and diabetes are two such prevalent diseases that are due more to lifestyle than mere unfortunate hereditary problems. So you tell yourself you rarely eat sweets and shouldn't have a problem, right? Most all brands of bread whether whole wheat, multi-grain, plain white bread, or organic naturally sweetened health food brands of bread will contain high fructose syrup or corn sweetener.

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Tastes good enough to suffer for?

Another widely used flavor enhancer that has proven to cause a number of serious ailments from headaches to even tumors known as Aspartame is added inconspicuously to all types of foods to train the brain to become addicted to the flavoring of the particular item. Aspartame, when 4 out of 5 experts serving on the board of the FDA recommended more study was needed before introduction to the public was passed for widespread use as an artificial sweetener anyway with unlimited potential even though it was noted that this product begins to produce small amounts of ethanol which in larger quantities can cause kidney and liver failure or even blindness. When stored in bulk containers like 55 gallon drums Aspartame begins to break down into this deadly gasoline additive.

Food to die for

To date, some 4 billion people worldwide are suffering from fatty liver damage that leads to obesity and eventually diabetes and ultimately cirrhosis, a terminal disease of the liver. The only way to successfully combat fatty liver or diabetes is to go on a low card diet cutting all sugars from individual intake though calories can be unlimited so that the person does not begin to lose weight and than turn on the body's starvation reflex which slows down the metabolism and creates weight gain by doing so. 25% carbohydrate levels, lean meat protein, and natural sweetness of low sugar fruits is recommended even though the FDA and AMA do not recognize this very successful program verified by a well known university. The elimination of junk food full of modified starches, and cola full of artificial flavor and sweeteners, is also part of this diet.

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All in the taste!

The conversion from a cane sugar sweetener mainstay to the fructose revolution began due to large price fluctuations in the world sugar markets that greatly increased the cost of everything that a consumer ate. From dairy products to deserts, to baked goods, to jellies and jams, in 1973 whenever the price of sugar shot up the cost of all related products went right up there with it. President Richard Nixon is an effort to control the high cost of food authorized any conceivable way of stabilizing sugar prices at low levels by allowing corn sweetener or high fructose syrup, much cheaper than processed cane sugar, to make the cost of food more consistent and cheap!

Watch what you eat!

There are now many consumer food products no longer under the purview of the FDA as they have been recategorized into food related but with no need for approval additives. Restaurant food chains are allowed to use flavor enhancers and preservatives that would never be allowed for home use by the FDA! Another example of a dangerous flavor enhancer that remains on the market is monosodium glutamate! MSG used since 1908 in Asian foods to enhance the flavor of meats and saltiness literally overwhelms the human body with a sodium overload which begins to create reactionary problems with the human organs such as high blood pressure or hypertension, extreme thirst, and other suspected symptoms. A beet extract, we now see a host of new beet energy enhancing powders for workouts or all day energy. Little is known about the content of MSG in these supposed healthy energizers!

More is better right?

You might ask why Coca Cola has such huge amounts of sugar in each can. Due to the extremely high levels of salt that must be offset with sweetness. Why all the salt? Salt makes the user thirsty so they will drink even more of the product! So, the whole time the person is drinking to quench their thirst they are only adding more salt to their diet which create more desire for the cola!

Saving the children

Back in the 1980's Doctor Feingold unveiled his sugar alternative book for young adults raising their children who wanted to eliminate the effects of sugar and food additives on their children especially in their formative years. Advising healthy whole food alternatives to candy and junk food! It was found that hyperactive kids suffering from ADD and ADDHD were highly vulnerable to the behaviorally observed effects of sugar, high fructose syrup, and corn sweetener in almost every facet of their menu. Feingold recommended alternative sweeteners or curbing sugar intake drastically replaced by natural fruits in order to save their children's attention deficit disorders and hyper behavior so they did better at school! However, soon a number of so-called experts appeared on TV talk shows dismissing Feingold's work!

The toxic conduct of our ISD's

As, what would be the next alternative recommended by the teacher? Administering Ritallin, (amphetamines) to the child to manage their behavior putting the kid to great risk as a result of this opportunistic medicating! Generations of drugged children suffering from modified foods to the idiotically prescribed mood modifying psychotropic medication have become suicidal, unable to digest reading material, have developed serious learning disorders as a result of the irresponsible actions of the food industry in cahoots with the drug manufacturers! And we wonder why America ranks so low on the scale of child academic achievement.

Far reaching social engineering implications!

This is an example of circular economics where every possible element is analyzed for efficiency, effective input of the human labor factor, the cost of government regulation to control all of this, and the eventual human enslavement that comes with creating a society where cost effectiveness is more important than the best interests of the citizen. Where master planning seeks to control every aspect of one's life using bizarre methodologies of scientific eccentricity. Human beings are being introduced into a wide ranging frontier of food experimentation, behavioral control, virtual reality, and fiscal manipulation where the individual is certified, standardized, regulated, indoctrinated, and finally isolated by the authorities if he sees the evil and identifies it! He then becomes the enemy, the rogue element, the rebel who must be crushed Orwellian style!

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