Are People Being Brainwashed To Become Fat-Boozed-up & Stupid?


Little do we realise; but many of the videos and films we've all watched either at the cinema, on TV or the internet, and particularly the kind of websites like Youtube and Liveleaks, where anyone can upload their own films; then it's very possible we could be watching films sending out subliminal messages that appear so quickly on the screen that you don't actually see them; "Hotdogs"-"Thirsty"-"Coke"-"Beer"-"Buy Me" or any kind of message could be present whilst you're reading and seeing what you think are the main adverts wording or the subtitles on the film, - when they're not really, even though you read what you see, they are actually masking another hidden message in what the 'conscious eye' don't see but the brain still picks-up on.

This great short film shows 100% proof that the US government used subliminal messaging whilst playing the National Anthem each night and at the close of TV during the 1960s.  I read about this film some years back, but never seen it until recently.  Quite often when this type of news or rumour was to leak, it's was then debunked and put about as being a conspiracy theory; though this was pre-internet day and why all this stuff in now being discovered and surfacing for the first time.

This means, [including me] many of our grandparents and parents haven't a clue that each and every night and just before they went to bed; that their government/s unknowningly crept into their [minds] frontrooms and directly told them to; "TRUST THE GOVERMENT." 

And why "they" could be often heard saying; "Don't worry dear, we can trust those in power, they know what they're doing".

In the film above, it clearly shows as they slowdown the speed; the national anthem is playing on the screen whilst at the same time the words would come-up so as people could sing-along and learn the words if they so wished.

When the words; "0_SAY CAN YOU SEE" - come up on the screen, they then switch to the next line; "BY THE DAWNS EARLY LIGHT" - at normal speed that's all you see, however, incredibly the words; "TRUST THE US GOVERMENT", are actually appearing first; - it's worth a watch to see how cleverly it's done.

This is of course meant to be illegal, it is illegal, however, what can you do if it's the government doing it!

This is 100% proof the US Government was using this kind of Mind Control - Brainwashing technique, and therefore can safely assume this was too happening in other countries such as Russia, China and even the UK - and is probably now happening on mass and to the general public worldwide.   When you watch a TV Programme, that's exactly what's happening to you, you're being programmed, the same applies when watching a film.   

Think back to the days when propaganda newsreels [Pathe News] were shown all over the countries cinema's and where it was regularly spelt out in writing for the viewer to read; - that according to what can be seen in the above video, then no doubt we must assume messages of boosting moral and the want to fight and kill during times of war, - were probably flashed-up on the screen during these types of public viewings, that many were free.

Even though our eyes see; "The HorseMeat Scandal" , it could be flashing-up; "It's okay" "You don't mind horsemeat..." "Giddy-up"

This also proves the recent "Horsemeat Scandal" of 2013 is nothing new either!

The same could be done in the miltary, prisons and mental institutions; who too have cinemas or film-nights often showing films with subtitles included.  It's often said they're for deaf and dumb people, which is understandable and great way to brainwash them in the same process; which in this instance it could be messages such as; "Behave", "Conform", "Obey".

In China; the "P" is for "Prisoner", these lot are actually doing some kind of dance routine, that went viral.

There's a film floating about that I've not yet found or seen, but it's meant to have the words; "DO NOT PROTEST!" flashed-up on the screen and masked by other text.

We normally do our rational thinking on the left side of the brain, - known as a Beta-wave state.  Experts soon found out that only after 30 seconds or so of watching TV; the viewers brain switches to their right side; a Alapha-wave state, - which is a "dream-like-state", our subconscious.  Some of you may have experienced this, as the same kind of thing can occur when you're driving on long journeys, - it's amazing what we do, see and react to, etc. whilst driving along the motorways, though many don't even recall it, as we often go into what's termed; 'auto-pilot'.

In addition, most of these films on Youtube and alike, run very brief, sometimes only 10 second flash-adverts. They know the majority of people get put-off with these, and that if they have to wait too much longer will normally click onto another channel. 


This means it's even more vital for them to get their messages across, and the reason they spend billions of pounds on advertising; - it's bound to be tempting for them to wish to ignore not being allowed to do this, for as said; it's illegal to flash subliminal messages onto a TV or any other screen in general and in this way.  

Though who'd know it was happening unless we slowed down each flim, advert or message we watched and see; 99% of the time it would be to late, you'd seen it and moved on not even knowing if you've seen anything subliminal or not! 

What a mind-fuck!   

There's nothing stopping me making a film with the same kind of subliminal message on my next video.  I could put; "Buy my Book", "Love me", "Send me your money", or something like that.

Apart from films being screened in the types of already quoted places above; we don't know whether or not this kind of subliminal messaging is taking place in every stadium or concert hall and when they often play the national anthems on big screens at  football/soccor/baseball team games, athletics, the olympics and all sports in general; with the words printed out like they are in the video at the very top of this blog.

Rock, pop or classical concerts, including the ballet and opera, when often they have to translate the words, all could be sending out subliminal messages; "We are the greatest" - "Coke" "Beer" "Must buy a Justin Bieber pillow full of spit"

...or anything they want;




"Love - Hate"


...or "Joy!"

Remember; 'Be careful out there...'


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Comment by Nick Yaya on February 1, 2014 at 9:46pm

Thanks for posting. Just to let you know, there are many missing photos or videos. I was only able to watch 3 videos. The rest just show a camera with a line through it. Any idea why these other photos/videos aren't shown?

Comment by Maria De Wind on January 31, 2014 at 10:30pm

Comment by Not mainstreamer on January 31, 2014 at 8:01pm

Mind control is a weapon - ok

Whos weapon? Here we think it is "government". The message of "CONSUME" is what goverment wants? Or is it someone else. We don't get the answer - except "CIA". CIA want us to consume?

Comment by Exposure on August 12, 2013 at 5:50pm

And you're dead right Suzie, - TV-Internet total intergration - they really are watching people at the moment via those who new-tech items they've purchased, laptops with built-in webcams that despite many knowing they call be being watched, and at first might cover it up with a Rizla paper or whaever, they get lazy, and if they want, they are recording people, - could say it's still in experiement stage!  I hardly watch the TV, though hold my head in shame admitting I have one staring at me now, - if I ever want a laugh and hear the biggest load of bullshit, then I tune into BBC news!! 

Comment by Exposure on August 12, 2013 at 5:43pm

I'd go along with that Hollywood!!

Comment by suzie on August 12, 2013 at 4:05pm
Television is a weapon, I feel so much better since I got rid of mine about 9 months now I think. There are tv's everywhere. I avoid even looking at them if possible, wherever you go there they are!! I watch everything with extreme caution these days, its on the Internet and I think that's the plan to merge the TV with the net all is one big corporation , corporatism = fascism but what they have planned there isn't a word for yet!
Comment by ĦƟǁÿWʘʘt! on August 12, 2013 at 3:42pm

lol...title should be:

Are People Becoming Fat-Boozed-up & Stupid to be Brainwashed???


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