Ben & Jerry’s ice cream places “Refugees Welcome” message on product

Ben & Jerry’s ice cream places “Refugees Welcome” message on product

How many refugees does Ben & Jerry’s employ?

Ben & Jerry’s are combining ice cream with identity politics political campaigning…because society is in constant need of liberal left indoctrination, even as they enjoy their ice cream.

Ben & Jerry’s is now campaigning to take in more refugees by placing pro-migration slogans on their ice cream tubs, virtue signaling to the liberal left, and ultimately allowing identity politics to infect their brand…which will certainly not end well for the iconic ice cream brand.

Just look at the NFL and ESPN to see how their foray into identity politics is working out.

 Ben & Jerry’s UK & Ireland Marketing Manager Christina Dunn, explains…

“We have teamed up with the International Rescue Committee to say we are together for refugees, and we are urging concerned citizens and ice cream lovers everywhere to join us in helping to give vulnerable refugees a safe place to call home.”

Via Kipper Central

However, this is not the first time they have dabbled in politics. In fact, the co-founders of Ben & Jerrys have been “politically active for decades”. Recently, they signed a letter demanding a tax increase for the wealthy and past political histories have featured on such flavour sensations as ‘Rainforest Crunch’ or ‘Imagine Whirled Peace’. Bernie Sanders Presidential run was commemorated by an unofficial flavour called ‘Bernies Yearning’.

In a frankly mind-bending, bizarre intervention they suggested that choosing certain ice cream flavours is a sign of ‘implicit bias’; their Twitter account provided a link to a blog post positing that the reason why people are condition to think that certain flavors taste good when combined – such as their ‘Half Baked’ brownie and cookie dough confection – is due to conditioning, not unlike implicit bias.

Implicit bias is the theory that unconscious attitudes or stereotypes affect our understanding, actions, and decisions. The post then goes on to discuss cultural stereotypes and systemic racism, before urging people to take an implicit bias test and engage in a ‘bias cleanse,’ among other things. In and of itself, without the political connotations, implicit bias was described as “pseudoscience that tastes like day-old vomit” on Twitter by actor Travis Wester.

This nonsense was predictably met by a furious Twitterstorm. However, the furious demand that Ben & Jerry’s stick to making ice cream was dismissed out of hand by the company who replied ‘this is a values-based business you know’. I personally won’t be buying Ben and Jerry’s again and don’t think any patriotic conservatives should as they will just be financing the propagation of liberal propaganda.


You Can’t Even Buy Ice Cream These Days Without Left-Wing Messaging

From the folks at Ben & Jerry's, here's a big, fat, heaping portion of liberal politics — when all you wanted was a little dessert

It’s hard to keep track these days of the myriad instances of left-wing messaging that are pushed and promoted through our pop culture.

In an effort to justify their own hysteria during the presidency of Donald J. Trump, liberal influencers have made their creations and words more blatantly political, and even aggressive, toward those with whom they don’t see eye to eye.

You’d be hard-pressed today to even buy a pint of ice cream without having a political statement thrown in your face.

Take Ben & Jerry’s, for example.

The company has not only put out multiple anti-Trump statements through its website and other public statements — it’s even produced packaging for some of its ice cream with a graphic that clearly reads, “Refugees Welcome.”

That's right. Just as you're looking to unwind from the day's political frenzy and grab yourself a treat, you're faced with yet another example of personal politics and platform pushing.

The packaging is not a total surprise from Ben & Jerry's, given the company's (and the founders') political background and history, but it's yet another example of the increasingly aggressive liberal messaging that turns up in the most unexpected places.

No word yet on whether Ben & Jerry's will be housing or hosting refugees within the walls of its own office buildings and factories.

Profits from sales of this particular Ben & Jerry's flavor that sports the graphic — Home Sweet (Honey) Comb — reportedly will go to the International Rescue Committee (IRC), a group that aims to support refugees around the globe.

There's no word yet on whether Ben & Jerry's will be housing or hosting refugees within the walls of its own office buildings and factories — but don't hold your breath. The enterprise, like most that are pushing for a higher number of refugees in this country, are likely more interested in the notion of average families with middle-class incomes picking up the tab.

"Put yourself in their [the refugees'] shoes," says a video promoting the flavor of ice cream — which is currently available in the U.K. "Nowhere to turn. Putting your life on hold. But together, we can change this. The time to act is now, so let's be on the right side of history."

Apparently, disagreeing with the people who make your ice cream now means you're on the wrong side of history.

(photo credit, homepage image and article image by Ben & Jerry's)

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Comment by Diana on December 2, 2017 at 12:19pm

Great way for SJWs to "virtue signal", while getting their "weed killer" supplement.

Comment by Less Prone on December 2, 2017 at 11:33am

SJW ice-cream no thanks. This is a clear indication that the multinationals are not after money, anyway a side product, but have political agendas deeply ingrained. Cultural Marxism.

Comment by DTOM on December 2, 2017 at 9:45am

N.B - the cow holding the sign.

Check the comments on the youtube link -

Not a lot of support there...

Anyone for a delicious bowl of glyphosate ice cream...?


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