Bullshitting America With the Border Crisis

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The Big Border Scam

Among the most insane accusations of the left was that FEMA camps were the equivalent of concentration camps! Several holocaust survivors of circa WWII became vocal out of outrage pointing out that FEMA facilities were nowhere near brutal realities of piled dead bodies starved and gassed to death. Yet, we have seen these ridiculous false narratives used by the Democrats during the creation of their fabricated crises for the sake of political leverage and disinformation!

The parade

Recently 2,700 illegal aliens from Central America showed up at the US southern border with Mexico and as usual they expected immediate accommodation and then eventual citizenship using the practiced word of, “Sanctuary,” when they cannot even speak English. Of the 2,700 foreigners 70 percent were unescorted children. Of the rest were adults either claiming to be the parent of a child they had no proof of, criminals on the run from their local authorities, or child traffickers who were separated from the children because they could have abused them and were posing falsely as a relative.

Double standards for same procedure

Although the Trump administration has done nothing differently in handling the trespass of illegal aliens on the border we could expect an amplified outcry of injustice claiming that the Trump era ICE was unfairly separating children from their families and forcing them into cages in FEMA facilities showing photos of this unspeakable horror! A little scrutiny to the typical Democrat lies and leftist propaganda revealed that photos of children in cages went back to the 2014 era of the Obama administration! Another photo of a little girl looking up at adults and crying portrayed as her crying because she was separated from her parents was, in fact, false and had nothing to do with separation at all!

Biased press

In truth, as the US media false fabrication of facts machinery rolled out the lies and we now know that 90 thousand children were separated from their so called parents in one year with this procedure being the norm under the Obama White House. One might also recall that in one year President Obama authorized the release of 65 thousand convicted criminal illegal aliens into the general population! This is of special interest to states like Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona where important drug routes for the illegal drug cartels are frequently used to move huge quantities of heroin, crack cocaine, and marijuana to big cities further north where street value sky rockets!

Who is really being protected? Not our citizens!

Within these hold over facilities and at the cost of the American taxpayer there are soda pop vending machines, video games, lounge facilities, and conveniences many beleaguered American citizens don’t even have the luxury of. Using FEMA buses, FEMA facilities, and even USAF bases as childcare centers is an expensive and inappropriate measure when parents of these children have illegally allowed their children to travel long and dangerous routes to appear at the US border. This is a felony of reckless endangerment of a child while the governments of these countries knowingly allowing this traffic are also in violation of UN human rights laws protecting children as well as illegal transport of human cargo!

The real culprits ignored!

One Central American couple gave their 12 year old daughter birth control in anticipation of her being raped while in route to the US border by human traffickers! The dire circumstances of these illegal alien children are of no consequence at all as they are merely bargaining chips for the anti-Trump White House rhetoric continually being unfurled before news audiences! The situation requires that the enforcement of US immigration law should be followed through which means deportation back to where they came from not being used to hold the Trump administration hostage for the false talking points of the Democrats angry over losing the 2016 Presidential election! Why was none of this an issue under the Obama White House? Why did the US media take no notice of this situation? Isn’t it obvious by now?

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Comment by Raz Putin on August 2, 2018 at 2:40pm

The "Open Borders" concept the left has been pushing defies all logic and gravity.

Except in the context of the NWO.

George Soros's sponsored ANTIFA and all his NGO's will fail in their attempts to take down the POTUS and his administration.

Time to put walls around all these despicable traitors.

Comment by Doc Vega on August 1, 2018 at 8:07pm

Yep Diana gotcha that evil president Trump!

Comment by Diana on August 1, 2018 at 6:00pm

It's all Trump's fault that the current law (IRCA) was passed in 1986.  Immigration legislation focusing on illegal immigration was considered and passed by the 99th Congress, and enacted as the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) of 1986 P.L. 99-603 (November 6, 1986; 100 Stat. 3359)

BTW, the Secure Fence Act passed in 2006 which authorized construction of a border fence along the U.S. - Mexico border.

Oh well, facts don't matter to progressives.



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