Can You Unseat A President With Nothing But Lies?

The Donald Trump Witch Hunt

The further the Democrats insist upon the Robert Mueller led “Witch Hunt” into the Russian collusion caper the further the DNC and Democrats themselves will be implicated. Mueller, who should have recused himself from a wide spectrum investigation that should have had specific limits to the scope of its inquiries defined from the very beginning, has gone far beyond the legal boundaries that should have been set. When AG Rosenstein was allowed to appoint Mueller but did not specify what in particular would define the objectives of a former FBI Director, who is not only a friend of fired James Comey, but a Clinton supporter and contributor along with the rest of the investigation team. It is hardly a bi-partisan effort!

Nada zip zilch

It was not enough for James Clapper, James Comey, Dan Coats, and Mike Rogers who all all failed to find anything linking President Trump to Russian collusion, yet a protracted politically motivated effort continues. Going back to the past the supposedly pristine image of Robert Mueller can easily be tarnished by his own actions no matter how much he is being touted by the Democrats as being a great stand-up guy who will conduct an objective investigation no matter how many times they come up empty! One might recall that it was Robert Mueller’s FBI that in 2001 along with other US intelligence agencies that dropped the ball because of refusal to share files on suspected terrorist operatives which resulted in the 9-11 Tragedy that destroyed the Twin Towers as well as Bldg. 7 along with more than 3,000 innocent lives.

Conspicuous motives

Robert Mueller made a statement that illustrated his ignorance of just what kind of motive fueled the worst attack on US soil ever when he exasperatedly asked, “Why do they hate us so much?” This clueless response from an FBI Director who should have been briefed and up to speed does little to attest to the credentials of a James Comey buddy who is more likely to be attempting vengeance toward President Trump for firing his pal then conducting an  above board investigation operating without an ulterior motive.

Shot in the foot

Recent investigation into the Russian collusion allegations has only led to such revelations as the recent uncovering of Debbie Wasserman Schultz now being implicated over millions of taxpayer dollars having been spent to fund supposed IT services of a  Pakistani family resulting in the arrest of one member attempting to flee the United States. More such revelations of an inherently corrupt DNC along with the party leaders will continue to emerge as the President Trump witch hunt continues!

The true offenses

According to attorney Jay Sekulow, “Collusion” as it applies to the Espionage Act is not even considered to be a crime, but destruction of evidence, making economic deals while in office, and the cover up of such conduct is most definitely a felony act. Hillary Clinton deleted 30,000 emails, and brokered a deal for 20% of US Uranium to Russia! Sheryl Mills and Susan Rice were allowed to destroy their laptops and cell phones by Director Comey’s FBI team. John Podesta made 35 million in dealings with the Russians while acting as a DNC Chairman! Yet, FBI Director James Comey refused to indict these perpetrators!

Digging their graves

We are also now learning that under the direction of the Obama administration and with the executive branch authorizing the unmasking of not just Donald Trump and his team but hundreds of Americans beyond any FICA permission most assuredly the true law breaking committed by a US political party has indeed been breached by the Democrats! So, if the Democrats want to continue to investigate in their vendetta to try and unseat President Trump, they should by all means continue as it will, no doubt contribute to their ultimate downfall while they proceed down the road of discrediting themselves with their far left agenda-out of touch with their voters.

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