The Canadian government is considering an Internet tax to limit how much data people use.

Media corporations want us to pay a tax on any broadband use over 15GB because they say anything more suggests you are streaming music and video.1 But that's ludicrous—even Bell says that “low usage” households that “occasionally browse the Internet” typically use 20GB a month.2

We've spent months engaging thousands to participate in the copyright consultation to protect the Internet from proposals like this. And it's working: The parliamentary committee that is reviewing our copyright laws has invited OpenMedia to testify in Ottawa. Now we need to keep the pressure on.

Canada already pays outrageous fees for Internet service, and we're not putting up with any more. Will you chip in to help stop the broadband tax?

As of 2016, the average Canadian household used nearly 130GB a month.3 A tax on Internet usage over 15GB is simply ridiculous.

The 15GB proposal comes from the Screen Composers Guild of Canada (SCGC), a group representing musicians who work on television and movies. The SCGC argues that composers get much less in royalties from media streamed over the Internet than via traditional formats.4

But instead of addressing this inequity with the billion-dollar corporations—like Disney, which made $55 billion last year alone—SCGC says the money should come out of the pockets of everyday people.5

The 15GB tax assumes we spend the majority of our broadband use on streaming media. But like millions of Canadians, I work from home and use about 250GB a month. Video conference calls, website development, collaborating on documents—it all adds up. And almost none of that includes streaming my favourite television shows.

This is just another example of corporations trying to censor content and charge us for our day-to-day Internet use to increase their own profits. Website blocking, smartphone taxes, and now a tax on our broadband! They think they can get away with this because they pay for high-powered lobbyists, and there's no one to stand up for the people.6

But OpenMedia is standing for the people, and we're raising a huge public campaign to drive comments to the Copyright Act review and put an end to these punitive taxes. Now we're going straight to Ottawa to fight these terrible proposals. Will you donate to keep the campaign going?


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Comment by Chris of the family Masters on October 21, 2018 at 6:22pm

As always the technology is a double edge sword. Get yourself good VPN with dedicated IP address and encrypted transmission. I am in Iceland now (not really.....) with new IP address. Good luck with sending me a bill.

Comment by Raz Putin on October 21, 2018 at 6:10pm

Just like Canada to tax the Internet and anything else they can tax. The government has to pay for all the money PM Trudeau has been handing out internationally. He comes by his Globalist/Communist/NAZI affiliation honestly as he was born into it.

His namesake father Dad former Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau was responsible destroying Canada's sovereignty by relinquishing control of the government's money making to International bankers (BIS et al) and side stepping the Bank Of Canada for it's express purpose and then running huge deficits year after year by handing his buddy's fat government infrastructure contracts. This then was used to undermine Canada's social contract as funding had to now be cut just to pay the interest on the huge "nut". Canada is in debt $1.4 Trillion (CDN)

and has paid billions in interest alone to these banks.

So when it comes to taxes Canadians are taxed to death.

The Case To Reinstate The Bank Of Canada

Comment by PW on October 21, 2018 at 6:06pm

We all knew this was eventually going to happen. Only because we've been completely apathetic when it comes to protecting the sharing of information and free speech.  We allowed them to almost totally take over every form of media, while they made billions in the process of doing it. Then use those billions to further expand their mentally tilted agendas, which deprives us from living peaceful, productive, and healthy lives. Going back in history, I found one common denominator for our being thoroughly deceived, it was the main stream media which projected us into every war, while acting as the vanguard of the American people. Even now, while we wait for the full implementation of the 5G, which will fry our brains and change our DNA even further. All we care to do is wait for someone else to lift the proverbial finger in an attempt to prevent, what we've allowed to become the inevitable for over a century. It appears we have devolved from being Americans, to American'ts. Yahuah, give us the strength we once had.



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