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FLASHBACK -- Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Possible Links To Pedophilia Ring Revealed

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Possible Links To Pedophilia Ring Revealed

Justin Trudeau or as I like to think of him, the SJW King in the North has always been an easy target for mockery. His long history of ridiculous Progressive pandering stunts, including his recent “formal apology” to LGBT Canadians has left the man both hated and beloved in equal degrees. Now though users on 4chan’s lesser known sibling site 8chan, are starting to question if there is not something more sinister beneath the surface.

Case in point the above image taking from the 2015-16 annual report of the Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation. A foundation named after former Prime Minister and father of the current Pierre Trudeau, which claims to “support creative and critical thinkers who make meaningful contributions to critical social issue.” The use of this symbol though seems an odd choice for the foundation given what the FBI has to say regarding its true meaning

You can see the symbol in question front and center on page three of the report linked here on the foundations own website. It’s worth noting that while officially at least Justin currently has nothing to do with the foundation that bears his father’s name, as he is unable to be publicly associated it while actively serving in Government. He was directly involved in overseeing the operation from its creation in 2002 until 2014, and is expected to return to it upon his retirement from politics. Given those facts it is highly unlikely he is still not heavily in contact with those running the foundation in the meantime. 

Over on 8chan some users have pointed out that this possible link to pedophilia, does in fact possibly offer an alternative explanation for some mysterious occurrences that occurred around Mr. Trudeau earlier in his life. As before he followed his father’s footsteps into politics, Justin was a teacher at an elite K-12 school. A school that shockingly had two separate sets of parents shot dead during the time he was teaching in what officials called gangland murders at the time.

Keep in mind this “gang violence” was apparently occurring to parents sending their children to an incredibly expensive private sleep-away Canadian prep school. It also happened to parents with no previous criminal records, but who were suddenly labeled mafia loan sharks after their violent murders. While one is free to come to their own conclusions based on these facts, there is at least one thing we know for sure. That there have been no violent deaths among the students or their families since the now Prime Minister left the school.

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Comment by Less Prone on August 17, 2018 at 12:48pm

Comment by Less Prone on January 24, 2018 at 4:49pm

Pedophilia is an integral part of the corrupt global governance to create obedient puppets.

Comment by DTOM on January 24, 2018 at 3:38pm

I wonder if Trudeau and Co remember that the 1998 C-68 LGR (long gun registry) campaign was a total failure...and that an awful lot of long arms were NOT registered by the 2003 deadline.

REAL Canadians are quiet and armed.

I am pretty sure that there is a homely old adage that alludes to this.

Prior to the 1977 C-51 gun registry, Canadians could pretty much own any type of gun.

Think of what's out there...and being taken out of storage - cleaned, oiled and prepped for use...right now.

Comment by john watts on January 24, 2018 at 2:57pm



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