Perry wasn't always the "gun slinging" Texas cowboy. Long before Perry created his phony macho image, he was a male cheerleader at Texas A&M in the 1960's.
Perry is not now, and never was, all that bright. His college transcripts are full of C's and D's. He received a "D" in Economics!
A lifelong Democrat, Perry supported Jimmy Carter over Ronald Reagan in the critical 1980 election.
1984: In spite of Reagan's economic miracle, Democrat Perry again rejected Ronald Reagan and was elected to the Texas State legislature with Ultra-Liberal Walter Mondale leading the National Democrat ticket. Reagan was reelected in a landslide with the support of even many Democrats, BUT NOT RICK PERRY'S!
In 1987, liberal Democrat Perry voted for a 5.7 billion dollar tax increase!
In 1988, Perry was Texas campaign manager for Al Gore's presidential run. Perry then backed super liberal Michael Dukakis in the General Election.
When it became obvious that being a Democrat in conservative Texas was a career killer, the opportunistic and ambitious Perry switched to the Republican Party in 1990. The liberal Democrat college cheerleader cleverly transformed his image into a tough talking, gun slinging Texas cowboy. 
"I intend to vote the same convictions," Perry said. "The only difference is that there will be an "R" next to my name."  
Now Agriculture Commissioner, in 1993 Perry praised Hillary Clinton's socialized health care scheme,describing it as "most commendable."
At a "border summit" with Mexican President Vicente Fox in 2001, Perry bragged about increasing Medicaid spending for immigrants in Texas. He also proposed the possibility of "Bi-National" health insurance:    
"Mexican and U.S. sides of the border compose one region, and we must address health care problems throughout that region. That's why I am also excited that Texas Secretary of State Henry Cuellar is working on an initiative that could extend the benefits of telemedicine to individuals living on the Mexican side of the border. (Full article here!)
 Perry spoke before the radical left wing NCLR (National Council of La Raza). La Raza ("The Race") promotes open borders and welfare for illegals. Perry told La Raza that he opposes border fences and is against Arizona's anti-illegal immigration law.
Perry cooperated with the radical Marxist group, ACORN. ACORN is the same red-shirt group that spawned "community organizer" Barack Obama. ACORN was under investigation for vote fraud in several states until Obama came to their rescue.
Parents were outraged! The drug was developed by Merck, a contributor to Rick Perry! The tyrannical mandate was later repealed by the Texas legislature, over Perry's objections!
In 2008, Perry wrote letters to U.S. Congressional leaders in support of the criminal Wall Street banker bailout. By doing so, Perry ignored the wishes of the American people and aligned himself with Billionaire liberals like George Soros and Warren Buffet.
Perry is a Big Government liberal! In 10 years as Governor, he nearly doubled the size of the Texas budget while tripling its debt!  From 2009-2011, Texas has had an increase in state workers of 5.9%, a gain of nearly 18,000 state jobs!
When it came to opposing the TSA's "porno scanners" and invasive crotch & breast pat downs, Perry talked a good game. But when the Texas legislature aimed to courageously confront the Federal Government's airport abuse of innocent Americans, Perry deliberately stalled and allowed an anti-groping bill die!
Big Liberal Media is promoting Perry! The elite liberals hype Perry's candidacy while at the same time "attacking" him just enough to give him credibility among conservatives. This clever tactic is known as "sheep dipping" (as in a wolf in sheep's clothing).
"Conservative Cowboy" Perry shows off his boots on Newsweek Magazine.
Rick Perry talks a good game about "States' Rights", but in reality, he is not a supporter of State's Rights at all! To the contrary, Perry is a dedicated internationalist who has attended meetings of the influential Bildeberger Group in Europe. As described in The Drudge Report, Bildeberger is pro-socialist and anti-national sovereignty.
In order to win Christian votes, Slick Rick shamelessly wears a false Christianity "on his sleeve". His insincere public prayer spectacles call to mind a biblical warning from Jesus himself.
Matthew 6:5-6:
"And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men....when thou prayest, enter into thy closet and when thou has shut thy door, pray to thy Father."        Perry prays on a Jumbotron!
This is not in anyway intended as a condemnation of public prayer, but rather as a warning against hypocrites who misuse religion for the purpose of self promotion.
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Comment by Anti Everything on May 13, 2017 at 4:45am

Imagine my surprise to learn that a politician is not honest, credible, trustworthy etc etc etc blah blah!!!

How the fuck is this even news? Good grief.


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