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Consulting Firm: Video Attributed to Paul Supporters Probably Created by Huntsman Operatives

Consulting Firm: Video Attributed to Paul Supporters Probably Creat...

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Kurt Nimmo
January 8, 2012

Ron Paul’s presidential campaign has hired a consulting firm to analyze the YouTube video critical of John Huntsman attributed to Paul’s suppor....

The analysis conducted by CanDo.com concludes that the video was posted by Huntsman supporters, not Ron Paul supporters. It was intended to provoke a backlash against Paul’s campaign.

Huntsman supporters in New Hampshire in October.

CanDo.com says it reached the conclusion because the YouTube account on which it was posted, NHLiberty4Paul, has no other videos and the video was posted on the same day the account was created. A Twitter account associated with the account was also created on the same day.

In addition, Huntsman’s campaign site, jon2012.com, linked to the video a day before it was picked up on Facebook, Gawker, RedState and before the establishment media attempted to denigrate Ron Paul’s supporters.

“After researching the available evidence, we believe it is likely that the video came from a source within or closely tied to the Huntsman Campaign,” CanDo.com concludes.

Here is CanDo.com’s summary:

Since no direct link to the video exists on Jon2012.com, how could YouTube show Jon2012.com as the referring site?   Our best guess is that someone used a server on the Jon2012.com domain (such as webmail) to read an email that contained the link to the video. It is also likely that the first mobile views at that same time originated from links in emails. Clicking on a link from a webmail system on Jon2012.com would provide the needed headers for YouTube to record the link. …

Based on the evidence above and the coincidental timing of the release and subsequent events, it seems likely that a party close to the Huntsman campaign posted and distributed this video impersonating a Ron Paul supporter in order to cast Ron Paul and his campaign in a negative light.

The Huntsman campaign responded predictably to the accusation that operatives close to his campaign probably created the video.

“It is offensive that Ron Paul’s allies would claim that Gov. Huntsman’s own family would create such a video that distracts from the important issues that this country faces,” said Huntsman spokesman Tim Miller.

Unwilling to admit that the Paul campaign had nothing to do with the video and it was not created by his supporters, Miller attempted to characterize the results of the CanDo.com analysis as a conspiracy theory.

“Their latest conspiracy theory is nothing more than an attempt to cover for one of their racist supporters. The Paul campaign has botched the response to this shameful video from the beginning. Had they simply condemned the video and their supporter, we would be discussing the important issues facing our country. Instead their ridiculous and easily debunked ‘commission report’ will continue to focus attention on this shameful video,” said Miller.

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Comment by Tara on January 10, 2012 at 10:05am

The attacks keep coming in against Ron Paul and his campaign and now it's turned down right ugly. I'm sure we haven't seen the end of these kind of shenanigans yet. It was to be expected but it still is so frustrating and maddening.

Comment by TheLasersShadow on January 10, 2012 at 9:12am

Comment by truth on January 8, 2012 at 1:55pm

Doug Wead to Reporter: Do Your Job and Find Out Who Really Made the Anti-Huntsman Video!


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