E17 Brain Harvey – “Inadvertently” Drops Raped Band Member Name.

E17's ex-lead singer Brian Harvey has been accusing the bands manager Tom Watkins (not to be confused with the MP Tom Watkins seen in the photograph below being held-up by Harvey) of raping a band member, though has never before actually mentioned the band members name.  The reason for this is that Harvey said he wanted to protect their identity. 

For several years now he has being saying that were he to have no alternative then we would reveal the name.   I’m not actually sure whether he meant to reveal “Tony’s” name that incidentally showed on email he had sent to Johnathan King, though nevertheless he did and now the cat is out of the bag.   

E17's original line-up was Tony Mortimer, Brian Harvey, John Hendy and Terry Coldwell. That means only one member is called "Tony".  

However, as recent as 17 April 2019, Harvey has inadvertently either by accident, or as a deliberate move, probably the latter, hoping someone would pick-up on it and reveal the name; seems to indicate it was “Tony” Mortimer whom Tom Watkins had allegedly raped, and that band member John Hendy has only now agreed that everything Harvey was saying was true.  During their recent telephone conversation Hendy admits that he too had allegedly witnessed Tom Watkins admit to the rape when he ‘broke-down’ and allegedly confessed to them.

At 14:16 on the same day 17 September 2013, Harvey replies to King and states the following; "Oh right then, ok, well you know that Bill Maloney is talking to one of your friends Terry Armstrong.  Bills angle is work, mine is personal.  Tom Watkins has done something to TONY, and I want to know the truth. It's so blatant that TONY doesn't talk to me anymore cos of what has gone on, and it is my intention to know everything..."


King then replied; "Hi Brian, no problem except I hardly knew Tom.  What would you like to know? JK"

So there you go, in over 20 years the name “TONY” has never been mentioned and until now.  According to Brian Harvey no other band member has ever agreed with him or backed-up Harvey’s allegations and until now that is when John Hendy recently contacted him and had the above mentioned telephone conversations.

That means that in well-over 20 years, we can ‘safely’ assume Harvey is talking about fellow band member Tony Mortimer as being the band member who was allegedly raped by Tom Watkins.

Then recently ex-band member John Hendy telephoned Brian Harvey and here's what was said between them.  It's quite obvious Hendy knows that Harvey is talking the truth and even admits about knowing about a band member being raped and who did it.

Hendy - "It's not going to get you nowhere mate. Look at you Bri, you've got the police coming round..." Harvey - "Good!" - Hendy - "You've got, Bri you're going to end-up getting fucking killed bruv." Harvey - "I know I am. I told them that, I told them that..." - Hendy - "Why you want that mate?"

Hendy – “Well what I saying, this is why I rung you bruv. Because I know everything you're saying is true". Harvey - "I know, I know you know." 

Harvey - "Because I'm not going to stand, no fucking way mate. Someone’s got to put this cunt down.  Someone’s got to put this cunt down.”  Hendy - "Don’t you think everyone feels the same thing, a lot of people…" - Harvey - "No not after what they done to me mate, after that fucking set-up all because we found out.  You was there mate. You fucking broke-down. You saw him, you think..." Hendy - "I know, I know..." Harvey - "Well that's what I'm saying. Like I'm not leaving that, no way, no way.”

Harvey - "Watch me.  What did Special Branch, what did Special Branch, John, what did Special Branch say?"  Hendy - "I don't know?"  Harvey - "You do know.”  Hendy - "Special Branch" - Harvey - "Special Branch came to see all three of you, and all three of you denied it. I've been told". Hendy - "No listen Brian, yeah. I got police come around yeah.  And I sat in a car with them yeah." Harvey -"Yeah" - Hendy - "But obviously I didn't speak too much, you know what I mean." 

The following conversation can be heard on the above video titled The Bigger Picture 

Hendy - "Listen, that day when we was around his house and ‘he’ broke down crying, ‘I raped him’ and all that...bro, and all that yeah..."   

You may have noticed that neither Brian Harvey or John Hendy have not mentioned any band members names; but it’s quite obvious it’s not either one of them whom they’re talking about in regards to the alleged rape by Tom Watkins, and that only leaves the two other E17 band members; Tony Mortimer and Terry Coldwell.

Below is the previous blog I wrote dating back to 25 August 2018

Above video; Thursday 3rd Aug 2018 11am."Police come to my home to inform me that there is a SERIOUS THREAT TO MY LIFE, but won't tell me who it's from, and where." - Brain Harvey

We all know about The Sun and The News of the World Milly Dowler hacking scandal – and that Brian Harvey was set-up in a separate fake-news story - and that it also turned out his phone was hacked by reporters working for Murdoch’s newspapers and mentioned as so at the Leveson Inquiry.

So for those who are not too familiar with Harvey’s story or a little confused as to what’s really going on, let’s go over a few details and mainly that of Ian Puddick and Bill Maloney as it’s them who Harvey seems to be most upset with.

Above is a video of Brian Harvey talking to Eddieisok

According to his own biography; Bill Maloney was born on March 31, 1956 in Lambeth, South London, England as William Maloney. He is an actor, director and founder of Pie 'N' Mash Films Ltd, an independent company making both dramas and hard-hitting documentary exposes.

It was back in 2013/14 when the paedophile ring scandal sent shockwaves across the UK after it was revealed that the BBC had been covering up child abuse carried out by Jimmy Saville. It was Bill Maloney who made serious allegations linking Simon Cowell and other high-profile individuals to the paedophile ring operating not only in Britain, but across the world.

Maloney is famed for being an activist against child abuse, as he says he was one of the hundreds of children who were subjected to indecent assault at the Shirley Oaks children’s home in Croydon.  And for confronting many public figures such as Deputy PM Nick Clegg, former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone and publicist Max Clifford regarding allegations of institutional paedophilia.

Above Video: A hard-hitting emotionally charged 60 min documentary by Bill Maloney who's family were all brought up in the UK care system. It covers Maloney's visit and interpretation of Jersey, Channel Islands, following the ongoing child abuse investigations of the children's care home 'Haut de la Garenne'. It highlights connections with the Sea Cadets and children being brought from London care homes for 'sailing holidays' on the Island. The documentary contains strong language and strong opinions.

Maloney said; “Don’t think for one minute that it’s just this government, look at all the other European governments, look at all the countries around the world and their governments – they were all involved”.

It was following the scandal surrounding Tory MP and former Home Secretary Leon Brittan who failed to investigate dossiers (that seemed to disappear) detailing to historical child abuse cases and the VIP paedophile ring and was questioned over a historical allegation of raping a 19 year old, Maloney details that there is a lot more to the story.  “What the press have been doing, they’ve been talking about Brittan raping a girl over the age of 18, which is bad enough. But what we’re talking about is him having sex with young children, attending Elm Guest House at the same time Cyril Smith and leader IRA member Gary Walker were going there”, said Maloney.  

Maloney details of the cover-up that has happening for decades involving several celebrities and media personalities, as well as members of parliament and even royalty. He raised questions of Simon Cowell’s speculated involvement, after the music mogul hired PR guru Max Clifford was arrested in December 2012 on suspicion of sexual offences, as part of Operation Yewtree. Clifford was tried in March 2014 and found guilty of eight counts of indecent assault on four girls and women aged between 15 and 19. On 2 May 2014 he was sentenced to eight years in prison, and from 7 November 2014 served his sentence at HM Prison Littlehey and where he died on 10 December 2017, two days after suffering a heart attack.  

As it becomes more and more clear that very important and high-ranking people are involved in the scandal, it is therefore much harder for victims to come forward. Maloney urges survivors to still be unafraid to speak out and come forward; to finally put a stop to the sickening crimes that are not only ‘historical’ and during a time when ‘teenager boys and girls were available on tap for anyone in a position of glamour and power’ said Maloney.

This was around the same time Ben Fellows came onto the scene and when Brian Harvey also made his first appearance with Maloney.  It turns out that Harvey had watched one of Maloney’s films and was impressed by the way he just boldly walked up to the rich and famous either accusing them of paedophilia involvement or helping cover-up institutionalised paedophilia – so Harvey thought he could help Maloney when it came to making films and why he contacted him.

Having someone like Brian Harvey, who arguably is a household name, could only help the cause and further expose the institutionalised paedophilia Maloney refers to. So Harvey teamed-up and went on various film missions and interviews with Maloney and others.

According the Harvey, Puddick, who was already “friends” with Maloney, gave him money to buy the recording equipment needed to film an interview with Andrew Ash, a sexual abuse victim along with the aid of Bill Maloney.

It was during this interview that Harvey claims Ash was made bullied by Bill Maloney to lie about the person/s who had allegedly abused him.

In a video seen above, Ash confirms that he was made to say Harvey’s phone hacking solicitors name Richard Mallett on a fake list of abusers, - and that Ash does not even know of Richard Mallett.

Harvey asks - why did Bill Maloney put Richard Mallett's name on the list of questions being put to Ash during the interview?  

And goes on to say, “It was because when Mallett's office sent him the police witness statement of Robert Kellaway (Murdoch journalist) by mistake via an email when Richard wasn't in the office.  Harvey copied-in the email to Bill Maloney, so he too got a copy. “Bill was the first to know I got Kellaway's statement, and must have told his funder Ian Puddick, who must have informed Neil Wallis, who he’s Tweeted many times and who I also have phone hacking evidence against”, said Harvey.

He goes onto say. “I got Kellaway's statement in September 2013, and by Jan 2014 I was being walked into filming Andrew Ash by Bill Maloney and Chris Fay, also funded by Ian Puddick, who knows Neil Wallis.  It's not hard to work out really. I was being set up, so that I could be discredited before I went public with Kellaway's statement.  Who on Nov 6th 2013 was about to give evidence to the hacking inquiry, and say he knew nothing of phone hacking, - or the accessing of Milly Dowler's voicemails, and that is exactly what he did, - and I was the only one who could prove he was lying, and I have.”

He continues; “That is why Bill Maloney made Andrew say yes to Richard Mallett's name. Mallet needed a reason to run away, and if I called him a Paedo, that's the perfect excuse.   Also, to make things worse. The Andrew Ash interview I filmed was for the Express newspaper, and Robert Kellaway was working there at the time of Andrew's interview. Coincidence? I don't think so.”

So Brian Harvey is now accusing both Maloney and Puddick of not being who they really are proclaiming to be in public, - and instead they were trying to set-him-up in a libellous or slanderous situation and so that whatever claims of cover-ups, criminal activity and paedophilia Harvey may have come-out-with, would have been ridiculed and him branded a “Sectioned” nutcase not worthy of being taken seriously.

Harvey goes as far as saying both Puddick and Maloney are either working for MI5 or being ‘paid-off’ by someone such as Rupert Murdoch, as it’s all connected to the Leveson Inquiry and the Milly Dowler hacking scandal that brought down the News of the World – and exposed the criminal activities of the people and journalist involved in the hacking of peoples mobile phones/voicemails - and in which Harvey was too a victim of.  

 1st episode of Brian Harvey & The Camera Assassin AKA Ian Cutler ex News of the World photo journalist for Rupert Murdoch. Ex East 17 frontman, and Ex NOTW Camera man on a mission against corruption.

It seems, a bit like Harvey, Ben Fellows may too have become victim to Maloney and Puddick, he too is quite well known in the UK, and having him on board could again only help further the cause against institutional paedophilia.   

Ben Fellows, is the British actor who claimed he was sexually assaulted by former chancellor Kenneth Clarke.  Clarke denied such accusations and it was Fellows who was accused of making false allegations against Clarke, - who he said plied him with alcohol and groped him in a lobbyist’s office in 1994.  Fellows said the attack took place while he was working on an undercover “cash for questions” sting for ITV’s The Cook Report.

Fellows went on to make a statement to police officers from the high-profile investigation into Westminster historical child sex abuse, Operation Fairbank, - instead of Clarke being in the dock for "sexual assault", it was Fellows who was put there first, and Clarke conveniently became a "witness" to his own allegations - and not viewed upon as the perpetrator. 

Giving evidence, Clarke insisted he had never had an urge to grope another man, dismissing the claim as “preposterous”, “off the Richter scale” and “like Martians landing”.

Despite this, the jury found Fellows not guilty and can only assume due to such a verdict they believed what Fellows had said - and therefore didn't believe what Clarke had proclaimed in court.  

I’m certain were it the other way around, then Fellows would have been charged with sexual assault against Clarke, when it was proved Fellows was lying.  Yet both the police and Clarke said that was the end of the matter.   

Fellows had also claimed he had been abused by a number of people in the entertainment industry, including a senior female executive at the BBC who, he claimed, seduced him when he was aged between 14 and 16. 

So who are we to believe? 

Since this hearing it seems as if Ben Fellows has disappeared into the sunset, as he too had claimed his life was being threatened and perhaps thinks it wiser to stay quite.  He could have been “paid-off” and only he knows what really happened between him, Clarke and even Maloney.

It’s ironic, for the person who is pressing such charges is nonetheless – according to his own recent Tweet (seen below 3 Aug 2018) a former Detective Chief Constable named Ian Puddick, who Tweeted 1st January 2015 an unfounded malicious Tweet against Harvey; “E17 Brian Harvey SECTIONED UNDER MENTAL HEALTH ACT!”

You’ve probably heard of E17 and Brian Harvey, - yet may wonder who the hell is Ian Puddick? 

Being the author of Trapped in a Masonic World, I know-of this Ian Puddick, yet the wider public at large have no real idea who "Ian Puddick" is.  I know about most "truther's" who have cropped-up since the birth of the internet and more-so post 9/11, and most seem to have an hidden agenda serving others, and that despite everything it is always the same masonic one.  I've too had death-threats and been attacked for my points of view and why none of that worries me, it’s more to do with the fact there are so many "fake people” - CointelPro agents infiltrated the “truth movement”, and if not that, then their either religious fanatics, or directly linked to the Brotherhood and/or one of its many linked clubs, associations, fraternities or sororities.

After years of writing and blogging, I totally withdrew from the scene as I could see so many desperate individuals trying to make their names on social media forums, and that so much of what was being “reported” as factual were in fact psyop’s.  Stories invented to help divert the attention away from the claims of “institutionalised paedophilia” and the names of the rich and famous who were being exposed ten to the dozen at the time, and that many of these so called “truther’s” were in fact “Spooks”, MI5 agents or paid informants who sole purpose was/is to set the cat-among-the-pigeons and cause as much chaos and mayhem within the “truth movements” themselves, that eventually they all become toxic and detrimental particularly to whoever seems to get themselves embroiled in such cases that involve paedophilia.

Yet after seeing and hearing more about this case and Brian Harvey, whom technically was born and lived a stone-throw away from where I was born in Hackney that borders Walthamstow, I felt compelled to help him set the record straight and let others know what’s really behind it and those people who are involved.  

Yet by looking at his internet profiles Puddick seems to be trying his upmost to get known as some kind "successful" businessman, come politician, come whistleblower, come paid actor on the Alt-News network and social media scene and seems more addicted to wanting to stick his boot-in on the action that has anything directly connected to the police, Scotland Yard particularly, or ways to discredit people connected to the elites and their paedophilic activities.   

Ian Puddick was cleared of harassing his wife’s lover via the internet, as seen in The Guardian article below first published 17th June 2011. 

Though how come there’s no mention of him being an “ex” Detective Chief Constable when that case was first reported - and instead he’s being portrayed as humble plumber.

Puddick, said: "It is absolutely a victory for free speech and the small man. I'm a plumber and drive a Transit."

It was reported that Puddick had set up several websites and confronted his wife’s lover after finding out about the affair through reading a text message on his wife's phone, and discovering photographs of the man performing sex acts.

Puddick described his shock when his home was later raided by anti-terror police at 6am, with officers removing phones, computers and even his satnavs.

So it appears he’s pretty well versed in court cases of this kind and now turning the tables of Brian Harvey by having the same done to him, - for it was following Puddick’s complaint to the police about Harvey, that the police then raided Harvey’s home and confiscated his phone and computers.  

On Ian Puddick’s Twitter profile, it reads; “Recovering Management Consultant @CityPolice - Counter Terrorism brutalised me in Custody & Wiped CCTV. All the Cops then had Amnesia.”   Odd language from a former Detective Chief Constable.  

It appears Puddick has since risen from a humble White-van-man plumber to being the Managing Director of Old Bakery Gin Ltd.  He lists his life experiences and skills on his LinkedIn profile as; “Sales & Marketing Director John Fenton Stratagems Plc - Management Consultant specialising in Crisis Communication.  He states - he developed a unique system called PhoneCast and has secured contracts with HM Queen Buckingham Palace & board Communications for CEO Vodafone and Rolls Royce.   

He also says the British Army Intelligence tested & approved his system PhoneCast.
And was guest speaker at National Sales Conferences addressing audiences of over 35,000.

Since 2011 to date - he states; ‘…have been advising the Cabinet Office on delivery of Crisis Communication to the public re: PhoneCast.  Owner of online site - clients include Bank of England, ESSO, Shell, US Airforce, Police, RAF, Rolls Royce, Ministry of Defence, NHS & British Airways.

Perhaps this is where his “plumber” status comes from, as he states he also currently manages Leakbusters Ltd, a company that specialises in Leak Detection & employs 20 staff.  - Puddick goes on the say on his profile; “We have created our own unique leak detection system which has been Trade-Marked at the Patent Office”, though again, why is there no mention of him ever being a Detective Chief Constable on his social media profiles? 

Why did he Tweet; "Yes I'm a former Det Chief Constable as you well know...now I fix tap washers" (?) - again giving the impression he was indeed once employed by the police in the capacity of Detective Chief Constable - and now he’s just an humble plumber.  

If there’s anything to boast about and especially whilst acting as a Management Consultant specialising in Crisis Communication, then the mentioning of being a Detective Chief Constable would surely be a contributing asset and something to brag about.

UK CointelPo: Ian Puddick by Tom Cahill

So what are we to make of all this? Back in 2014 and according to Tom Cahill, Puddick is a "Duper's delight. He's smirking creepily on every photo that's ever been taken of him. He doesn't provide any paperwork. His associations are made-up of other CoIntelPros and criminals"

In the video below, titled; ‘Ian Puddick Pedos Win Prizes (his most evil mission)’ published on Jan 17, 2018 – it states ‘Ian Puddick, the seemingly harmless, hapless charlatan's most important and harmful mission explained in detail.’  He explains in detail who Puddick is and his role in helping introduce an insurance scheme, that lets say institutions such as the church or education-departments and organisations such as the Scouts or a local football club whom to date have paid out billions of pounds in compensation to its victims, will have enough insurance cover were in the future one of their priests, teachers or Scout-leaders be accused of sexually abusing someone, they will not have to suffer too much in having to pay the compensation as the insurance scheme will cover this problem.  

Referring to Ian Puddick, Cahill states; “He's biggest crime is he's reinvented a strand of insurance, so there's gonna be a massive amount of money paid into the insurance industry to cover all these abuse cases, but it's gonna then be used to push it underground and because of this secrecy, it will be completely secret, they'll be sending people to prison for talking about their own abuse, - and if you said 'Yeah that guy's a pedo don't let him near your kids,' - you could go to prison.  It's absolutely fucking evil.  That's what they're doing and a lot of people will find this hard to believe..."

This new death-threat Harvey has recently received - was the day prior to Puddick’s solicitors serving a notice to charge him for malicious communications against Puddick and around the same time an anonymous source sent him a copy of Tom Watkin’s – “Let’s Male Loads of Money” – “My Life as the Biggest Man in Pop” - book, released 2017.

According to Brian Harvey, the four main suspects behind such death-threats, are either Murdoch, Puddick, Maloney or E17’s ex manager Tom Watkins – who all seem to be connected to each other in some kind of way.  Watkins propelled the Pet Shop Boys, Bros and East 17, among others to stardom.  His fingerprints are all over 80s and 90s pop, and he’s decided the time had come for a tell-all autobiography ‘My Life as the Biggest Man in Pop’.

Yet will Watkin’s tell-all what Brian Harvey is about to reveal about Watkins, as that’s what Harvey threatened he would do following the receipt of the book and the recent death-threats told to him directly by the police at his doorstep in Walthamstow, England on the 2nd August 2018.

There’s also the case of Jon Wedger, he’s a retired Police Detective with over 25 years’ service investigating into child abuse. “I was threatened and bullied out of my job for exposing the high-level cover-up of child prostitution. For the past eight years, I have been working with anti-child abuse campaigner Bill Maloney in raising awareness of the true extent of the scale of this heinous crime. I, now with other whistleblowing cops as well as victims and survivors of abuse, am campaigning for a change in the Law to give brave whistleblowers the protection they truly deserve. Said Wedger.  

The Independent Police Complaints Commission is probing a string of cover-up allegations by Detective Constable Wedger. He claims:

  • Police chiefs pulled the plug on his inquiry which revealed scores of sex offenders living on canal barges.
  • A pimp was free to groom teenage girls because a magistrate was an alleged client of one girl.
  • Vice squad officers were ordered not to arrest underage prostitutes.
  • Bosses made threats over his report on a London child prostitution ring involving “someone connected to the music department of the BBC”.

DC Wedger said he first saw signs of “back covering” in his role as a CID officer tracking child sex offenders in the early 2000s.  He said: “I found a lot of paedophiles were going off the radar. There was a loophole in the law that allowed them to live on canal boats without being on the electoral register.”

But after identifying scores of perverts using the canal network, DC Wedger says he was taken off the job.  He said a senior officer told him: “I’m hearing your name mentioned in high places. You’re getting too good at this. I’m going to have to shut it down.”

DC Wedger said he was transferred to the Met’s clubs and vice unit but he says he was ordered not to bring underage girls into the station. He said: “If you brought a kid in your night was finished.”

He added: “I investigated a pimp known as Foxy who sold a 14-year-old girl called Zoe for sex and got her hooked on crack cocaine. “One of Foxy’s clients was a magistrate who used to regularly let her off when she got pulled in by police. There was also someone from the music department of the BBC involved.” Source: The Sun

However, Brian Harvey calls-out Jon Wedger, as Wedger recently made a YouTube Video warning Harvey that he better ‘stop’ what’s he is doing, with a group of other “whistleblowers” standing in the background agreeing to Wedger’s indirect threat to Harvey. 

Something is seriously wrong with this matter concerning Harvey, the strange way the police and Scotland Yard are dealing with the matter, seems as if they are getting their orders from higher-up the chain of command and directly from those linked to the political parties in the UK as they all seem to have a problem with paedophiles among their ranks; it seems Maloney started off with good intentions, yet following on what Harvey has exposed and the evidence he has recently produced, that Maloney has been lent-on and either made some kind of financial deal or decided to go to ground as he has been almost silent on the subject for over two years now.   Puddick, clearly is an odd individuals, the type of person who turn-up for the opening of an envelope just in order to be “seen” that his actively part of society and has a finger in every pie.  His claim of being a former Det Chief Constable, seems to be a false one, and if so, how can anyone take this man seriously. 

But then again, if Puddick was indeed a former Det Chief Constable, - then perhaps we can see why the police seem to be acting overtly zealously with Brian Harvey and ignoring what evidence he may have that tends to prove various journalists working for the Murdoch Empire had indeed lied to the Leveson Inquiry and the police.

It's interesting to note that the term "plumber" is often used in the secret intelligence community as a person who deals with 'leaks'.

It seems quite odd that despite Ian Puddick having previous connections to an online harassment campaign, in which we know he was subsequently cleared-of, but he did make a false accusation when he Tweeted Brain Harvey had been “Sectioned”- along with all the evidence Harvey has presented to the police (and public via YouTube) that certain journalists lied to the Lord Leveson, - that we wonder why would the police and the CPS back-up such a dodgy allegation against Harvey for malicious communications? 

And if we are to go by his recent Tweet; "Yes I'm a former Det Chief Constable as you well know...now I fix tap washers", - then the man is either clearly lying – or yes indeed he does have deep connections with the police.  As why on earth would you proclaim such a thing were it not true? 

I know it’s against the law to impersonate a police officer in person, though not too sure how it works when people falsely proclaim online they were once ‘a former Det Chief Constable’, when the evidence seems to suggest they clearly never were.  

Is this not all rather ‘the pot, calling the kettle black’ - and if anything it’s the government, police, legal fraternity and of course the MSM predominately owned and controlled by the likes of Rupert Murdoch who are coming across as the real villains here, - whilst support and sympathy is growing by the day for Harvey who has quite clearly exposed those alleged “truther’s” come “whistle-blowers” as not really being what they proclaimed to be.

Harvey has endured years of ridicule, being falsely accused and acting paranoid for proclaiming he’s life was in danger, when it’s clear to see there’s a lot of truth in what he is saying.

He was set-up by the Murdoch Empire in a sting-like operation – stating he was going to abduct and drug his wife in a custody battle over their child.    The whole story was ‘Fake-News’ and all they wanted to do was discredit Harvey and so he would have a “criminal record” – or at least in the eyes of the public – and therefore an unreliable witness.

Has the worm turned and will Harvey one day be fully vindicated, compensated and left alone to do whatever it is he wants to do – we hope so, as there’s so much yet to be exposed and good to see so many rats scattering all over the place and not quite knowing what to do or say next!

Brain Harvey's latest-up - telling "supporters" to not "harass" Ian Puddick in anyway whatsoever, as it appears Ian Puddick is wanting to say he is being "harassed" by people contacting him and asking questions as to why did he Tweet what he did below - when it appears he never was a Det Chief Constable - and by answering such a question will help clear the matter-up.

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Comment by Exposure on August 18, 2018 at 5:03pm

Update - Brian Harvey is adding the names and faces to his whiteboard ready to explain and expose those in he has been receiving death threats from and others involved with the hacking scandal during and part of the Levenson Inquiry. 

Comment by Exposure on August 9, 2018 at 1:56pm

Yes Sweettina, it's outright disgusting!!!

Comment by Sweettina2 on August 9, 2018 at 1:20pm

I just can't believe the outright shameless confidence they have, working their evil on CHILDREN! BABIES!

Dear lord, surely they must be fallen angels,

"Destroying the New World Order"


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