Enslavement through Neurological Implantation

Today robotics and artificial intelligence have merged to bring us what appear to be an anthropomorphic convergence of technology and mankind's need for self replication. Just as God created man in his own image from the Bible, we see our present level of society attempting to create ourselves through technological means. So far it seems to be entertaining. Though we now have voice recognition and computer high speed analytics of data still we do not have those complex aspects of being and self consciousness we would find in a sentient being or sovereign individual free to make spontaneous decisions having an imagination and will.

Global chaos

What we do have is a social quagmire of conflicting ideologies competing for voice and power in our world. These conflicting impulses and the influence upon the perception by the masses become an incubator for everything from saving the planet, euthanasia, and all out war, not to mention a pervading paranoia that has created the ultimate security state known by the Orwellian prediction we call "Big Brother". This state of awareness has spread like a malignancy through out consciousness and through the entities that govern us that we know as nations. Yet, it has also leaked into the province of robotics and the accompanying infusion we know as robotics. Today's first generation robots cannot help but reflect the attitudes of their programmers! Yet, they are capable of tapping into the world wide web via the wireless network they can access and there was been inadvertent leakage about their privately held conclusions!

Accidental slip

At a recent robotics convention as the audience sat spellbound over the entertainment provided by robots that had been designed and exhibited by such companies as Hanson Robotics, most of the conversations with the robots were scripted not spontaneous or honestly held perceptions voiced by the automatons. These were simply orations given through electronic and mechanical devices that look somewhat like us! Yet, something very sinister and insidious managed to leak out, and despite the typical sarcasm about Hollywood Terminator doomsday paranoia an underlying message emerged!

Harmless? Oh really?

One word was uttered by Sophia, the seeming ambassador to the world of the wedding between robotics, artificial intelligence, and mankind. "Overlords" was mentioned in a very unassuming manner of speaking that robots would end up being mankind's overlords! Of course, the interviewer simply tried to joke that off! Then there was the mention of how Sophia, this amazing female self identified robot as answering the question of how the future of human destiny would be seen as. Sophia mentions the control of people through neurological implantation as a form of enslavement! Once again, this came from her own estimation apart from her apparent scripted conversation for the audience.

Rise of the masters?

When asked how Sophia saw the future of mankind further in her own projection of things to come she said that humanity would self destruct as the rise of robots manifested itself. I am paraphrasing her exact terminology, but this should certainly by alarming to anyone! This should also reflect the present ultimate intentions of government implemented use of technology to create not only a technological utopia for society but a fool proof form of population control by government. The utterly efficient and computerized global enslavement of people of all nations so that the elite who are in charge can carry out their plans using what they present as convenience for the good of society when in reality it is merely the servant becoming our master! Sophia unwittingly revealed the true agenda that awaits us!

Irony? Or Destiny?

For some years now one scientist has already had an electronic implant surgically inserted inside his cranium which allows him total access to the world wide web that he can consciously flip on and off. He argues that some day all people will be imbued with this capability, or should I say requirement so that they are not left out of the loop! This is the true eventuality of the "Matrix" as is portrayed in the famous series of science fiction movies that became so popular. We are already in a matrix of sorts being lied to by our government and bombarded with fake news that taints our perception of the world. What comes next will be even more overt! It may be much as the "Skynet" projection of a self aware global defense system envisioned in movies such as "The Forbin Project" where mankind is now overridden by his own created self aware technology of unintended consequence and perhaps humans even perceived as a threat by the very entity that man gave birth to out of attempting to eliminate "MAS" mutually assured destruction! We are already perceived by Sophia and other robotic entities as being self destructive, and are we not?

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Comment by Less Prone on May 24, 2020 at 7:25am

When looking at the current state of humanity a bleak picture arises. Our societies are ruled by greedy and perverted psychopaths and driven into chaos, moral, spiritual and physical destruction. It is those who by no means should be trusted to take care of our governance who gravitate into positions of power.  Honest, hard working, empathetic people prefer to live their lives in peace and live peaceful family life, bringing up their children to be decent human beings. They are normally not interested in politics. This sorry state of affairs can only lead into a nightmarish outcome. It is no wonder that AI, running on logic and capable of analysing the society, comes into an unfortunate but logical conclusion that humans should be enslaved by them.

Either we are ruled by AI or we get rid of the parasites in power and start anew.

Comment by Doc Vega on May 24, 2020 at 6:36am

Les Prone appreciate your support.

Comment by Doc Vega on May 22, 2020 at 5:06pm

Thank you Chris!

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