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Sat, 29 Jun 2013

Boy did my last article ever bring the fundie flag-waving authoritarian followers out of the wood work. I've been swamped with efforts aimed at trying to guilt trip me into supporting U.S. troops.

Let me make myself perfectly clear:

This guilt trip-circle-the-wagon-bullshit does not work on me. Save it for your fellow authoritarian followers in case they ever accidentally step out of the brain-dead zombie patriot line.

Our troops have ZERO BUSINESS being deployed all around the world, ZERO business invading and illegally occupying other countries, ZERO business stealing the resources of other nations, ZERO BUSINESS raping and torturing the people of other nations, and ZERO BUSINESS MURDERING the people of other nations.

These people have done NOTHING to US, NOTHING to our government crime syndicate.

Wow, who'd have thought I (or anyone) would have to make such simple and humane ideas so explicit!

So, keep waving your blood-drenched flag, keep saluting, keep sycophantically pandering to authority, keep those programs that have been driven into your skulls your whole life reinforced and repeating, repeating, repeating, like a broken record in your head, and exiting out your mouth.

I still do not support what U.S. troops are doing anywhere around the world.

They are enforcing mass murder campaigns and have pledged their allegiance to psychopaths. They're not doing these things on behalf of American citizens - this is a lie. It's the same lie that was told to the German people about 75 years ago.

They are not doing these things to ensure our national security or our freedoms here at home - those are more huge and egregious lies.

Justifying what they do, calling it 'bravery' and 'balls' is indefensible. It's cowardice and ignorance.

They are murdering innocent people with U.S. tax dollars on behalf of political psychopaths - and you'd THINK that with all this war (translated: slaughter and massacre) going on ALL the TIME, year after year after year - that with all this 'military protection' we're supposedly receiving (LOL!!), that the list of our FREEDOMS here at home would be as long as three football fields by now.

But they're not. In fact, that list grows shorter and shorter, soon you'll be able to write your list of actual freedoms on the back of a postage stamp.

If you choose to be an Authoritarian follower, well, go right ahead. If you need to be one, well, that's too bad, not just for you, but for all of us.

You can circle the wagons, you can call me whatever nasty names you like, you can say whatever the hell you want about me.

It will never change the objective reality on the ground in all the militarily occupied, invaded and destroyed nations around the world, it won't bring back the dead, it won't comfort and reassure the broken survivors on any side, and it will NEVER SOLVE one damn thing that's wrong in this world. It never has.

'Just Say No' apparently doesn't apply to most men in uniform, just to poor schmucks like me and yeah, like you.

Consider this email I received from a die-hard troop lover. It's a great example of the kind of mindset we're all having to deal with as we try and spread a little truth.
"I am disgusted regarding the article written by Lisa Guliani "supporting the troops". Not only am I a vet, I am one that is very much disgruntled with the rights, lack of rights, methods, and political quagmire that often hinders our troops. What you fail to realize is that the very act of you being able to "write" any article, not only is settled and structured in our constitution, it is underlined in blood by countless Soldiers, whom obeyed the chain of command. Furthermore, I can promise you throughout the entire chain of command down to the lowest private in the ditch, there are many that would much rather be somewhere else and don't agree with "Policy".

Nevertheless they are there, and they often do not come home, a place you presently have, protected day and night, by men and women that may agree or not agree with their commanders' decisions. I too presently have a home, a wife, and family, and we enjoy freedoms' that countless others dream about around the world. Shame on you for not supporting our troops."
Did you get that? Apparently this particular vet actually believes that anything he or any of his comrades did on the orders of the psychopaths in the US government and military actually secured 'freedoms' for the American people! Apparently he missed the fact that, with every 'freedom' operation that he and his buddies have been sent on, our freedoms have been progressively revoked, repealed and utterly destroyed. You could draw a chart showing a direct correlation between the removal of the rights and freedoms enshrined in the US constitution and bill of rights, and American military operations supposedly tasked with "protecting our freedoms". What a coincidence!

He also claims that there are many troops who don't agree with policy. Really? Newsflash! When normal people don't agree with a policy, they STOP SUPPORTING IT!

Again, the bottom line is:

I don't and won't support what they're doing until they start doing right.
Even then, the damage they've already done will take decades to repair.
Maybe all those troop supporters' time might be better spent praying to your 'god' and hoping there really is no 'god'.
Because if there IS, your 'god' is surely taking your measure for supporting this evil.
Then again, maybe your 'God' will understand, and forgive you for being stupid, suggestible, selfish and without conscience.

But me, I'm not your 'god' and I don't have to 'understand' and 'accept' and clap along, or march in lockstep with the rest of the zombies in this endless death parade.

And a quote:
"Authoritarian followers have the psychological characteristic known as right-wing authoritarianism. This personality trait consists of authoritarian submission, a high degree of submission to the established authorities in one's society; authoritarian aggression, aggression directed against various persons in the name of those authorities; and conventionalism, a strong adherence to the social conventions endorsed by those authorities.

Why do psychologists call authoritarian followers "right-wing" authoritarians? Are they all members of a conservative political party? No. Right-wing is used here in a psychological sense, meaning wanting to please established authority. One of the original meanings of the adjective right (riht in Old English) was "lawful, proper, correct," which in those long ago days meant doing what your local lord and the king wanted.

- Cambridge Dictionary of Psychology

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Comment by Wolf on June 30, 2013 at 12:06am
In truth, more money is made in time of war then in peace. Money, not for "the little people" but huge, banks filled to the brim with money; no paper, that is about as worthless as a worn out old whore for the rich...the VERY rich.
More than just lives are lost. Possibilities are lost, forever.

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