Flouridation, Toxicity, and Trees (Part 2)

Isaiah 54:16 “Look! I myself have created the craftsman, the one blowing upon the fire of charcoal and bringing forth a weapon as his workmanship. I myself, too, have created the ruinous man for wrecking work. 17 Any weapon whatever that will be formed against you will have no success, and any tongue at all that will rise up against you in the judgment you will condemn. This is the hereditary possession of the servants of Jehovah, and their righteousness is from me,” is the utterance of Jehovah. 55:1 Hey there, all YOU thirsty ones! Come to the water. And the ones that have no money! Come, buy and eat. Yes, come, buy wine and milk even without money and without price. 2 Why do YOU people keep paying out money for what is not bread, and why is YOUR toil for what results in no satisfaction? Listen intently to me, and eat what is good, and let YOUR soul find its exquisite delight in fatness itself. 3 Incline YOUR ear and come to me. Listen, and YOUR soul will keep alive, and I shall readily conclude with YOU people an indefinitely lasting covenant respecting the loving-kindnesses to David that are faithful. 4 Look! As a witness to the national groups I have given him, as a leader and commander to the national groups.

Hebrews 3:1 Consequently, holy brothers, partakers of the heavenly calling, consider the apostle and high priest whom we confess—Jesus. 2 He was faithful to the One that made him such, as Moses was also in all the house of that One. 3 For the latter is counted worthy of more glory than Moses, inasmuch as he who constructs it has more honor than the house. 4 Of course, every house is constructed by someone, but he that constructed all things is God. 7 For this reason, just as the holy spirit says: “Today if YOU people listen to his own voice, 8 do not harden YOUR hearts as on the occasion of causing bitter anger, as in the day of making the test in the wilderness, 9 in which YOUR forefathers made a test of me with a trial, and yet they had seen my works for forty years.

Many may ask at this point "What's his problem with flouride?". Well, I've found that most people can be shown and convinced of just about anything. Not all folks doubt chemtrails, quite a few have woken up to the vaccins the "Hard Way" as in personnal negative experience, worldwide the realization that enemies are created by the powers that be to provoke wanted agenda change has become self evident to the point of embaressment! But no matter how many times I myself have talked over the flouride subject with others, it always suprises me how complaicant everyone is. Most feel it's the least important of all the conspiracies! Why should this be a problem? Aside from the opening picture (How Flouride works : 3000 controlled by 6 with guns!)?

Being that flouride is a drug, one should realize that it makes NO SENSE at all to be drug tested for anything if you brush 3 times a day. The LEGAL ramafications are staggering! A police officer or judge who brushes and drinks flouridated water has no legal authority and their decisions are not binding. Medical diagnosis by doctors under the same medication are suspect! School teachers and principles make medicated evaluations on children and condone and critisize under neurotoxic influence. Parents have natural behaviours and instincts impared and undermined! EVERYONE who critisizes alcoholics and druggies and gamblers MAKE THEMSELVES HYPOCRYTES ! Lucifer has basically pulled off a good one on each and everyone out there! Judgments and sins were all passed under influence of a neurotoxic drug through various degrees. Some would say "But...just flouride?". Well, chemicals react with each other, so add in chemtrails, vaccin drugs and chems, chemical food additives and preservatives, real food having real nutrients removed and replaced with chem fillers, etc..... WHAT DO YOU EXPECT? WE'RE ALL LUCKY WE CAN STILL STAND AND RECOGNIZE EACH OTHER!

Yet, to me, it's more than that. It's my lord Jehovah and his son Jesus that keep sending me to uncover more and more. It's been said the info is out there, one just has to look. It was also said they are trying to bury stuff deep. Well....RUINOUS MAN that I am, I went and dug up some stuff. I was searching for info from the pre WW2 era. My reasons? I am well aware the game was far underway but OUR side was still playing good guy and giving us SOME truth to fight the mythical bad guys of the time. Our side was ALLOWED to expose the propoganda of the opposing forces to the public much more than today. Second, the people of the time were much more professional and serious than today's gaggle of salesmen and shisters. They earned their respect through hard work and facts, not corporate backing and propoganda payments! A different type of man alltogether than today's breed. MANY still beleived in a TRUE and GOOD GOD, and used science as a tool, not the demonic flare-heads of today hell-bent on breaking and redoing every natural law and elevating science to a god itself (as Barry did a few weeks ago, covering over the lord Jesus, replacing it with a black pyramid, and telling the crowd "We have to put science back on top!")

So now let's take a look at some of what was uncovered shall we? I went to http://www.jbc.org/ ...or type 1930's flouride reports. My interest was in what flouride's reputation was earlier on and what it's other uses were previous to toothpaste. I found this 1939 report on "Flouride Intoxication", 35 pages, 23 are the report, the other 12 PAGES are bibliography...what was researched to come up with report and conclusions of! VERY thourough and informative. For example, flouride is reported in many food sources of the time. But it is treated in a negative way, as in having too much giving very bad effects. It shows how flouride in food and animals is higher around manufacturing areas and places known to be contaninated. It also admits too much fertilizer and pesticides and chemicals were used earlier in the century which caused the dust fields we've all seen in black and white films of the time. So the report shows that flouride was already contaminating the environment pre 40's and needed to be checked and reduced. But what will really blow minds is how it gets produced and/or used in manufacturing and it's various uses pre-toothpaste. Let's have a look.

Department of Pharmacology, The University of Chicago (1939)

This review is concerned primarily with the literature from 1933 to
the latter part of 1939. Numerous publications on this subject have
appeared during that period and the scope of this review does not
permit an evaluation of each paper, hence only representative papers
on each phase of the subject will be discussed.

OCCURRENCE AND DISTRIBUTION. Fluorine is one of the most active
elements chemically, consequently it does not occur in the free state in
nature (sorry Nestlé).
The term “fluoride intoxication” has been used in this review
to indicate fluorine in the combined form; however, not all fluorine
compounds are fluorides technically. Fluorine compounds are frequently
found in gases from volcanoes and fumaroles. Igneous rocks
usually contain this element in varying amounts (0.01 to 3.36 per cent)
and its compounds have been found widely distributed in many types
of rock formation.

A. Industrial uses of fluorides. The principal fluorine bearing minerals
which are used in large scale industrial processes are: fluorite or
fluorspar (CaFz), cryolite (NaaAlFc), apatite (3Ca3(PO&. CaF2) and
sedimentary phosphate rock.

Fluorspar is used extensively as a flux in the smelting of many metals
and in the ceramic industries. It has been estimated that 3 to 5
kgm. of it are used in the average production of one ton of steel (168)
(273). During the smelting process, silicon tetrafluoride (SiFJ is
formed according to the following reaction: 3 SiOz + 2 CaF2 ---) SiF4 +
2 CaSiOa. The world production of fluorspar was about 525,000
metric tons in 1937 (4).

Fluorine compounds are used widely in glass, enamel and brick

Cryolite is used in the manufacture of aluminum by the Hall-Heroult
electrical process which is employed extensively today. Reactive
fluorine compounds are produced during the process. The total world
production of aluminum was about 600,000 metric tons in 1938 (192).
Large deposits of phosphate rock are found in Colorado, Florida,
Idaho, Montana, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Wyoming and also
in other parts of the United States and the world (139). Phosphate
rock (containing about 3.5 per cent F) (133) is used in the manufacture
of superphosphate (retaining approximately 75 per cent of the F)
which is used in animal (feed) and plant (fertilizer) nutrition. The
world use (industry and agriculture) of apatite and phosphate rock was
approximately 12,025,OOO metric tons in 1938 (138).

On page 4 we find TABLE 1
Uses of fluorine compounds in technical processes

1. Binder for emery wheels. ......................CaFs (273)
2. Bleaching of cane for chair seats ...............HF (273)
3. Bleacher in laundries. .........................NazSiFa (273
4. Cleansing graphite. ............................HF (273)
5. Coagulating rubber. ...........................NasSiFa; MgSiFa (273)
6. Decolorizing of glasses .........................NazSiFg (85)
7. Disinfection of hides and skins .................HzSiFe (334)
8. Disinfection of hose and tanks in breweries ....HzSiFe; NHdFoHF (273)
9. Electrolytic manufacturing of beryllium ........Na#iFe (273)
10. Fixing of tannin on cotton in dye works and printing works. ......SbFs (273)
11. Flotation of fluorspar and quartz ...............CaFz (16) (218)
12. Flotation of lead-zinc-fluorspar ores ............CaFl (55) (56) (80)
13. Flux ...........................................NaaAlFe; Na&IiFe; CaFz (361)
14. Glass etching ..................................HF; NH,F (273) (290) (340)
15. Hardening cement .............................MgSiFe; ZnSiFs (273)
16. Insecticidal powders ...........................NaF (142)
17. Making glue, paste and adhesives ..............HBFd (273)
18. Making synthetic stones .......................Sundry compounds (273)
19. Optical industry. ..............................CaFa (273)
20. Preserving wood (building) timber, telegraph poles ..............NaF; ZnFz; MgSiFa (44) (62) (136) (137)
21. Recovery from phosphate plant ................HnSiFa; PbSiFa (228)
22. Refining mineral oils. ..........................SO,F,; SF6 (342)
23. Refrigerating industry. ........................CClsFz; CzClzFs (34) (270)(379) (273)
24. Removing sand from castings ..................HF (273)
25. Rust removal from steel and iron ..............HF (273)
26. Silicate analysis and condensing agent in laboratory.......................................HF
27. Silk dyeing. ...................................HF (273)
28. Synthetic production of cryolite ................CaFl (177) (347)
29. Treating anthracite for making gas coal ........HF (273)
30. Window cleaner. ................................HsSiFa (273)
31. Wood-staining. ................................CrFa (273)

Wow, and here we are brushing our teeth and spitting it in the sink. Think I should pack up a bag of tubes and see if some companies would be interested in my area!?! 79 cent toothpaste becomes $10 cement hardener.....or $25 rust remover! At this point honesty and common sense step up, knock on the door, and ask "What maniac thought this works on teeth?". I'll tell ya. It's Lucifer, because this isn't the first time he's done all of this. I won't get too deep into it in this article, but he's been here longer than any of us and knows what works and what doesn't. The simple act of burning a tooth and catching the flourine gas escaping led us to discover it. But the report here admits it's the rarest and hardest form, and most probably comes through biological means in conjunction with other elements found in the fruits and vegitables. But the scientist that worked for him through the generations gleened effects and side effects through years of interaction with workers affected by manufacturing practises that brought them in contact with flouride in it's various forms (gases, poders, chemical byproducts, etc.). Slowly it's neurotoxic and psychological effect were listed and employed in various "Test" circumstanses and it's dumbed down mind control possabilities were embraced and employed in various lands. Because the science isn't dentistry or chemistry or biology....these are all sub-divisions. The science is eugenics, plain and simple. After contemplating this 1933 assesment, form your own opinion!

VOL. XIII JULY, 1933 No. 3
Institute of Animal Nutrition, Pennsylvania State College

Page 283-284
a. Fluorine toxic to man and other animals. Numerous cases are on record which show that the ingestion of F compounds beyond certain limits is fatal to man and other animals (46) (47). A clinical picture of the effect of the ingestion of small doses of fluorides is described by Tappeiner (43) and by Schulz (42). Tappeiner used dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs and cats as experimental animals. As high as 0.5 gram NaF per 100 grams body weight was given internally and 0.15 gram was given by injection subcutaneously and intravenously. The following characteristic symptoms were observed: l, a condition of drowsiness and weakness resulting from paralysis of the vaso-motor centers; 2, cramps which may attack a single organ or the entire body, and are epileptic in character. They are not so evident in cases of internal poisoning, although in many instances they dominate the poisoning effects; as non-reflex changes, they are independent of the disturbance of the breathing and circulation and proceed from the spinal cord and more highly centralized organs ; 3, paralysis of the vasomotor centers; 4, acceleration and deepening of the breathing with paralysis following; 5, vomiting; 6, secretion of the salivary and tear glands, which is not stopped with atropin; 7, early rigor following death.
There is unmistakable evidence in the data reported by Goldemberg (48) that the injection of Na.F lowers the basal metabolic rate of white rats. Goldemberg employed tlhe method devised by Haldane for the indirect determination of heat production. The heat produced by the experimental animal was determined before and after the intraperitoneal injection of the fluoride solutions. Amounts of NaF varying from 15 to 18 mgm. per kgm. of body weight lowered the heat production per kilogram per hour as much as 1.2 per cent to 63 per cent below the previous rate. The effects were noted usually 15 minutes to about 60 minutes after the injection.
Goldemberg (49) also observed a local ulcerous condition at the point of injection of fluorides, as well as toxic symptoms similar to those reported by Tappeiner (43) and Schulz (42).

The 1939 report sends similar warnings.....

Brief exposure causes redness and a prolonged burning sensation. Longer exposures or more concentrated solutions produce yellowish, coriaceous changes in tissues which later develop into painful and slow-healing ulcers (282). Seldom is such injury permanent although a few cases have been reported with secondary fatal termination.

Gaseous silicon tetrafluoride and hydrogen fluoride are extremely irritating to the conjunctiva and mucous membranes of the respiratory passages, causing sneezing, coughing, hoarseness and increased secretions from nose and eyes. Among workers exposed to dust containing fluorine compounds, acute pulmonary symptoms such as bronchitis, dyspnea, and asthma have been reported (88) (277).

B. Acute intoxication. Roholm (273) has prepared a detailed summary of the acute cases of fluorine intoxication which have been reported in the literature from 1873 to 1935 inclusive. During the period 112 cases were described, 60 of which ended fatally. Several additional cases (19) (41) (105) (129a) (376) have been observed since 1935. In most instances, these were the result of accidents in which fluorine-containing insecticides, rat poison or other preparations were ingested in large quantities by mistake. Sodium fluoride, sodium fluosilicate, hydrofluoric acid and hydrofluosilicic acid, in the order named, were the compounds most frequently involved. The cases described by Griebel et al. (116) are of special interest because mass illness was traceable to apricot preserves containing excessive fluorine.

Roholm (272) has made an analysis of the mysterious fog disaster which occurred in the Meuse Valley near Liege, Belgium in December of 1930. He states that the circumstantial evidence indicates that tlhe disaster was probably due to acute fluorine poisoning which resulted from gaseous fluorine compounds (HF, SiFJ liberated by certain factories in the area in conjunction with an unusually heavy fog. Several thousand persons suffered acute pulmonary attacks, and 60 deaths were reported.
The symptoms of acute intoxication are partly local, affecting the gastro-intestinal tract (thirst,, vomiting, abdominal pains, diarrhea) and partly due to absorption which results in alternate painful spasms and pareses, weakness, excessive salivation, perspiration, dyspnea and weakened pulse. Death is attributed primarily to respiratory paralysis. One or more of the symptoms may be absent. Post-mortem examinations reveal a marked hemorrhagic gastro-enteritis with a tendency to necrosis. Microscopic findings have indicated a more or less pronounced degeneration in the parenchymatous organs (particularly the liver and kidneys).

Shortt et al. (300) have made detailed clinical, radiological and biochemical investigations of ten chronic cases of fluorine intoxication from a mottled enamel area in India. The people consumed the high fluoride water for 30 to 45 years before clinical symptoms of bone changes and possible kidney impairment occurred. The clinical picture related essentially to disabilities caused by calcification of ligaments, tendons, fasciae, the formation of osteophytic outgrowths of bones and nervous effects of mechanical pressure due to the encroachment of bone on the spinal cord. The radiological evidence also revealed excessive calcification of tendons, ligaments and fasciae, the production of osteophytic formations on various bones, and almost complete synostosis of the various joints, especially of the vertebral column. The radiographs provided the clues to the clinical observations. Serum calcium, inorganic phosphorus and phosphatase indicated a favorable condition for abnormal deposition of bone. In the majority of cases kidney function was also impaired.

Blue (24) has made a survey of the general physical development of children living in normal and endemic mottled enamel areas in the Panhandle of Oklahoma. He states that the general development of the children, as indicated by the number with fractured bones, rickets and dental deformities, is retarded in the mottled enamel areas where the drinking water contains more than 1 p.p.m. of fluorine.

Now this last sentence brings forth the question "Why add it to water?" and indeed if we look at the 1939 report's summary....

1. There is a need for more complete data regarding the occurrence of fluorides in public and private water supplies, foods, drugs, fertilizers and soils.
2. More complete surveys should be made to determine the number of people with mottled enamel, and its correlation with the concentration of fluorides in drinking waters.
3. Additional fluoride balance studies should be made on man and other species to determine the minimum concentrations of various fluorine compounds required to produce pathological changes in tooth, bone, kidney, and other vital structures of the body. Clinical and radiological studies should be made on man, particularly aged adults, living in endemic mottled enamel areas.
4. Further research on practical methods of removing excessive concentrations of fluorides from drinking water, food products, and fertilizers should be encouraged.
5. More long range experiments are needed to determine the effects (beneficial or toxic) of small quantities of fluorides in the diet of man and other species.

So the report encouraged flouride being REMOVED from water and environment, not added. Indeed on page 601-602 under B. Removal of fluorine from drinking water, they list various elements that can be used to remove it. But both the 33, 39, and many earlier reports conclude that water sources contaminated overtly with flouride caused dental flourosis dammage as well as all other listed health concerns and state water supplies and sources should be protected, flouride levels reduced and filtered out, NOT ADDED! Quite an opposite opinion from todays Industrial complex doctors and specialists/salesman! As this article attests to : http://www.nascsa.org/NEWS/RxDrugsInDrinkingWater3.08.pdf :3/10/2008 (AP) -- A vast array of pharmaceuticals -- including antibiotics, anti-convulsants, mood stabilizers and sex hormones -- have been found in the drinking water supplies of at least 41 million Americans, an Associated Press investigation shows.

Does anyone have an idea of what could be used to filter harmful byproducts like sodium flouride and other contaminants out of water sources? Well my lord urged me to go digging further back and I found this....


No.F-34 1922

Sodium Flouride as a Wood Preservative

Tests made years ago at the Forest Products Laboratory indicated that sodium flouride might be successfully used as a wood preservative, because it had high toxicity, was not injurious to metals and was convienient to handle. Laboratory tests alone, however, are not sufficient to establish the value of any material as a wood preservative; actual service tests, even though they require years to complete, are also needed.

In order to obtain comparative durability records, the laboratory in 1914 placed sap-pine ties treated with sodium flouride, together with ties treated with zinc chloride and creosote, in one of the mines of the Tennessee Coal, Iron, and Rail Company, at Birmingham Alabama. Similar service tests were also started at this time on red oak ties placed in the tracks of the Baltimore and Ohio Railway Company.

After five years of service the mine ties which were treated with sodium flouride have been found in as good condition as those treated with zinc chloride, both showing very little deterioration. The creosoted mine ties apparently were in still better condition, while the untreated ones were in various advanced stages of decay. The red oak railway ties treated with sodium flouride were practically all sound, as were those treated with zinc chloride, whereas a large percentage of the untreated oak ties had been removed.

Both of these tests, as well as others started later, must continue for a number of years yet before therelative value of the sodium flouride treatment for ties and timbers is definetly known.

Now consider that these were used in mines and with open weathering conditions, or as housedwellers think- Exterior use! Rain , boots, dirt, etc. The flouride remained and helped prolong the life of the ties. So people have been brushing their teeth and drinking bottled water, giving babies Vitamin-D with flouride added, foods with flouridated water used in preparation, with a product known as a drug and toxic contaminent that kills rats, poisoned water supplies and caused dental flourosis, osteoperosis, bone disfigurations, phyotropic and neurological effects, bone cancer in boys between 8-19, holes in the brain, blocks the thyroid gland from regulating weight and metabolism and sending out repair cells to the body thus causing obesity and heart conditions, infirtility, sterilization, and miscarriage in all centuries previous, and acts as a wood preservative FOR RAILWAY COMPANIES. Amazing.

And why would my lord Jehovah have revieled this to me and led me to find this document and demonstrate it here for "The Record"? Because we've been warned before...in that book they laughingly tell you is old and useless....his WORD..The Bible!

Exodus 15:22 Later Moses caused Israel to depart from the Red Sea and they went out to the wilderness of Shur and marched on for three days in the wilderness, but they did not find water. 23 In time they came to Ma´rah, but they were not able to drink the water from Ma´rah because it was bitter. That is why he called its name Ma´rah. 24 And the people began to murmur against Moses, saying: “What are we to drink?” 25 Then he cried out to Jehovah. So Jehovah directed him to a tree, and he threw it into the water and the water became sweet.
There He established for them a regulation and a case for judgment and there he put them
to the test. 26 And he went on to say: “If you will strictly listen to the voice of Jehovah your God and will do what is right in his eyes and will indeed give ear to his commandments and keep all his regulations, I shall put none of the maladies upon you that I put upon the Egyptians; because I am Jehovah who is healing you.”

and 1Kings 2:19 In time the men of the city (Jericho) said to E·li´sha: “Here, now, the situation of the city is good, just as my master is seeing; but the water is bad, and the land is causing miscarriages.” 20 At that he said: “Fetch me a small new bowl and put salt in it.” So they fetched it for him. 21 Then he went on out to the source of the water and threw salt in it and said: “This is what Jehovah has said, ‘I do make this water healthful. No more will death or any causing of miscarriages result from it.’” 22 And the water continues healed
down to this day, according to E·li´sha’s word that he spoke.
23 And he proceeded to go up from there to Beth´el. As he was going up (Jericho to Beth'el) on the way, there were small boys that came out from the city and began to jeer him and that kept saying to him: “Go up, you baldhead! Go up, you baldhead!” 24 Finally he turned behind him and saw them and called down evil upon them in the name of Jehovah. Then two she-bears came out from the woods and went tearing to pieces forty-two children of their number. 25 And he kept going from there to Mount Car´mel, and from there he returned to Sa·mar´i·a.

So here we see that trees can be used ( as sap-pine and red oak are quoted above) and salts can be used to purify and cleanse water back to purity, NOT CHEMICALS! For those who childishly spew "What a violent god, so violent!"....REALLY!?! Shows your heart condition. In the 1st instance with Moses, Jehovah has just split the red sea, guided them through, and destroyed the Egyptian army. Not 3 days later, they begin murmuring (Complaining like a hypocryte!). THAT'S CALLED UNGRATEFUL! In the second instance, Elisha has just cured a city's water supply and stopped miscarriage. Now kids come out and treat him like a nut! FINALLY (which means he put up with it for some time) he took action. The way they treated him....IT'S CALLED UNGRATEFUL. So anyone who would critisize the lord over these matters.....IS UNGRATEFUL! I however am not! My lord has NEVER lyed to me, but boy this world so far is just ONE BIG LYE AFTER ANOTHER! Thank Jehovah who trained me up sharp like a sword to cut through these lyes and expose the truth. It is now up to you what you do with it.


Lastly, for any who would ridicule me, or twist it and think I take myself for Jesus himself based on my opening statements, I said I am meerly a "Witness to the Nations" and only attempting to immitate my father and his son. From this world's standpoint, I am as follows....

Psalms 22:6 But I am a worm, and not a man, A reproach to men and despicable to the people. 7 As for all those seeing me, they hold me in derision; They keep opening their mouths wide, they keep wagging [their] head: 8 “He committed himself to Jehovah. Let Him provide him with escape! Let him deliver him, since he has taken delight in him!”

22 I will declare your name to my brothers; In the middle of the congregation I shall praise you. 23 YOU fearers of Jehovah, praise him! All YOU the seed of Jacob, glorify him!
And be frightened at him, all YOU the seed of Israel. 24 For he has neither despised
Nor loathed the affliction of the afflicted one; And he has not concealed his face from him,
And when he cried to him for help he heard. 25 From you my praise will be in the large congregation; My vows I shall pay in front of those fearing him.
26 The meek ones will eat and be satisfied; Those seeking him will praise Jehovah.
May YOUR hearts live forever. 27 All the ends of the earth will remember and turn back to Jehovah. And all the families of the nations will bow down before you.
28 For the kingship belongs to Jehovah, And he is dominating the nations.
29 All the fat ones of the earth shall eat and will bow down; Before him all those going down to the dust will bend down, And no one will ever preserve his own soul alive.
30 A seed itself will serve him; It will be declared concerning Jehovah to the generation.
31 They will come and tell of his righteousness To the people that is to be born, that he has done [this].

part 3 coming up with some early propoganda...and some SOLUTIONS!

luggnutz (U.N. "persons" I.D. Brian Pearce/Deceased) - Witness to the Nations

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Comment by luggnutz on June 1, 2009 at 4:48pm
My email iz piecebc@hotmail.com for any who would like me to send them the documents I've found. Good for reference and to quote from in conversations.

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