It would be the epitome of human folly to ignore the repetition of the same Wall Street financiers who have routinely inflicted financial chaos and abject poverty by debt upon the under-developed world for decades; who now have leading roles in enforcing national IOU’s which they created in Europe that is devastating each nation; who created and manage the $16 trillion debt on the United States; who also permeate the U.S. Treasury; who are also the largest campaign contributors for congressional and presidential candidates; and who are additionally the putative recipients of hidden profit from their Ponzi scheme that embezzles trillions of dollars from the United States government.

The chaos of Greece has resulted in massive layoffs of government and civilian employees, loss of governmental services, impoverishment of the nation, riots, and has reduced much of society to dumpster-diving. Goldman Sachs assisted politicians in 2003 to cook the books and impose massive debt upon the citizens without their knowledge. Goldman made an initial gross profit of 600 million euro on the arrangement and then made bets the “shitty” bonds would fail. A Goldman man is now the Greek PM. Greece and Cyprus, that invested in Greek bonds, are now being ravished by the International Monetary Fund and the ECB.

Goldman Sachs agents are also alleged to control the finances of Germany, Italy, Belgium, France, and UK to guarantee payment of debt. Ref. Even the CEO of the European Common Bank is from Goldman. Spain, Portugal, and Iceland each have severe economic problems of similar origins.

Rampant corruption within the World Bank has been reported by whistleblower Senior Counsel Karen Hudes who exposed involvement by the BIS and the Federal Reserve to control nations. She was promptly sacked (pardon the pun). The CEO of the IMF has confirmed the objective of world government. Ref.

The consolidation of sovereignty between the United States and European nations is being secretly fast-tracked by President Obama at the TTIP negotiations of July 2013. The CFR is pushing for bankers to have financial control of the U.S. similar to the troika control of Europe.  Ref. The CFR and CIA are claimed to be responsible for creating the EU. The U.S. will be added later. Trade pacts such as this have a history of being used to control commerce and finance to benefit the CFR.

Is this evidence the IMF and the WB that have rapaciously exploited lesser developed nations for decades are now moving up to the European nations? Is their four step scenario the touted utopian advancement of the New World Order ? Is the United States in the advanced stages of their sequenced subjection? Is the funding that drives the scheme possibly from profit concealed by the Federal Reserve bank of New York City which legally belongs to the U.S. government?

The answer is a collective YES.

The frustrating part is that the financiers received and hid the entire value of the U.S. debt when it was created---which has funded the entire NWO project---but they will additionally ravish the U.S. when their fraudulent Ponzi scheme collapses.

Joseph Stiglitz, a former chief economist for the WB, has commented that a ten percent commission for a corrupt politician (such as a finance minister) in a hidden bank account can readily result in a huge debt imposed upon the citizenry beyond their ability to pay. A private debt then becomes a public obligation. The debt arranged by Goldman Sachs with Greece (hidden from the citizens) has been turned over to a ‘troika’ of the IMF, ECB, and EC that is also supervising the finances of Cyprus and Portugal. The TTIP article (id) assumes the troika will have financial control of Europe.

The loan arrangements of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund have resulted in impoverishment of many nations. After preliminaries, the following “conditionalities” are demanded. A select elite operate businesses manufacturing exports paying poverty wages while confiscated agriculture land produces items for export. Foreign contractors controlled by the elite have priority on required work. Food and essentials must be imported and is controlled by the elite. National assets such as hospitals, utilities, and roads must be privatized for the lender’s profit. Currency is devalued to benefit the creditors. Society becomes a few rich elite with masses living in destitution; the middle class is eliminated. Ref. Michael Chossudovsky, GLOBALIZATION OF POVERTY AND THE NEW WORLD ORDER; cf: google WAR BY OTHER MEANS video by John Pilger for the rape of the Philippines; VICIOUS CIRCLE OF DEBT AND DEPRESSION by Ismael Hossein-/zadeh at

The IMF and WB were established at the Bretton Woods conference in 1944 with primary architects being Alger Hiss and John Maynard Keynes. The first U.S. delegate to the IMF was Harry Dexter White. The agencies have headquarters in Washington DC. The IMF determines quota for shareholder membership based upon ability to pay. The U.S. quota for 2013 is SDR 42.1 billion (about US$64 billion). The U.S. has a 17.69 percent shareholder domination control exercised by Timothy Geithner and Ben Bernanke. Another document lists Meg Lundsager as Director on the Executive Board to the IMF. One page identifies the U.S. government as paying 41 percent of total quotas while another IMF source lists 17.69 percent. The IMF holds 2,814 metric tons of gold among other assets.

[The FRBNY is reported to hold 7,700 tons of gold in its vaults asserted to belong to other nations. The hoard has never been audited. Germany’s demand for the return of their gold has been denied. Bars sold to China were found to be bogus.]

The IMF formally requested the U.S. contribute $64 billion via Ms. Lael Brainard (ex Goldman Sachs employee ?) Undersecretary of the U.S. Treasury on April 24, 2013. Ref. The clarity of financial commitments and handling of U.S. obligations, as evidenced by the committee hearing video, appears to make the “shitty” Goldman debt to Greece a simple IOU. Ref. Truthout, id. Obscuration is very profitable for financiers. Is the IMF ready to transfer physical possession of gold as collateral (at $32 per ounce) to the U.S. (not to FRBNY) for $64 billion?

The U.S. is also the dominate 15.86 percent shareholder of the WB. Robert Zoellick from Goldman Sachs was president of the WB from 2007 to 2012. He has also served as deputy Secretary of State. Lewis Preston from JP Morgan served as president from 1991 to 1995. Alden Clausen from Bank of America was president from 1981 to 1988. Nations are usually represented by ministers of finance. The two organizations have an annual meeting together. Bonds are sold to raise capital. Greg Palast identifies the U.S. Treasury as 51 percent owner. The groups claim that programs are derived from the United Nations to minimize government interference.

Members of the WB must first join the IMF by paying an assigned quota, and also pay 88 percent of the IMF assessment to the WB.. Then, in summary, the nation must pay US$141,000 and $1.3 million in other assets to purchase shares of the WB. The nation is further obligated to have $22 million available in callable assets.

The United States is the exclusive nation that has veto power over any policy change of the IMF and the WB. It is incontrovertible that Wall Street controls the two entities. Control by Congress appears to be minimum.

It would be a mistake to blame greedy politicians for the rapacious debts. The IMF and World Bank rely upon the CIA to impose and enforce their exploitation. Perkins informs us that if the financier’s offer of a loan to a member is refused, the “jackals” are called in for a “wet operation” (murder). Ref. CONFESSION OF ECONOMIC HIT MAN by John Perkins; KILLING HOPE by William Blum; THE WAY OF THE KNIFE by Mark Mazzetti. It is assumed similar pressure is put on nations to compel membership in the WB and IMF. Apparently the Mafia now has a government cover for the offer of a loan that cannot be refused. Colonel Gaddafi refused to join.

The CIA’s School of the Americans (now WHINSEC) brings foreign military leaders to the U.S. for training. The sessions include recruiting CIA assets, teaching torture and suppression of protests against their local government. It also permits screening and recruitment of future puppet leaders for nations that require a coup if a ruler becomes reluctant to pay a debt. Al Queda was created by the CIA in the 1980’s and is now spun as the cause for endless violence, terrorism and martial law. Ref.

Numerous sources including the congressional Church Committee have confirmed nefarious acts by the CIA. They include initiating terrorism disguised as revolutions and assassination squads not always in the best interests of the U.S. Ref.; HIGH TREASON by John Groden; PLAUSIBLE DENIAL by Mark Lane. Blackwater mercenaries have been identified as operatives of the CIA. The CIA as the operating arm of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) should be obvious. The U.S. government has no financial gain from exploitation.

The CIA has been identified by an Italian Supreme court judge as the controlling element used by the Bilderberg organization to manipulate governments such as in Operation Gladio involving numerous murders.

Rulers who put national interests before the exploitative financiers’ interest are demonized by the U.S. as building nuclear weapons, or abusing the indigenous people, or harboring terrorists, or using chemical weapons, or possessing weapons of mass destruction, or some such. If the methodology developed by CIA agent Kermit Roosevelt in 1954 of recruiting local malcontents and dregs of society with promises of grandeur and supplies of weapons for a “rebellion against tyranny” to overthrow the miscreant ruler fails, the U.S. media (all members of the CFR) will be used to inflame the masses to support U.S. military invasion. Recipients of CIA/Wall Street largess include Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, Fidel Castro, Muammar al-Gaddafi, Chavez, Samosa, Noriega, Shah Pahlavi, Stalin, and Hitler. If nationalistic priorities preempt exploitation, the ruler must go. Hitler was TIME magazine’s 1938 Man of the Year but then he attacked Stalin. Antony Sutton documented Wall Street’s sponsoring of Stalin while publicly demonizing him. When Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn made the same observation, his U.S. speaking tour was abruptly cancelled. If prompt policy decisions were not available from Moscow, they could be obtained from Manhattan.

The U.S. military is the ultimate force to squelch any recalcitrant nation, or a ruler who establishes a central bank not affiliated with the BIS/IMF, with a rallying cry of national defense and secrecy. War-mongering is a most profitable business for the CFR. Ref. JFK AND THE UNSPEAKABLE by James Douglas. Mass media control by the CFR members assures the proper propaganda spin to gain public support for expenditure increases. The CIA uses the U.S. military as a cover, as a supplier of material, and as a source of mercenaries. Ref. PRESIDENTS’ SECRET WARS by John Prados; CIA’S SECRET WAR by Kenneth Conboy; WAY OF THE KNIFE by Mark Mazzetti; also Fletcher Prouty. U.S. embassies are routinely used as an operational base for the CIA and at least one (Libya) is alleged to be a torture prison. It is Wall Street that determines the next nation the U.S. must destroy.

The CFR (created by David Rockefeller) is a social facade of businesses and organizations to multiply gains and eliminate competition as evident from their operation. The organization’s funding and control by Wall Street to promote a New World Order led by a financial elite is touted as an utopian society. Ref. TRAGEDY AND HOPE by Carroll Quigley; MEMOIRS by David Rockefeller. The interlocking directorships of major businesses as controlled by Wall Street and Rockefeller trusts and foundations has been known for decades. Ref. ROCKEFELLER FILE by Gary Allen;

An observer will look at Europe and see a pattern of international bond holders; Cyprus is holding Greek bonds; Spain is holding Italian bonds; Italy is holding French bonds; etc. They will then hear the hype the citizens must endure austerity to guarantee the bonds. How did all of these bonds originate? Greece, as a documented example, was fleeced by Goldman. Iceland, as another documented example, was fleeced by foreign bankers that utilized Iceland’s three banks. Roger Boyes in MELTDOWN ICELAND identifies Goldman as a prime cause. How much pressure by financiers or what payoffs to local politicians is unknown but fantastic profit for the financiers, as in the Greek and Iceland cases, appears assured.

Chossudovsky has documented numerous nations impoverished by the IMF through currency devaluation. The ECB is apparently restricted in its issuance of Euros by a requirement to obtain authorization from member states. This is a restriction on the ECB to prevent the issuance of fiat money. (An alternate fiat currency by the IMF would be SDRs.) If the European nations give the ECB authority for unrestricted printing of the Euro (to save Europe from financial disaster, of course) it will affect each and every nation of the Common Market. It will steal by the printing press the wealth of each member nation just as interest bearing Federal Reserve Notes replaced U.S. notes in the United States. It will put all of Europe under perpetual inescapable debt.

Is the United States immune to this world-wide exploitation now being experienced in Europe? Clearly not so. The lingo of “austerity” to condition the public to sacrifices is already in the media. Government spending and taxation is escalating while the people are told of reduced government benefits and jobs (and airline traffic delays). Preparations by the government for public protests include massive purchases of guns and ammunition, fully staffed detention centers, and military training and supplies for local law enforcement to suppress public objections. The $16 trillion in national debt hangs like a sword of Damocles while the people are not aware of the fraudulent nature of the inescapable obligation.

Every dollar of deficit spending ($4 billion EVERY DAY !!! ) is hidden profit for the Federal Reserve BOG (with ownership assumed but assured to include Goldman Sachs and Wall Street banks) through the FRBNY using the auction accounts of Treasury securities. No alternate mathematical conclusion has been found. Ref. Federal Reserve Heist,

The profit of the Fed legally belongs to the government and assuredly the auction funds have helped finance the cabal. Concealment of funds that belong to the government is embezzlement. The Fed operates a Ponzi scheme that is inherently designed to self-destruct. The debt created can never be paid. The principal of the “loan” is created by issuing a Treasury security; the interest does not exist. A contract that cannot be culminated is void from its inception--it is an act of fraud. Ref. RIP OFF BY THE FEDERAL RESERVE, The New York bankers previously identified are the organizations asserted to be owners of the (privately owned) Fed Board of Governors. Whether the BOG is operating as a government agency or as a government contractor depends upon the viewpoint.

Democrats quickly contributed to Fed profit by deficit spending on a social agenda including conservation projects, WPA, food stamps, housing assistance, medical care, and such while the Republicans of the Old Right were more frugal. Murray Rothbard relates in BETRAYAL OF THE AMERICAN RIGHT that Joe McCarthy unwittingly helped open the government spigot. With Bill Buckley’s war mongering in NATIONAL REVIEW trumpeting the communist menace and red-baiting, the New Right increased government deficit spending on militarism that not only gave direct profit to the owners of the Fed BOG and Wall Street stock proxies, but also profited the manufacturing members of the CFR. “(T)he more (Murray Rothbard) circulated among these (National Review) people, the greater (his) horror because (he) realized with growing certainty that what they wanted above all was total war against the Soviet Union; their fanatical warmongering would settle for no less.” Rothbard concludes Buckley had been a CIA agent and NATIONAL REVIEW was a CIA operation. id 161, 169.

Mr. Buckley did not reveal the Soviet Union was the result of $60 million invested by JP Morgan to finance the “cheapest revolution I every bought.” The Bolshevik revolution relied upon crucial U.S. government assistance. The prize for Morgan (a shill for the Rothschild family) was the world’s largest hoard of gold held by the deposed Czar. The USSR was a straw enemy controlled out of Manhattan but ballyhooed as a need to build an indispensable U.S. military power. Ref. Antony Sutton, Fletcher Prouty. The 1945 totalitarian communist expansion in the far east was also a deliberate U.S. foreign policy. Ref. HOW THE FAR EAST WAS LOST by Anthony Kubek; WHILE YOU SLEPT by John T. Flynn. After the collapse or befriendment of communism, the hue and cry converted to protect the U.S. from terrorism. The CIA is invariably found supplying arms to at least one faction of the acts of terrorism. Frequently the tyrant being deposed had been pressured to purchase military armament from the U.S.--with U.S. supplied money of course. “War is a racket.” is the epitaph of Colonel Smedley Butler who was recruited by Wall Street to run for president in the 1930‘s but chose to reveal their perfidy.

The United Nations Security Counsel meeting of August 6 found the U.S. delegate acknowledging the NSA intelligence gathering exposed by Edward Snowden was not limited to terrorist communication but included information that benefited economic exploitation by Wall Street. The delegates from Latin American condemned the information gathering in strong language as being inconsistent with additonal declarations the CIA and the U.N. were infringing on their sovereignty.

The election of either political party into control of Congress now carries the potential to be used to profit Wall Street. And politicians love to spend somebody else’s money to buy votes at home and let the next generation pay for it. Whether it is money for a healthcare program, or a new bridge, or to build solar panels, or a new airport, or sports stadium, or better roads even with matching funds from state or local governments, the debt is financed through Wall Street and the piper does not play for free. Government does not demand economic ventures to be cost effective.

Corruption by politicians in the United States is eliminated by definition. Campaign contributions, lobbyists gifts and perks, and secret insider market tips are defined by law to be legal--or result in winks. Some surveys suggest the group with the fastest increase in net worth is politicians. Opposition to legislation favorable to Wall Street will find political opponents with huge campaign war chests. And thus, for a few pieces of silver, are politicians intimidated to sell the birthright of the Nation, but much influence can be made without even being elected.

Numerous Goldman Sachs employees have worked for the U.S. government in key positions. They includes Barack Obama with GS being his largest campaign contributor ($884,907). An unknown BO was able to get elected, and reelected, without a birth certificate or challenge by either political party--and with judicial immunity. The BO record of constitutional trampling, of prolific spending, of claims of executive immunity from accountability, of consolidating all political power within the Executive agenda, is unprecedented. . A lengthy list of Goldman employees who moved to government positions has been compiled. Ref. .  Should pundits conclude Goldman Sachs already controls the U.S. government?

Hank Paulson (ex CEO of GS) as Secretary of the Treasury begged Congress for $700 billion to save his $500 million in Goldman stock from bankruptcy under the pretense of saving AIG. . Paulson also eliminated more than $200 million in taxes by his brief government employment. Goldman received more than $14 billion from the bailout of AIG. More than $1 billion benefit went to Goldman from the “fiscal cliff” settlement of December 2012. Ref.

[Nations are plunged into destitution while Wall Street financial executives receive $10 to $80 million or more in annual salary.]

An extensive listing of putative criminal actions by Goldman Sachs, including deliberate fraudulent actions that caused the 1929 collapse, has been posted. Ref. (the objective of world control by the bankers is accused in paragraph 4). Cf. Goldman created derivatives and MBS that are identified as causes of the current chaos.

President Obama, his mother, and his grandparents have a lengthy history with the CIA. Ref. .

President George H.W. Bush was CIA Director in 1976. As president, he invaded Iraq in 1991 over weapons of mass destruction that were never found. He called for a New World Order in a speech before Congress on September 11, 1990 and in a speech before the United Nations on September 21, 1992. Bill Clinton, as Governor of Arkansas, facilitated the CIA operation of gun running and drug smuggling confessed by Colonel Oliver North after being granted immunity. The fatal mistake by President Carter was to slash funding for the CIA which lead to “October Surprise.” JFK made an oath to shatter the CIA after he took the blame for the CIA’s sabotaging the Bay of Pigs invasion. He also planned for the U.S. to discontinue the CIA’s war in Viet Nam. Did Richard Nixon nixing of the CIA’s use of Tibetans for warmongering with China lead to the CIA’s blundering men burgling Watergate? The CIA torpedoed Ike’s dream of peace talks with Khrushchev by using a sabotaged CIA U-2. Ref. Messin’ with the CIA can have repercussions.

Every action of the Federal Reserve for the past five years, which cloaks its operation in as much secrecy as possible, has been to protect Wall Street and international bankers. To conclude the $16 trillion national debt (and growing exponentially) will be forgiven is naive. Wall Street banks that handle the redemption of Treasury securities will foreclose in any number of ways. The misfortunate status of Greece and Cyprus will be but a morsel compared to the frenzied gorging on the citizens of the U.S. being endlessly plundered.

And the President wants authorization to give the cabal unrestricted money via limitless National Debt and has the audacity to claim fiscal austerity with the scam sequester that merely shaved future increases? And this is in addition to the Fed being authorized to write unlimited checks on their own account without reserves such as was used in the QE bailouts? And the total exposure thru derivatives (creations of Goldman Sachs) may exceed $600 or $700 trillion largely held by four Wall Street banks should be a public debt? A successful hedge fund operator gets to keep $2 billion profit he made on derivatives while depositors will have their accounts seized when derivatives tank ?? GET REAL !!!!!

[NOTE: The Fed banks have recent congressional authority to write checks on their own accounts (i.e., to create money as used in the QE purchases) in the same manner as commercial banks. They are not restricted by a reserve requirement as are the commercial banks. The Fed can potentially write any amount to cover all loss from derivatives held by Wall Street that become worthless. Government guaranteeing of derivatives, which were created by Goldman, will be like the banks writing themselves a check then having the public pay them for it.]


The government is facilitating a national self destruction for the benefit of Wall Street. The pattern has been field tested by the IMF and WB for decades. Every dollar of the $16 trillion national debt has been a hidden profit of the Fed and the Fed will further profit from the exponential increase in deficit spending that is approved by both political parties. When interest rates escalate as the public realizes inflation is rampant, more deficit spending will be required to service the national debt. This will cause further reductions in available funds for social programs (austerity). When Treasury securities become unmarketable, or the interest rate skyrockets, the interest payment on the national debt will not be available. The Fed will then handle the sale of government assets to the financiers---on the financiers’ terms. Wall Street banks that handle redeeming securities will own the entire United States and the people will be paupers.

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Comment by olde reb on August 24, 2013 at 11:25am

The following has been inserted on page 6 of FUNDING THE NEW WORLD ORDER:

The WB and IMF are not the only international agencies controlled in Wall Street’s NWO scheme. Greg Palast has posted an expose’ of an internal letter dated 1997 from Tim Geithner to the Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Treasury Larry Summers. The letter relates how Wall Street plans for the Financial Services Agreement (FSA) of the World Trade Organization (WTO) to redefine commodity trade to include the “end game” of derivatives. All foreign banks would be required to guarantee payment of derivatives (by their government) or be economically boycotted. The plans were implemented and claimed to have caused the European chaos. The letter included the private telephone number of five major Wall Street CEO’s so confirmation between the Treasury and Wall Street could be readily made. Ref. Larry Summers, an accomplice within the scheme alleged by Palast to be a criminal offense, is now nominated (by whom?) for head of the Federal Reserve.

Comment by Nobody Will Observe on August 18, 2013 at 9:50pm

Should be on top.  (If Shite should be on top;)  Best Original!

Comment by Nobody Will Observe on August 18, 2013 at 7:02pm

Pretty spot on in my opinion.

And directed at the root, rather than chopping at branches.

Comment by olde reb on August 18, 2013 at 6:20pm

right.   recently added comments at Security Council of Augusts 6 by Latin America reps involving NSA,  by Karen Hudes, the CEO of the WB, and the TTIP negotations are included.    the host at   added a very neat graphic a few weeks ago.

Comment by Less Prone on August 18, 2013 at 5:49pm

Impressive article, is it your? Original content?

"Destroying the New World Order"


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