How a little known Illinois junior senator highjacked America

Today many issues hang in the balance. How did it all happen? A quick trip down memory lane might freshen your memory.

There's an old saying, " how do you eat an elephant?" Answer: "One bite at a time." This classic bromide applies to the plight of America today in this way. How would somebody take down the most powerful country on the face of this earth? 1) Gradually piece by piece 2) From within. Is this not what we can see today as America rapidly dwindles under the current administration that seems obsessed with accelerating the process of decline.

Compare the platform of the Democratic party today and what President Obama has proclaimed and urged as part of his policies and compare it to that of the goals outlined in the1963 American Communist Party. I guarantee you will be amazed. As much of what they hoped to achieve has come to fruition. President Obama and his corrupt Department of Justice have succeeded in flaunting the rule of law in the American justice system to new heights.

What are the tenets of Communist takeover that have been used as the doctrine of insurrection and coups for decades? In summary, the use of media to disrupt actual news reporting and alter public message. The passage of legislation that enables greater central government control. Putting commerce under the control of the government and out of the hands of the private sector. Indoctrinating students in public funded schools. Diminishing the concept of individual freedom. Removing the concept of state government and allowing federal law to intercede in state level matters. Discourage religious freedom. I would say objectively speaking that we are experiencing all of these manifestations in the events of American society under the Obama administration.

Let me detail some highlights of the administration's crowning achievements.
A timeline of Obama administration blunders and intentional legal tampering :

  • President Obama's 787 billion dollar bail out which nationalized Banking and Auto industry being   
  • used as a re-election slush fund for union vote.
  • Repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act-considered an impeachable offense.
  • Overturning the already decided Proposition 8 in California using a gay federal judge.
  • Forcing Oklahoma to allow Sharia Law under referendum despite being a Constitutional violation.
  • Fairness Doctrine Resurrected to help Democrats silence conservative and religious talk shows.
  • Disclose Act supposedly used to identify sources of campaign funding used by Democrats to trace contributors who are followed to their homes and harassed by protestors.
  • Refusing to defend US border with Mexico suing states for enforcing federal immigration law.
  • Obama administration's botched handling of the Deep Water Horizon disaster in the Gulf.
  • The administration's shut down and refusal to license off shore oil rigs causing further unemployment.
  • Despite a huge preponderance of evidence that Barack Hussein Obama is not Constitutionally
  • eligible for the office of the Presidency Supreme Court ignores evidence refuses to hear challenges.
  • Obama looks to UN for lawful authorization to put America at war with Libya while bypassing  
  • Congress-an impeachable offense.
  • Obama's promotion of Affordable Healthcare Act which is unconstitutional from a number of different
  • perspectives from religious freedom to the method of forced funding to the issue for individual mandate although a corrupt Supreme Court passed it.      
  • The expunging of any term of allusion to terrorism from FBI report on Ft. Hood shooting by the DOJ. Obama's refusal to approve Keystone Pipeline XL project a job creator and strategic energy source.
  • Obama signs a series of tyrannical acts that convey dictatorial power to the office of the presidency
    NDAA S.1867, National Defense Preparedness Executive Order, HR. 347
  • Obama's out of control spending brings US into debt ceiling crisis causing historic first credit downgrade

Reasonable length prohibits me from listing more political infractions committed by the Obama administration because they are more, especially over foreign relations. If you are going to cast a vote in the most important election in decades you must be informed. The information above is not based on smears, racism, or false accusations, it is the truth. America cannot survive another 4 years of this kind of inept and destructive leadership. Consider the future of this country not your emotional attachment to a fraudulent demagogue.

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Comment by Doc Vega on September 4, 2012 at 11:39am

Pit Bull be careful not to limit your choices or keep from being flexible. Romney is not a perfect choice, but he beats the hell out of Obama in several essential points, job growth, economic savvy, and getting rid of Obamacare. That is a good starting point.

Comment by Doc Vega on September 4, 2012 at 11:36am

Tara, I can't believe that you would consider Romney as being that similar to Obama. I would have preferred someone else, but Romney is definitely not another Obama. When I hear people say this I find invariably that they were initially Obamabots are are not begrudging any other choices. Take a look at what I listed as criminal infractions committed against your homeland. Romney's not in office yet. He may not be the 100% answer but he will stop Obamacare, bring job growth back, and not increase taxes. I think that's a good start!

Comment by Tara on August 30, 2012 at 9:09am

So is your solution to vote for the lesser of two evils? There is no difference between Romney and Obama. The only difference is the face in the game.

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