How Do You Take Over The World Without Firing A Shot?

The Regulatory Fascism of a Global Government

If one takes a look at the world today they will see the scars of globalism written all over the pages of the sold out press corps of the world as well as the sanctioned decline of the international community. After decades of a concerted effort to use unelected regulatory officials to dictate the terms of numerous issues to independent nations forced to organizations like NATO or the EU the end result is bondage through fiscal and social tyranny.

Meet the new boss same as the old boss

The international community regulated and coerced under the United Nations achieves negative fruition under the positive sounding terminology of failed programs rehatched for a new era of corruption and misdirection. Agenda 21 is an example of regulatory coercion designed for a much different purpose than ostensibly proposed. Once the true agenda has been exposed in these schemes a new term must be marketed to the unsuspecting. Case in point, Agenda 21 is now being pandered under the "Sustainable Development" label along with a host of other disingenuous names. Under the terms of this particular program a literal government sanctioned assault upon personal freedoms, land ownership, automobile use, along with the control of human movement would ensue.

The environmental myth

ICLEI cities has emerged in the US. Some 900 or more US mayors signed over their towns into the hands of an international sustainable development program that will allow government seizure of privately owned lands, limiting use of privately owned real estate, mandatory conversion of public resources to alternative energy or face stiff federal fines, not to mention other draconian regulations designed to impose restrictions that the public if properly informed would never agree to. Under the spread of this institutionalized confiscation of national sovereignty free countries will find themselves at odds with a designated military force whose task it is to enforce Agenda 21 protocols using lethal means!

Failure becomes the norm

The UN has showcased its insane agenda wasting efforts and funding on children's advocacy instead of much needed resources that would have saved their lives with food, clothing, and medicine. Many instances of allowing precious supplies to be confiscated by third world dictators as men, women, and children perished due to drought and famine have been documented thanks to UN failure. The blue helmeted UN security forces have often allowed massacres they could have prevented due to political capitulation. These same ineffective forces have been compromised by having drug abuse, homosexual personnel, and women rather than men in their ranks. President Obama has seen to it that this same trend will be repeated within our US Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines.

International decline

The European Union did much of the same as NAFTA which was orchestrated under Bill Clinton. The EU centralized many policies from Brussels that put Great Britain along with other nations at a trade and currency disadvantage while NAFTA is estimated to have cost 945 thousand jobs since its inception in the mid 1990's under the Clinton administration. Hillary Clinton has supported each and every one of Obama's agendas and would also support the new TPPA trade agreements which according to Senator Jeff Sessions would put America at a distinct disadvantage with its international trade partners. Now that Great Britain has broken away from the UE the citizens are happy and despite the ominous predictions of disaster for as a result of BREXIT there has been little impact with optimistic future outcomes on the horizon. These are just a few examples of how regulated tyranny is being used to create international decline.

The unknown regulators

Few people know that the Bureau of Land Management is not a federally owned agency it is run by a consortium of foreign entities and private individuals who remain secretive. This group responsible for dictating public land use has also interfered with private land owners fining them for the use of their own lands while even penalizing ranch owners for using remote acreage to graze their cattle. The designation of Monuments which are huge swatches of areas that can no longer be used for hiking, cattle grazing, water access, or recreation simply become benign and of no practical use other than for preservation of Agenda 21 type protocol. This would allow as much as 50% of the current US land mass to be returned to nature without human habitation only to be occupied by wildlife.

Government sanctioned tyranny

Such regulatory agencies currently wreaking havoc on the public from the executive branch are the EPA, Department of the Interior, Department of Energy, IRS, and the National Game and Forestry Commission among many others. They are comprised of appointed officials unelected, unknown by the general public, and having the power to coerce regular citizens and private owners with imprisonment, interrogations, and stiff fines. We have seen the BLM harass ranch owners. We have seen the IRS maintain unconstitutional powers of surveillance and intimidation upon the Tea Party without prosecution once the corruption has been exposed.

Emergence of global government

The ultimate goal of all this is to dissolve the borders of all nations as John Kerry has urged. Hillary Clinton as well has advocated for open borders, massive refugee relocation within the United States, sanctuary cities teaming with illegal alien criminals, and the US taxpayer subsidy of these programs so that these people don't have to pay for housing, medicine, or food. Building a huge welfare state is one of the essential planks of the collectivists who call themselves by a more acceptable names such as-progressives! In the 1980's a number of radical Communist groups who utilized terror all over the world decided to label themselves by a new name and identity so the concept of progressivism was born. Once again, remarketing themselves with the old tyranny under a new banner.

History of legalism

Prior to World War II Adolf Hitler gradually seized power and legitimacy through the aegis of regulatory imposition. By using appointed justices, buffoon government spokespersons, as the mouth pieces for his message the Nazis rose to power while the masses refused to take them seriously. In America the insanity of the left has been doggedly pursued by those who hate freedom, use class warfare as an argument when it is merely a product of envy, and demand that big government supersedes the voice of those who are opposed to the draconian erosion of our Constitutional rights. Whereas once the people were wise enough to identify the "Big Lie" today groups like Black Lives Matter and the Southern Poverty law Center contribute to violence and thrive on stoking the fires of racial hatred in order ton keep society in constant flux. The Communists worldwide have used the same recipe for disaster as they make the norm seem unacceptable and government regulation the new ruler of a constitutional republic.

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Comment by Doc Vega on October 28, 2016 at 11:45pm

Saw that story month ago. The feds assassinated one rancher while jailing others!

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