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Voting this (S)election - Throw away 'The Book'!

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…There HAS to be a way out, we could always strike at the ROOT! What if our strike came in as a form of "Voter Nullification"? Perhaps the pencil really is mightier than the sword. Rather than stomping out of a restaurant because there is nothing to our liking on the menu, we should challenge the chef to create our perfect dish; off menu.

Let’s recap the situation. Our government is failing us on EVERY front and only saving themselves. (See: COG) Their ‘approval’ rating, is 10%, and they sign everything on their desks without our proper approval or fact checking it with the Constitution. Their concerns stop at feathering their nests and controlling everything that anyone else can do, while ignoring their own rules, when no one is looking. How can we choose between the offerings?

In fact, they have failed us on so many issues, that a total list would be far too depressing for anyone to read. It does not bode well when even the old cadre runs for the hills! Now we find that the ‘new’ Republican candidate is irrevocably tied to “The Syndicate” that has taken control of Washington these last decades, and is advised by them too!

Suffice it to say that there is nary a subject nor field of study, that they haven’t tinkered with, dismantled, then broken, stripped and sold off; after WE paid for it! In fact there are so many topics, that it is infinitely easier to ask: What HAVEN’T they made FUBAR? GM food, Chemtrails, Medicine, Education, ‘Security’, Jobs, “So-So Services”, and ‘Protect and serve’, while passing new laws with back doors that open. It is impossible to list all the grievances, and since they never got around to establishing an office of REDRESS in the last 300 years, so we could voice them, there is no accountability. nor do the PTB care for any, it seems. Obviously they don't want to hear anything we have to say, nor do they care.

Then there are the endless wars and saber rattling all over the world. These are not being addressed in the ‘debates’, In fact NOTHING at all that directly affects us is even mentioned, let alone ‘debated’. The fed, the banking system, the revolving door between regulators and “too big to fail”, these are all topics avoided like the plague. How did Iceland get off the hook and we don’t have a similar plan? Then there are more urgent problems at home like Fukushima, Sink-holes, leaky Gulf of Mexico, old leaky reactors; just to name a few.

Apparently our economy is unsustainable without wars? Apparently too, our political system does not work when translated into any other languages. All the while our system is being torn apart from the inside, and thrown to the dogs. Apparently all of this is supposed to be ‘solved’ with the ‘ballot box’ , except we don’t have that anymore. Not to mention that we are forced to choose the lesser of two evils instead of the men we wanted. Imagine: Two candidates that are hard pressed to have an inch of difference between them, merely saying whatever needs to be said to get elected by the keeper of the keystrokes. Instead we are supposed to be reassured when Bain Capital buys the voting machine company,

Never mind that the machines can be hacked, and the results changed even by remote control, here’s the fun fact, they are actually ‘tabulated’ by a company in Spain, owned by George Soros, of all people! So much for security, and supervision.

In fact, either way we are screwed. A choice between lethal injection and the electric chair is hardly a free choice. They just want your compliance and complicity, so they can blame all future problems on you, and hand you the tab... Look at the choice we have in a worst case scenario. Obama is allegedly a love child, birthplace unknown, of indeterminate education, loyalties and even sexual predilection. Romney, is in the financial arena, and seems to be preoccupied with making money . So much so, that his primary interest would seem to be finding companies in a bind and dismembering them. He might even have a minor in money laundering, too. We deserve ‘Olympic class’ athletes for the rigors of the presidential race, these two wouldn’t be able to even Place, in a ‘Special Olympics' made up with their cronies for judges. These are the best that TPTB (of the greatest nation on earth) have to offer?

Some of us who have figured out the scam, and realize the position that it puts us into, think the only way out (rather than vote and lend legitimacy to the crimes) is abstention. Sure, it is a small bit of safety, and sure the TPTB will spin it that either a great deal of registered voters must’ve died suddenly, or proclaim it as voter apathy. Then they go ahead with the plan anyway and have their golden boy win, 51 to 49% just to show how close the race was.

A better (GREAT) idea currently going viral is this: We drop back five and punt, or throw a ‘Hail Mary”, give them THE finger if you will, however you want to think of it, THINK this: Write In your Vote! Give them the personal touch. Should everyone who doesn’t believe we are going in the right direction, or dislikes being railroaded, stampeded into a box canyon, or ruled by sociopaths with no way out would just scribble two names in the box, we could be back on the track for restoration, at last! It sounds like a plan, and unless you have a better idea, here's the deal:

The precedent was set in California & Alaska where a write-in candidate won an election. Coincidentally, both were later overturned by the system. However, with enough response and momentum this third try could be the charm. Since, in the grand scheme of things either one of the chosen front men follow the same masters, it would get REALLY interesting if the write ins messed up their plans, either by getting a plurality ‘outside the box’ or even winning in an unprecidented landslide!.

If the wheel is fixed, the dice are loaded, AND the cards are marked (these guys are GOOD, and don't miss a trick) you can't WIN in that casino. But if you can goad the owner into an arm wrestling match for his casino, you COULD stand a chance. The ONLY chance we may have is to go 'outside the box' before they can shut us down or figure out what obscure ruling sould invalidate our action.. Think: New dawn, exploit inattention and excessive bravado, psych them out.

I read the thrust as this If you believe in GOD, (iybi) Good vs. EVIL, (iybi) the Constitution, (iybi) you are a reincarnated orange (etc. ad infinitum), but if you realize I'veabeeh-haden; Click your heels, make your incantation and face any direction you want to, and believe in WHATEVER it takes; and write in RON PAUL & Jessie VENTURA.

Perhaps they will include most of the other ‘unwinnable ‘candidates in their cabinet? Gary Johnson for example. After all as good as RP & JV are, they can’t do it alone. Additionally, since they would be starting with a clean slate, they could bypass all those waiting in line at the trough to feed, and pick & put in charge all the ‘fringe’ candidates with promise, starting with Gary Johnson . They could create a “Dream Team” of ‘outsiders’ that owe no allegiance except to US and the Constitution. They’d have a LOT of work to do.

Should we make that come to pass: If I was RP I think I would WANT (under the circumstances) someone like JV to CMA, and there IS no ‘other’! And could there be a better VP than Jessie Ventura to clean houses and run amok? They might want to stock their new cabinets with all the independent candidates, that otherwise wouldn’t have a shot. If this works, they might need a list of names. Why should WTP HAVE TO WAIT until ‘next time’? There might not BE a 2016 WTF?

The thought is this. WE HAVE AN EMERGENCY! The system is broken AND rigged. Throw away the book, there is no polite way, and TPTB have no intention to do it. As a people, we HAVE to take a leap of faith, PULL together and throw the bums out. There probably WON’T be another chance sans violent means.

Do you remember how to click your heels? Have you seen the scenes from Network, V for Vendetta, Brave Heart, and a myriad of other Hollywood ‘feel good’ movies that have good triumphing over evil? What are you waiting for, PASS THIS ON? We need a flash mob now. Between now and the next two weeks we need to know the following:

Does the name written in have to be: ALL caps, or Cap + regular type; Pencil or ink, or computer pencil? Bev Harris said it's almost worked in 2 states but was overturned. She also said that several States had set up technical obstacles to thwart such action, but if we get enough for a mandate, should that matter? On a split vote do we have to write each name? Can we DRAFT an eligible and EXPERIENCED 'politician' kicking and screaming into the service of his country? Can we do this en mass conditionally (draft the unencumbered other candidates dismissed and shutout, off-hand by the mainstream)? Do you think they would refuse the call? Let me know what yours or any lawyer you know thinks about the TECHNICAL part of this, and what we'd have to do to make this more legal than the scam imposed on us documented here. We're dealing with lawyers now, and don't want to be invalidated on a technicality.We have to check it out before the (s)Election. Contribute to this ideal by commenting below as to WHAT IS THE PROPER 'Procedure' to validly write in a candidate in YOUR State? Contribute to this ideal by passing the thought to everyone you value.

We can be SURE that the possibility of such action was NEVER considered seriously due to the stranglehold TPTB have on anything that inputs to their kingdom. We have to know: Can we escape the whim of the plutocrats, using a pencil, (that WOULD be the best irony) or is it all straight down from here? Godspeed.

Craig Denega, Philadelphia County Political Buzz Examiner

Craig Denega, BA, L.M.T., Studied to be a Jack-of-all-Trades. He has explored the World and experienced many different ways of doing the same things. Consequently, he is able to entertain two seemingly disparate thoughts at the same time without conflict, or judgement. Craig's main interest is in...

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Comment by suzie on July 9, 2013 at 2:53am
i didn't vote for many of the reasons in that blog it just doesn't seem to matter and i didn't want to honor the registration card i want to get rid of .. if i can vote unregistered american in a paper ballot i would vote again ... good article



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