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Illuminati Sun Symbolism - NHL Logos

The NHL’s Florida Panthers logo, shown above, is clasic sun-on-cross sun symbolism done by the illuminati. Usually the sun is represented as just a circle, but in this case the sun is blatetly a sun. The hockey stick and palm tree intersect yeilding the cross.

All of the NHL team logos display sun symbolism using one of three methods.

  1. Capstone of pyramid with all-seeing-eye
  2. Sun-on-cross
  3. Direct

NHL 1.1 –Capstone with All-seeing-eye
The triangle (capstone of pyramid) with all-seeing eye, shown below, is one method of sun symbolism used by the illuminati. Notice the bright light and rays emanating from center. The eye represents the sun god, Horus, the pupil of God, the light of the world. For complete derivation, please see link:

Pittsuburgh Penguins -- The penguin’s white, oval belly makes the all-seeing-eye for the capstone background. The white outline of penguin and triangle make the rays.

Colorado Avalanche – large, red “A” makes the pyramid. The all-seeing-eye is the small triangle. The snow is the space between capstone and base.

New Jersey Devils – red “N” with tail makes a pyramid, capstone, and all-seeing eye.

Tampa Bay Lightning - the capstone is the tip of the lightning bolt. The eye is the circle around it.

New York Rangers --red triangle is the capstone. “RANGERS” is the space between. White triangle is the base, or another capstone.

San Jose Sharks – capstone is the background triangle. The shark’s all-seeing-eye sits on a triangular nose.

Nashville Predators –eye sits on white triangular face. Large triangle teeth also represent the capstone.

Vancouver Canucks –eye sits in blue triangle of face.

Atlanta Thrashers –eye sits in orange face and the body makes a sun.

Phoenix Coyotes- eye sits on triangle nose.

NHL 1.2 –Sun on Cross
The next method of sun symbolism used by the Illuminati in NHL logos is the sun-on-cross, or cross-in-circle, as represented by the Celtic Cross. The quick explanation is that the circle represents the sun and the sun/son died on the cross. For complete derivation, please see link:


Or like this pedophiles cross:

Chicago Blackhawks –the yellow “C” nearly forms a complete circle, and is the sun for the red cross formed with the hatchets. Two more crosses sit on the round, green ends of the hatchets.

Buffalo Sabres –same concept here. Touches of orange color give it a strong sun feel.

Boston Bruins –same here.

New York Islanders – here too.  The puck also is the all-seeing-eye in blue capstone (ref. part 1).

Anaheim Ducks –and here. It’s also got the capstone with eye.

Toronto Maple Leafs – Leaves aye! The leave is a cross and a sun.

Florida Panthers –set the standard for a sun on cross.

To be fair to the Florida Pussys, I grabbed their other logo. At first glance I thought it would be ‘eye in triangle’, but turns out his entire shape makes a cross. The suns are the paws with claws as the radiant flares, and the tongue a sun. Guess the Pussy’s didn’t wanna be stray cats, and stuck with sun-on-cross sun symbolism. Maybe they would stray in a another one of their nine lives.

NHL 1.3 --Direct Sun Symbolism
The third and final method of sun symbolism used by the Illuminati in NHL team logos is direct; where the sun is simply represented as a circle or star, with sun-like colors (red, yellow, orange, white) and shapes (round, spherical).  The astrological symbol for the sun is the glyph below. I know it’s the Target logo, too.

Target –pronounced “tar-jay” is the finest, French clothing and perfume store in the world.

Carolina Hurricanes- red and white sun.

Philadelphia Flyers – red center is the sun, and it has flares.

Detroit Red Wings –wheel is the sun and the wings are flares.

St. Louis Blues –round note bottom, trimmed in yellow is the sun and it has flares.

Calgary Flames –nearly circular, red “C” is the sun with flames.

Montreal Canadians –nearly circular, red “C” is the sun.

Edmonton Oilers –red-trimmed circle is the sun, and so is the golden oil drop.

Ottawa Senators –golden circle is the sun with red-trimmed flames. His face also forms a nice capstone for his eye (ref. part 1).

Sun –reminder.

Minnesota Wild --star for an eye sits in the green triangle (capstone). Stars are suns. Suns are yellow and round like this one.

Columbus Blue Jackets- CNN just reported the “O” in Ohio’s flag stands for “Obama” because that’s where Barrack Hussain was born and raised.  The "O" is also the eye in capstone (ref. part 1).

Dallas Brown Stars-

Washington Capitals –three stars, and the hockey stick conveniently forms a cross with the ‘i’ and ‘a’ (ref. part 2).

Los Angeles Kings –take your pick on the sun here. Two are on the crown. The blue tops of the triangles represent suns as well as the white circle background.

A quote from “Bringers of the Dawn” by Barbara Marciniak and the Pleidians:

Multidimensional humans are humans that consciously exist in many different places all at once. Humans are mutating or evolving into beings with the ability to flip from one station to another and to understand the grandness of who they are-that they do not end where their skin ends. Human beings do not end where the aura or etheric body ends; they exist in many different realities.

This is the age of the multidimensional self: the self who can move with awareness in many different realities; the self who can eventually bilocate and disappear; the self who can move into fourth dimensional consciousness- the perceiver, not the thinker. It is the age of the self who understands that the thinking portion of the self is very important but that it is not to be the CEO of the physical body; it is to be an advisor. Intuition is the avenue that you are now being guided to cultivate to bring about a marriage of consciousness. It is the marriage of the male aspect, which is logical, with the female aspect, which is feeling. It involves bringing them together to become one.


It is time to get moving. You are at a very crucial point, and it is time for a huge change, a huge leap, a giving up, a releasing, and a letting go. It is time to completely allow light and spirit to move you throughout your existence, and time to let yourself become one with the multidimensional aspects of self and portions of self that you have no idea exist. These aspects of self really do exist. They are connected to you and are using you, the standard bearer of your soul, as the vehicle of movement for light in the universe at this time.

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