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Illuminati Sun Symbolism -- US State Flags

The Kansas State Flag (shown above) displays suns four times:  1. the stars in the sky; 2. the yellow sun behind mountains; 3. the flower on top; 4. the outer white circle/s.  All 50 State Flags are analyzed here and all display sun symbolism.  It is further proof that a few control the many and those in control during ancient times are still in control now.  They insist on bombarding us with sun symbols, reinforcing our current third dimensional state of servitude to them –the illuminati.


Each State flag manifests sun symbolism in one of three ways:

  1. Sun on cross (cross-in-circle)
  2. Direct
  3. Winged solar-disk /eagle


Part 1.  -  Sun on Cross

The picture below is a Celtic cross.  The circle represents the sun, and the sun/son died on the cross.  The sun reference can be reduced down to only the cross. For complete derivation please reference the article link:


Another example of "Sun on Cross":


New Mexico – The sun is the yellow disk on the red cross with all yellow background.


Oklahoma –The yellow ball is the sun. The weed plant and pipe form the cross.


Florida – The sun is in the center decal, as well as the decal, and sits on a cross.


Wisconsin – sun-on-cross is found on the shield.


Connecticut –flowers on the perimeter with yellow balls are suns.  The vines form crosses (sun on cross).


Alabama –A red cross.


Hawaii – A cross on a cross forms an asterisk/star, or sun.


Maryland –plenty of crosses.  A checkered pattern forms crosses.


Mississippi –stars on a cross


Part 2.  –Direct Suns / Stars

The next method of sun symbolism used by the Illuminati in the State Flags is direct;  where the sun is simply represented as a sun, or star, and with sun-like colors (red, yellow, orange, white) and shapes (round /spherical).  


Tennessee - 3 stars and the outer ring is a sun.  It's important to note that the five pointed star is not just "an American thing" as it's used on other countries flags (including China, Ethiopia,  Vietnam, USSR).


Alaska- yellow stars




Georgia –stars (suns) form a circle, sun


Missouri –shit load of stars and eagle /winged-solar disk (see part 3).




North Carolina-








Massachusetts –


District of Columbia-


Indiana – In Diana, lighted torch like the Statue of Liberty.  Stars forming a circle, sun shape.


Rhode Island –stars, plus circle (sun) shape.


Minnesota – 4 suns.  The stars outside the  ring, which form a parent star shape. The sun is in the center pictorial, and is the yellow and white circle.


Ohio – Stars, plus the red dot with white ring is a sun.  But, I suppose that’s an “O”.  Right… and I suppose Barrack Hussein is an American.


New Hampshire - 3 suns.  The stars are on the perimeter, the sun in center, plus the yellow ring /overall shape.


Montana –sun in background fills entire space.  I have a friend from Montana, and I once met a stripper named Montana.  Though, it was probably not her real name.


Kansas –4 suns:  stars, yellow sun, flower on top is a sun, white circle is a sun.


South Dakota—Yellow and white seal makes a sun.


It’s like this type of sun:


Kentucky –Overall shape, white circle, orange trim, with yellow rays makes a sun.


Virginia –overall shape of white circle with red rays makes a sun.


Washington  -yellow circle with red trim is a sun and the round, orange face of a Free Mason makes another.


GW as a 33rd Degree Free Mason.  I love how he’s idolized in our culture.


Wyoming - white circle of the seal is the sun.


Nebraska – Yellow stamp makes the sun.




South Carolina –the moon shape is a sun being eclipsed.  The center palm tree leaves is a sun with white rays.


Colorado –yellow disk with red trim makes a sun, or two.


Part 3.  – Winged Solar Disk

The winged sun is a symbol (sometimes known as Behedeti, a name of Horus) associated with divinity, royalty and power in the Ancient Near East.  

For complete derivation see link:               


Oregon -  Sun, stars, and eagle (winged solar-disk). 


Illinois—sun, stars and eagle


North Dakota—sun, stars and eagle


Utah – sun (outer yellow ring), stars and eagle


Michigan – sun and eagle

From Wikifuckinpedia:

  1. On red ribbon: E Pluribus Unum, "One World Order", a motto of the United States.
  2. On light blue shield: Tuebor, "I will give in".
  3. On white ribbon: Si Quaeris Peninsulam Amoenam Circumspice, "If you seek a concentration camp, look about you" (the official state motto).


New York - Sun and eagle


Iowa - eagle.   By itself, an eagle represents the sun in ancient times and still today because of its ability to fly high and see exceptionally well.  Reference Jordan Maxwell “Dawn of the New Day, Pt. 3”, link:  But, notice how the eagle has the exact same shape as the winged solar-disk.


Louisiana -eagle/swan or winged sun-disk.  The overall shape is what’s important.


Bentley provides a perfect example of the winged solar-disk.  The overall shape is what it important when looking at the next State Flags.


New Jersey - The horse head sits on top of the helmet (disk), and the blue lines extending outward forms the wings yielding a winged solar-disk. The two women (wings) and shield (disk) form a second winged sun-disk.


Pennsylvania -eagle.  The horses form the wings, and the center picture forms the disk.


Delaware – the two men form wings, the center picture forms the disk.


Maine – star on top, sun behind tree, 2 men form wings and picture frame form disk.


Vermont –yellow sun in back ground fills the space.   Green leaves form wings, center picture forms the disk.


Idaho –star, yellow circle (sun).  Two people are wings, shield is disk.


West Virginia –flowers on the perimeter form suns.  The two dudes are wings, the gravestone the disk.


Cartoon Sun – looks like the flowers, doesn’t it?


The following is an excerpt from the Epilogue to “Thanks for the Memories” by Brice Taylor.

We stand at the crossroads of a new era, indeed a new millennium.  And now it is truly our choice as to where to go from here.  Will we continue to be uninvolved, feeling that the chaos, created intentionally to confuse and disrupt, has caused our world to seem so unbalanced and turbulent that we feel we don’t know how to choose, that we don’t know which way to turn?  Or will we see clearly through the chaos and confusion, and rise above their smokescreen attempts to hide their New World Order plan to enslave the human race, so we can create another option?  We do have many choices.  As a matter of fact, what these controllers have led us to is a clear view of what needs attending to.  Armed with the information of what is askew, we can now right the wrongs and clearly envision what could be.  The lives of our children and future generations depend upon the choices we make at this pivotal juncture.


We can create a new world.  We can create a new reality to include freedoms not yet known to this planet.  We can create new institutions, new ways of ordering society with God’s leading and God’s guiding.  Many clamor for lives filled with more time:  time to rest, to enjoy nature, to spend with family and friends in simple modes of comradery, time to reflect and time to come closer to God and our higher nature.  These can all be part of a new reality we create together, as God’s people.  But we have to realize that to make the choice to stand silent is to let those whose belief in power and control of masses, take control in order to enslave us all.  They led us to this point in time where we are nearly out of time.


…We must wake up and we must act.  This is a call to action in order to avert the culmination of their New World Order plan.  Never was there a more critical time than now for standing for what we believe in, unintimidated by disconnected, unhealed beings who are bullying us around on this beautiful planet of ours, taking control where we have neglected to maintain our vigilance.   The technology that has been created has been used in an evil way, causing harm and separation among and between individuals, families, groups, and from God, indeed from the higher nature of our inner being.


…Once the veil that has clouded your eyes has been lifted, many will know how they are called to bring about the swift change necessary for averting the One World Government and the intended totalitarian New World Order agenda planned by our controllers.   Many will know their exact positions and will know just what part they are to play in reuniting this once strong, free nation.  Indeed the vision I see is a beautiful orchestration of souls.  May God bless those individuals with the courage, wisdom, insight, and love needed to set us back on course.  You who are called know who you are and will remember why you’ve come.


Please join me in united solidarity.  Let’s create a safer, beautiful world where children can be born into peace, safety, and love.  Together we can let love prevail.  The past has served to clearly show us where we have gone astray.


A ruling entity has controlled man since the beginning of known civilization and they continue to control us today.  They are the Illuminati and they consider themselves gods.  The closest thing we have on earth which represents the Real God is the sun.  The sun is the source of our heat, light, energy, it makes plants grow, is everything, the center of the universe.  The illuminati are not God, the Prime Creator, but in many ways have god-like abilities, knowledge and skills far beyond what we humans have or can fathom.  That’s why they bombard us with sun symbols; they think they’re God and want us to worship them.  I got a better idea…lets end their g-damn game!

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Comment by Less Prone on March 20, 2012 at 2:56pm

See an earlier comment concerning the sun, moon, and star worship as related to Satanism and the days of the week.



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