"Immigration, immigration, immigration!"

“Immigration, immigration, immigration!”– is all that seems to be dominating the news in the run-up to the 2015 General Election and still is to this day now post-Brexit. 
Immigration, immigration, immigration! - was first published weeks before the Brexit referendum in 2015 and is as informative and relevant today as it was back then, if not more so than then considering there's those who want a second referendum on the same vote! 

Though for those living within it all and experiencing the detrimental effects and impact mass immigration is having on their lives, villages, towns and cities, it is an ever present topic of debate; that many others – Pro-European Union have preferred to sweep under the carpet. Often branding anyone who points out “there’s simply too many ‘people’ entering the country” – as being xenophobic racists - coming-up with derisory justifications, such as ‘immigrants’ bring so much more to the table and adding to the wondrous diversity of what multiculturalism can offer.

In many respects this can be true and why you’ll probably find the largest number of people from a whole variety of ethnic backgrounds already living the UK, than perhaps any other country in the world, especially since the UK joined the European Union in 1973.

This is why it’s vitally important to understand this has nothing to do with xenophobia, intolerance or racism - and all to do with the math = “numbers”, nothing more, nothing less.
It wasn’t’ until May 2014 when UKIP won seats in every region of Great Britain. The first time in over 100 years that any party other than Labour or the Conservatives have won before. The leaders of the main three political parties, after picking themselves up off the floor, soon realised the seriousness of their dilemma and soon made false promises of an ‘in or out’ referendum of the EU.

David Cameron’s pledge to cut net immigration is in tatters as figures published 26 February 2015, reveal that the total number of people who entered the UK in the year 2014 was 624,000 - the highest on record, as was net immigration. In July 2013, the Home Office adopted an advertising campaign – billboards read: “In the UK illegally? — GO HOME OR FACE ARREST.” That many, including Nigel Farage, branded “desperate” and “nasty”.

It is vital the British electorate fully understand the “immigration” Catch-22 facing their MPs, which is as long as the UK remains a member of the European Union - that under the non-negotiable FREE MOVEMENT OF LABOUR Articles 48 to 73, they or any other political party that comes into government are totally powerless to prevent almost any type of immigration – and that’s the crux of this immigration crisis.

Joining the Common Market or What the Treaty of Rome Means, was a small (12cm x 18cm) 13 page booklet first published in 1967, its text has been included within this book. It attempted to forecast, inform and pre-warn the electorate back then, with a list of detrimental set of events that were forthcoming to the shores of the UK. Contemporary today than it ever was as it had the ability to see that those in power and control of the of the country had no real regard or concern as to how destructive joining the Common Market would clearly be; creating havoc and devastation to its infrastructure, workforce, housing, healthcare and education systems and even culture – and all in less than five decades.

Some of the chapters: Deliberate Deceptions, Racist Fallacy, Lies, Damned Lies & Statistics, The Media’s Pro-Immigration Agenda, The EU – A Virtuous Conception, Referendums, Financial Crisis, WWIII, Germany, The Nazi Root of Brussels...

Full of explosive information and finite details including proof Labours ‘open-door’ policy was deliberately contrived so as to not only try and secure future votes, but to “rub the ‘Right’s’ nose in such diversity” in the same process.

Subsequently following the 2015 General Election - there will not be another opportunity to do anything else about the influx of immigrants coming into the UK, until 2020. The budgetary cost of all immigration since 1997 has been somewhere between £115 billion and £160 billion.

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