A transgender woman alleges that she was coerced into showing her “prosthetic penis” to a grocery store cashier after being accused of shoplifting by an off-duty sheriff’s officer and employees of the business.

“I need to see what’s in your pants,” said the officer repeatedly, according to allegations in a lawsuit filed by the transgender woman.

The “prosthetic penis” was perceived as being stolen merchandise, according to the transgender woman’s lawyer:

My understanding is that (the officer) saw something in her pants, which was the prosthetic device, and thought she took something from the store and was hiding it. She didn't steal anything. She didn't touch a single thing in that store.

“Plaintiff identifies as a transgender woman who wears a prosthetic penis. … During this inspection, plaintiff showed the cashier the prosthetic penis and her vagina,” reads the lawsuit.

The transgender woman "began begging for help and felt scared, humiliated, intimidated and abused," alleges the suit, adding that the cashier offered her no assistance.

"Shockingly, rather than wait for a female police officer to arrive, a female cashier was called to conduct an invasive inspection,” the lawsuit states.

The officer and store employees “violated state anti-discrimination laws,” alleges the lawsuit.

Via NJ.com:

The woman claims she suffered and continues to suffer from emotional distress, pain and other ailments.

The suit seeks a jury trial, along with compensatory damages, punitive damages and attorneys' fees.

H/T Anthony Attrino at NJ.com.