Lawful and Legal: Why You Need to Know What They Mean

*  Knowing the difference between the words lawful and legal can one day free your mind and soul from the illusion of the Matrix. The word lawful is related to Natural Law (God’s Law). It is used to communicate things of substance. The word legal is related to laws created by man and is used to communicate things of form.
*  In simpler terms, something that is lawful is of substance so it is real. On the other hand, something that is legal is of form so it appears to be real. In other words, the word legal deals with fictional things. A fictional thing is not real and therefore it is DEAD.
*  One of the ways they secretly tell you that you are playing the role of a dead character is the all caps name. Hence, the name in all caps on tombstones. You can find the all caps name on government documents, such as a state-issued ID. For more information about the all caps name, read my empowering article titled The Legal Name Game to Enslave Your Soul.
*  “If you agree to participate in the legal system, you also agree to be a dead person, and therefore you have no natural rights.”  – Pao Chang
Picture of the Definition of Lawful and Legal
What is legal is of “form”, what is lawful is of “substance” (Blacks Law 1st Edition).
*  That which is legal has been formed by man. A legal entity formed by man. That which is lawful is of substance/essence and is a creation of God. Lawful man is of substance/essence.
*  Natural Person: Any human being who as such is a legal entity ….. (Amon v. Moreschi, 296 N.Y. 395, 73 N.E.2d 716.” Max Radin, Radin’s Law Dictionary (1955), p. 216).
What is legal is of “form”… therefore a “legal entity” is an entity of form.
*  Since “any human being who as such is a legal entity“,  a human being is of form as well.
*  Human. Of the form and characteristics of man. (From Ballentine’s Legal Dictionary 3rd Edition).
*  Form. The antithesis of substance; the appearance or superficial aspect rather than the substance or the essence. (Ballentine’s Legal Dictionary 3rd Edition).
*  Natural Person = human being = legal entity
Legal entities are a conception of man; they are known in legalese as legal fictions.
The creation of a civil or legal person out of a thing, the investure of a chattel with toga civillis, may be an achievement of the imperial power, but it is beyond the compass of an American congress. Congress must first emancipate the slave, before it can endow him with the rights of a citizen under the constitution, or impose upon him the responsibilities of a legal person, or compel him to pay money, or part with liberty. United States v. Amy, 24 Fed.Cas.792, 794 #14,445 (1859).
*  The creation of a legal person also creates responsibilities and liabilities for this new legal person… responsibilities and liabilities due to a nation/country which is also a legal entity.
*  Legal is defined as the “undoing of God’s law” — 1893 Dictionary of Arts and Sciences, Encyclopedia Britannica, a dictionary of arts, sciences, and general literature / The R.S Peale 9th 1893.
*  James 4:12 “There is one lawgiver, who can save and destroy: who art thou that judgest another.”
*  Ecclesiastes 1:15 “That which is crooked cannot be made straight: and that which is wanting cannot be numbered.”
*  A fiction and a lie can never be a reality and a truth. That which is empty cannot be measured or counted.
This article was found on and republished on this website for educational purposes.

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