Leftist groups trying to oust Sheriff Joe from office

By Doc Vega

A dedicated Sheriff and widely supported authority comes under fire from the left trying to dislodge lawful enforcement in Arizona

Most of us know of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his valiant battle for the law not only in Maricopa County, but to head the privately funded investigation into President Obama’s flagrant identity fraud in order to hold the office of the presidency. Recently, “Sheriff Joe” as he is affectionately known by residents in his county, and throughout Arizona, has just recently been re-elected for a sixth term. This would seem to indicate a majority of voters who are quite happy with his performance as a lawman and trusted authority.

When the radical agenda comes calling

However, not so for an organization of radicals who call themselves “Respect Arizona”. This particular leftist special interest group wants to reverse the results of a convincing election and force Sheriff Arpaio out of the office he has earned and been respected for. You see, after death threats from the Mexican drug cartels, his insistence upon enforcing federal immigration law, and holding down the costs of running the county correctional facilities, an honest man doing his duty has been vilified by the left because their agenda is not concerned with upholding the law or meeting budgets!

The tireless attack of Marxism on American soil

Just as in the recall of the governor’s race in Wisconsin with Scott Walker holding his own against the mighty socialist influence of the state employee unions, the left is at it again. Trying to unseat an honest officer of the law under the false accusations of racial profiling, Respect Arizona is an activist group representing a minority number of members trying to push the agenda of illegal aliens by getting rid of conservatives who are doing the job they were hired by voters to do by upholding the law.

When your government supports criminal influence

It is bad enough according to one of Arpaio’s colleagues, Paul Babeu in nearby Pinal County, who expresses his frustration over the lack of support stemming from the Obama White House as Arizona sheriff’s fight an uphill battle against drug trafficking, illegal border crossings, and the radical interference from liberals who don’t care if our borders are protected or not! With Eric Holder’s Department of Justice attacking sheriff’s departments with lawsuits over enforcing federal law, ordering the ICE to dump convicted prisoners into the general population, and instructing border patrol agents to duck and hide when encountering gun fights with Mexican drug cartel gangs, protection of American citizens on our southern borders has become a morbid joke!

CPFER joins Arpaio’s corner

In an attempt to aid embattled Sheriff Arpaio the CPFER (Citizens to Protect Fair Election Results) attorney, Larry Klayman has been hired to file legal proceedings against the irregular and hostile accusations made by those who are trying to remove conservative officials from office everywhere. CPFER asserts that if such special interest organizations are allowed to disrupt fair election results time and time again that the costs involved in unnecessary recounts and the difficulties that result will only undermine future attempts at normalcy and faith in final election outcomes when the results have been officially announced.

Even with the federal support of voter fraud the left can't get enough

Here the left is charging that something is wrong when someone like Sheriff Joe Arpaio is re-elected yet, Eric Holder’s Department of Justice announced a long time ago that they would not pursue voter fraud. This premise of refusal to uphold the Motor Voter Act would serve the Democrats and leftists during US elections, yet this huge leverage inviting fraud is just not enough for groups like Respect Arizona, who cannot get enough of an advantage. They will use whatever means legal or not to remove conservative officials from office even when clearly elected fairly!

Atty. Larry Klayman comes onboard

Larry Klayman has significant experience in representing the conservative cause against the assault of the radical Obama White House as he has appeared in court many times trying to get President Obama to respond to such decisions as that of a Grand Jury in Ocala, Florida, who has found both the President and Vice President, Joe Biden, guilty of treason for actions they have taken in violation of Congress and the US Constitution. Yet, sadly this administration refuses to adhere to the rule of law, and the leftist appointees of the courts and prosecutors are allowing the injustice to go on! Klayman has also represented clients who have challenged President Obama’s eligibility in the form of grievances over damages caused by the President’s Un-Constitutional inauguration to the oval office. Yet, purely sound legal arguments fall on the deaf ears of justices who refuse to do their jobs just as Congress has failed in doing.

It is time for the people of this country to stand up!

The people of this nation do not realize that America is under attack on a multi-jurisdictional level by a radical movement trying to topple the heritage of this country at the city, county, state, and national level. Unless citizens start getting involved in taking back their country, America will be lost forever along with the freedoms we have held so dearly and, yet, have apathetically allowed to gradually slip away.

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