Money = Power = Energy: Why Money Systems Enable Evil and How Free Energy is a Solution

Money = Power = Energy
Why Money Systems Enable Evil and How Free Energy is a Solution

by Amaterasu Solar

I will begin by explaining the reason I capitalize Human pronouns, for it was explained to Me when I was asked to write this article, that this practice might be seen as an issue. As I respect every Human as a co-creator here, I give honor to Us all in this way. And if My name is placed upon My writing, I want it to be honest to who I AM. You will likely get used to My way of doing things, knowing at the start why I do it that way. Let Me begin:

What does it mean to say money equals power equals energy? We all know that money does equal power over Others, but few stop to think about what that means in terms of a psychopathic One. This arrangement allows for, and in fact encourages, the psychopaths taking the power over Others and using it to psychopathic (unEthical) ends. And from an energy standpoint, We know that We can get power out of energy. But what is the link between the ability to control Others on the most foundational level (food, water, air) power and getting machines to do work power?

When a leader in a society needed work done, and before there was much in the way of non-Human/biological power, the energy of choice was of beast and Human. The beasts could more or less be gotten to do what was needed of them, but a Human was always required at the very least to get the beasts to do things, and They were needed for many things that beasts are incapable of – like bullying other Humans. Thus slavery with paid bullies emerged. As accounting for Our Human energy in that energy-scarce environment allowed for progress (albeit on the backs of the Ones who needed the behest of the Ones with the money/power), the practice evolved, using tokens from shells and beads up to today’s electronic bits.

Today, however, We have access to free energy – the methods of extracting it have been avidly and aggressively suppressed and hidden. From the Earth’s magnetic field being tapped to extraction of clean, available anywhere 24/7, energy from the aether (electrogravitics), inventions have been pulled into black and gray projects, or patents bought and buried, with inventors threatened, ruined and killed, free energy has been kept from Humanity because it removes the need to account for Our energy completely. And when such accounting is removed, money is no longer needed and the power over Others it provides vanishes, leaving the present hegemony with Individual charisma as the only method of gaining power outside of personally being the bully.

Of course, money is a good motivator to get work done that no One WANTS to do but that is needed to keep things running smoothly. Yet the necessary work no One (or too few) wants to do today can be done by robot. (Imagine having the CHOICE to scrub One’s bathroom or having a robot do it…)

Some might say that there is not enough on this planet to support all of Humanity, but this is a lie, like “anthropogenic climate change,” perpetrated by the present hegemony, who feel there are too many of Us to effectively CONTROL. They want Us to believe that and accept the genocidal things They do (“geoengineering,” GMO, nuclear energy, etc.). “Well, it must be a good thing, because the planet cannot support all of Us!” But in truth, even before new technology such as vertical farming, and while the controlmind (government) pays farmers to NOT grow food, about 125% of the food We ALL could eat is produced on this planet. But because it is distributed by profit and not need/desire, 30-40% spoils before sale and is discarded. Money systems create this artificial scarcity. Imagine if We could have all the food We wanted…

Imagine if the profit/control motive was removed, and all food is grown organically and with care.

Imagine if We ALL were free to live as richly as each One of Us might choose… Birth rates will drop, as We discover all the things We presently would love to study and do but cannot because We cannot afford it (with some genocidal things already in the works sure to be a factor as well). So many right now have only the choice of sex or TV as what there is to do when not being a wage slave. It is therefore no surprise that We see high birth rates amongst the poor, and low birth rates amongst the Ones who can afford to do what They love to do.

Imagine if the profit motive is removed from the design of things such that planned obsolescence is removed. Pride in workmanship will return, items will last, and the lion’s share of waste and trash production will vanish, putting far less strain on resources and making it a simple thing to keep the planet beautiful.

Imagine the slave’s creed called the work “ethic” replaced with a true Ethic, the Betterment Ethic. Imagine the bulk of Humanity making things better – from something as simple as a smile to cooperative good works upon this planet. We are a cooperative species except in scarcity, which is created artificially on this abundant planet by Our systems of money, but the accounting for Human energy input into said systems. We are, in money systems, forced to compete for survival despite the abundance all around.

Imagine Us all, subject to and judge of the three Laws of Ethics ONLY, where We solve by Ethical consensus each problem as it arises, rather than passing “laws” (statutes, bills, codes, edicts, mandates, regulations, ordinances, and all the rest of the loathsome vine of the legal system that supports the twin towers to psychopaths in power: money system and top-down controlmind), reporting problems locally on a network of sites that lead up to problems so big We ALL need to know about them to find an Ethical solution. If You’ve got a problem You’re not proud (willing) to report, You’re on Your own in solving for it. Avoiding the creation of a problem in Your quest for a solution is advised. (This is a solutocracy.)

Imagine all the work that’s being done, Human energy added, to the system that is non-productive, that serves only to keep the wealth on its way to the psychopaths’ control: cashiers, sales, collections, accounting, insurance, assessments, tax collecting, advertising, marketing, Wall Street, pawn shops, and every job in banking. All that energy applied, not to betterment, creating happiness, enjoyment, beauty, fun, spending time with loved Ones, but to moving that money along, sometimes getting a big enough gulp as a reward that We can pretend We are free most of the time. Imagine the percentage of People in these jobs who are “working for the weekend,” versus the percentage that get up every morning looking forward to Their day at work. Imagine freeing Them all to live as richly as Each might choose.

Yes, free energy = freedom for Humanity. Freedom from the control of the psychopaths to whom the bulk of the wealth on this planet is flowing through the systems of accounting for Human energy. Freedom from having to find some way to plug Our energy into the system, regardless of how well We like what We can find, just to survive.

When You get to the foundation of economics – of all things money – You are making sure each Human inputs enough energy to warrant each One’s existence – as if there is an obligation, once born to Our planet without consent, to make any justification at all. Through “trusts” and deceit Our birthright has been stolen, and on a vastly abundant planet, Humans owners slave and Humans owners starve.

There is a large number of things that tell Us that money use promotes evil. Though in the Bible We are told that the LOVE of money is the root, what feeds a root is its soil, and the soil in which evil grows is money itself. If We would battle evil on this planet, removing the need for all accounting of Human energy would be the solution, and for that, somehow, We need to make the free energy available to ALL Humanity. That will be the death blow to the power of evil.

Please see this blog for details on how to get out of the present system.

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