New Scientific Developments with Ominous Applications


There always has been an odd relationship between human civilization, it’s need for advancement, and the amount of that innovativeness that ends up being utilized for foreboding purposes. Science fiction has provided the impetus for pushing the limits of imagination and reality. It has shown us the awesome power of the human mind once it is unleashed to create, but often that creativity is targeted at less than humanitarian pursuits. World War II ironically may have opened a door in scientific application that can never be closed again for within the short horrific time it played out the very fundamental forms of research we now enjoy all began just before and during that era.

Future threats

Missile development allowed us to go to the moon. Flying wings led to stealth aircraft. Aircraft carriers allowed warfare to be conducted beyond the visible horizon as did Germany’s V-1 Buzz bomb and the V-2 rocket. Atomic energy was released in the form of 2 atomic bombs that obliterated two Japanese cities in order to bring a long bloody global conflict to an end. There were even stranger evolutions of science not publicly released or emphasized as the implications of another world war would not only devastate the world but lead to the complete annihilation of the human race.

Philadelphia Experiment

The disappearance and reappearance of the US Naval Ship the USS Eldridge due to an unconventional use of degaussing generators to create a powerful electromagnetic field that would shield a vessel from being detected by radar was underway in 1943. Reports stemming from the program elicited a strange combination of terrifying misfortunes to the crew such as partial materialization within the hull of the ship, electrical fires, crewman becoming insane, and even the supposed encounter of interdimensional beings seen while the power was turned on. From here US Naval counter intelligence took over and made the entire project appear to be a failure that caused a lot of unjustified rumors, but investigations went on.


Recently another strange manifestation has become unintentionally exposed. The international program CERN which has been underway for some time. A project using an underground super collider that is supposedly searching for the God particle or Boson particle, a subatomic matter that was created at the very moment of the “Big Bang” that would verify the theory of the creation of the universe. A previous attempt was made at building such a facility in the Dallas Ft. Worth area where an entire underground circular tunnel and the electronic hardware to begin accelerating nuclear particles would commence, but for some unexplainable reason it was abandoned. This happened during the Carter Administration. Now the facility sits gathering underground water. It was initiated by the federal government.

Unintended consequences

There are reports that CERN may have unlocked something that caused some type of dimensional change to our world that cannot be reversed and much like the Philadelphia Experiment in 1943, the CERN research team may have stumbled upon something they did not anticipate or could control. Once again science has reaped consequences that may not serve mankind well, but could unlock Pandora’s Box. Wartime always seems to stimulate man’s technical knowledge far beyond his ability to implement it into a peaceful invention. The double edged sword of development that may very well bite the hand that created it.

A matter of freedom

When one considers just to what degree we may hold onto the remaining vestiges of our privacy we may now not even have that sanctuary within our own brains. CIA experimental projects now claim the ability to visibly image the dreams of an individual while asleep! Now perhaps the only asylum from outside interference that we humans have to escape the stress of life and simply allow the mind to achieve recreation within the unconscious state has been breached!

Already here

For years we have heard of alien adductions and the supposed implants left within the bodies of abductees that seem to serve as tracking devices or even for the purpose of unconscious activation. Like the “Cold War” Mole or sleeper agent that can blend into an environment until they are called upon to assassinate or commit espionage then to re-assume their original role without remembering what happened.  Yet, while a small number of doctors who will pursue this esoteric science have had some success, the actual technology has already existed for more than 20 years by both foreign and US military projects trying to infiltrate the opposing nation’s security than use the sleeper as an unconscious asset at some point in time with the implanted device.


Genetic research is leading humanity into ominous territory by taking the DNA of certain species and intertwining or splicing the material into human, animal, or plant organisms for a number of different purposes. More often than not the organism suffers mutations or a shortened lifespan. In one experiment where a crop was bioengineered to have resistance to pests the edible vegetable became toxic to humans and after being planted and ready for harvest was barely detected in time! Science fiction has long speculated about human clones and how they would blend into society or cause chaos from within.


In another agricultural experiment mouse genes were implanted with a flowering vine and what resulted were branches that had ears from a mouse growing on the bark. Fly genes have been experimented with as well, but what is perhaps amazing and horrific at the same time is an experiment involving an elite forces soldier who had gene splicing introduced with a spider. The incredible strength of a spider’s silk web was genetically merged with human flesh producing a human combatant with bullet proof skin! One might recall the cloning of a sheep created in the microscopic realm of a laboratory. What seemed to be a normal sheep was produced that did not live a fraction as long as a specimen birthed by a mother.

Speed of light travel

During the Carter Administration another NASA experiment that many looked forward to was cancelled for supposedly budgetary reasons. A space vehicle to attain the speed of light had been planned and funded for perhaps 2 decades. Either manned or unmanned it would have consisted of a space capsule much like the Mercury Project with a reactor for propulsion located at the rear. As the probe accelerated closer and closer to the speed of light the reactor engine would have to be extended on a tethered shaft away from the rear of the hull to keep the intense heat and radiation from damaging the fuselage of the craft. Perhaps the use of modern computers to crunch the numbers or advanced theory had obviated the need for the actual space flight, but many people had anxiously awaited the deployment of the project as it would have had a major impact on our understanding of space and time along with what happens to a vehicle and its occupants once the speed of light is attained.

Sad conclusion

The only thing that can be ascertained by all these instances of unconventional research and its potential impact on our world will be that if our violent and ruthless past is to be used a barometer for the implementation of such technology we are going to be in for a rough ride! Governments understandably adopt a defensive posture as a result of war and espionage. All nations want power or they want alliances with the most powerful nation states. The survival of their citizens and their heritage depends upon it. Even the super powers (USA and Russia) want control of the future in order to prevent having to liberate the world again in another global war! So, where is the common denominator of sanity and peaceful coexistence to be found?

Summation on our nature

Blame it on the basic foundation of human nature. We are a self-destructive species. Emotions and need often supersede logic and compassion. Humankind is greedy, envious, untrusting and capricious! Liberals are always telling us feelings are so important but it is exactly that! Feelings are at the root of the most powerful emotions we know that often lead to crime and conflict! Nations across the world and their diplomatic failures are simply reflecting the human frailty and our inherently evil nature for we an opportunistic civilization that oppresses the naïve and victimizes the weak! The distrust leads powerful countries to plan contingencies that lead to war or survival of it. The ruthlessness of human nature leads to the control of resources denying those who perish in famine and exploiting technical development to dominate and capture weaker countries who might hinder the designs of the megalomaniacs. This conclusion seems inescapable.  

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Comment by Doc Vega on January 28, 2018 at 8:42pm

Chris, I AGREE that there are elite globalist leaders who are so disconnected and so disinterested in the plight of the people that they will implement the worst scenarios we can anticipate and perhaps bring an Armageddon of social collapse to fruition more quickly than we can imagine! 

Comment by Doc Vega on January 28, 2018 at 8:40pm

The revolution of robotic symbiosis within our society is inevitable and will reach critical mass within a short time economically, socially, and even politically as the mass psychology of the event progresses!

Comment by Doc Vega on January 28, 2018 at 8:38pm

Thanks Less I have viewed all of Sophia's videos and I het to say it but she has an individual personality not as seamless as a real human right now but give it I think 5 years and she will be virtually indistinguishable between a human and robot given they cover her mechanical exterior with human-like flesh in either a silicone matrix or the composite bio-plastic composition that is being worked out! Once they get that fixed there will be no turning back and these new generation automatons will literally be self aware entities who share the internet, generally acquired knowledge, and the ability to progress without the hindrance of human childhood. They will grow exponentially without biological drawbacks! We are there now if not already there due to top secret classification!

Comment by Less Prone on January 28, 2018 at 6:42am

An AI entity talking about the future

Leonard Cohen The Future lyrics

Comment by Chris of the family Masters on January 26, 2018 at 6:18pm

Our rulers are psychophatic child molesters and killers. They stop at nothing, their greed is immense, beyond comprehention of average human.

Definition of the big bang : Nothing exploded into something.

"Destroying the New World Order"


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