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North Korea: A History of Ominous Aggression

A Closer look At the Legacy of North Korea

For one to suppose that North Korea is simply a small insignificant Communist regime with another run of the mill psychotic leader would be a grave mistake. To belittle an American President for engaging in a dialogue with this puppet dictatorship would also be a fatal error. For a modern American State Department to appraise North Korea as either an aggressor or a cooperative international partner within any coalition or as a member of the UN consider this. Since the cessation of hostilities in 1953 there have been 66 unprovoked attacks upon South Korea by its war mongering neighbor in the North. The least hostile decade for the North Korean legacy of aggression was the decade of the 1980’s during the Ronald Reagan Administration. From 2000 to 2010 the Communist regime has committed more acts of unprovoked skirmishes than at any other time in history.

True legacy

Using actions of the North Koreans as a yardstick with which to establish intent and diplomatic integrity let us delve further. North Korea has constructed 17 known infiltration tunnels that they have used to launch attacks upon South Korean citizens, military, government figures, and American soldiers stationed there. They have also counterfeited millions of US dollars to fund their military ambitions. They have attempted 2 assassinations of South Korean Presidents over the decades. This in addition to the numerous and unconscionable human rights violations they have perpetrated upon their own citizens. Yet, Democrats would question why President Trump has mobilize defensive measures by the US military in response to threats to launch a nuclear missile against Guam and the United States mainland.

Refusal to act

This is an example of the outright schism that exists with-in the partisan slope of  a Washington DC establishment has preferred to allow North Korea to shoot down American helicopters, cause crashes of US reconnaissance aircraft, and even capture a US intelligence vessel in international waters (USS Pueblo) permanently confiscating the ship and holding the crew for a year. One member of the crew testified that he watched one his comrades beaten so severely that one of his eyes was dislodged from the orbital socket. North Korea has led several commando penetrations into the very streets of Seoul, the Capital of South Korea with citizens being forced to confront disguised North Korean troops.


In view of these inhuman and unprovoked attacks the Obama Administration continued its cowardly approach of appeasement and role of non-leadership. Today, Susan Rice, former diplomatic adviser to President Obama admitted that their dealings with North Korea failed. That is an understatement in view of the fact that during the Obama White House North Korea launched 8 ballistic missile tests and conducted 4 nuclear tests. The DIA now reveals that North Korea has managed to miniaturize its nuclear armament so that it can be fitted atop an ICBM. If this is not evidence for concern then what is? A regime that for decades has demonstrated never ending acts of border invasions, naval attacks, attempted assassinations, and threats to target American territory for nuclear missile assault. Yet, we will hear the words of the deniers. We will hear the excuses of the enablers while characterizing our president as being psychologically unhinged.

Idle rationale

What seems even more irrational, even more schizophrenic, and delusional are the response of the left with their anticipated blather. “It’s just a messed up little powerless third world country sword rattling.” “It’s just an insignificant little dictatorship wanting legitimacy from the international community by using tough talk and making baseless threats.” “The President is just provoking them!”

Proof’s in the pudding

Why don’t we ask the North Korean civilians starving to death over there and living in fear of a demonically evil regime and its Napoleonic despot if their leaders are joking around? Why don’t we ask the South Korean soldiers who have been senselessly murdered if they thought their neighbor was harmless and just trash talking? Why don’t we interview American soldiers mercilessly beaten and killed while simply going about their daily routine business? Let’s inquire to the South Korean fishermen who have been torpedoes or blown out of the water North Korean gunboats? Let us remind more than a million South Korean city dwellers in Seoul who stand to end up as cannon fodder should North Korea unleash their massive artillery upon those who live in fear.

Some things just don’t change

In 1950 when South Korea had no US presence on their soil they were overrun by tank brigades supplied by Communist China. There was no provocation or American pressure of intervention when the North launched their massive offensive against simple farmers, women and children and routed the South, and for what? That same insanity of justifiable expansionism and inhuman desire to invoke Communist rule over South Korea exists today only with the arsenal of nuclear missiles supplied by Russian scientific personnel and Chinese backed economic activity North Korea acts as a proxy for the two super powers and neither the US or its allies stand to gain peace or security under this veiled ambition of force. The world will not be able to rest under the assurances of politicians who choose to deny reality and further enable the unchecked outgrowth of blood thirsty ambitions!

Danger of complacency

Appeasement, concessions, or downplay of the disturbing conduct of the Kim Jong-un Regime will not secure peace. This 20 year approach of pretending that North Korea will simply behave like a retarded brother of China who will simply create a ruckus in the living room from time to time is wishful thinking. For more than 5 decades North Korea has demonstrated much more than empty rhetoric unlike its American counterparts with their faulty diplomacy! It has acted to bolster its very own promises of aggression and even of bringing about nuclear engagement as a very real possibility. We have continually had our intelligence insulted by the likes of those such as former President Barack Obama who once said that America could absorb a nuclear hit and just keep on ticking, maybe even more than one! How’s that for utter insanity? An American General commented recently that for North Korea to be allowed to develop a nuclear weapon was unthinkable, but what was even more unthinkable was a North Korean ICBM landing in Denver, Colorado. I agree!

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