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Obama's Finishing Blow For US: Use Child Immigrants to change Republican States to Democrat States

Obama's Plan is as follows:  He is actively soliciting child immigrants to come to the US "NOW" to line them up for  citizenship for the 2014/2016 elections

1.  Bring 1,000's of Immigrant Children into the US through Texas border. (already happening right now)

2.  Transport them to Arizona and other "Red/Republican States" (already happening right now)

3.  Use EXCUSE of Family Unit Dept. "REUNIFICATION OF THE FAMILY" children with parents (still in Central America or Mexico will be allowed to re-unite with their children with amnesty.)

4.  Give all of them Amnesty and Citizenship

5  All these Central American Illegals/Immigrants will now vote in 2014 and 2016 Election and majority of DEMOCRATS WILL WIN.

6  This will change Republican States to Democrat states - that's why so many of them are dumped in Arizona and Texas.

7  Hillary will win 2016 Election through these Illegals voting Democrat tickets + Massive Voter Machine Fraud.   George Soros is already lining up the machines just as he did for Obama- remember voting machines in Barcelona!

Call your Senate and Congressman and inform them that "they will NOT HAVE A JOB if they allow this".  Literally - all Republicans will be voted out by the 100,000's of newly arrived illegals for 2014/2016 Elections.

This is just IMO - not taken from any news article.

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Comment by Central Scrutinizer on June 13, 2014 at 6:22pm

will fail miserably...anything these psychotic fuks do fails...because their mentally fucked, these disillusioned idiots are not human (mentally)


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