Oslo bombing, Terrorist attack or Zionist false flag? by David Choate

Terrorist Attack in Norway: Oslo Bombing and Utøya Shootings

Norway a target of “terrorism” ?

As you’ve probably heard by now the Norway’s capital city of Oslo was rocked by the unexplained bombing, and shooting of a youth camp on the island of Utøya. Elements of a Libyan faction of al-qaeda (the rebels we are supporting) and The Norwegian far right have been among others blamed in the attacks, but is this the truth or are we being led down another rabbit hole filled with endless wars and destitution?

As the telegraph reports indicate, Norway is at best a peripheral target of “terrorism” in its official take on the event:

“Hours later there was an summer camp youth conference of the ruling Labour Party, which is being attended by current Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg. The conference is taking place on the island of Utøya. The man apparently infiltrated the conference on the pretenses that he had been sent by the police as a security measure in the wake of the Oslo explosions. As such, it is likely he was ethnically Norwegian. This could indicate the involvement of a far-right group rather than an Islamist group …”

Norway attacks: who is responsible? : http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/norway/8655801/Nor...

Oddly enough the BBC says the opposite. That being David Lea a West European Analyst states “There certainly aren’t any domestic Norwegian terrorist groups although there have been some al Qaeda-linked arrests from time to time“. “They are in Afghanistan and were involved in Libya, but it’s far too soon to draw any conclusions.”

Norway to quit Libya operation by August   link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-14254705

Notice how Libya as of late has become a by-word for terrorism.  If a Libyan faction of terrorists were responsible, why would they attack a nation that is both in favor of a Palestinian state, and backing out of the Libyan conflict?  Not only that, but is it not the function of a terrorist to inflict the maximum number of casualties?  Why then did they shoot up the youth group on a remote island. As reported by CNS news Norway had planned to scale back its commitment of 6 fighter jets down to 4, eventually leading to a complete withdrawal from Libyan territory by Aug 1st.


So what about the Far right in Norway? I find it hard to believe that extremists as they’ve been called who are now in control of the progress party now in power, would be involved in a plot against their own. So who does this leave as a culprit you may ask?

Lets wind the clocks back a year shall we.

Its late august 2010 and Norwegian finance ministers announce plans to exclude 2 Israeli firms involved in developing settlements from tapping  into the 450 billion Euro oil fund. The council of ethics had this to say on the rejection “The Council on Ethics emphasizes that the construction of settlements in occupied areas is a violation of the Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War,”.

link: http://www.haaretz.com/print-edition/business/norway-government-run...

So Norway is against Israeli settlements in Palestinian territory

I am sure that’s enough to get some Knesset members riled up, but not enough to warrant an attack. What about announcements as recent as July 18th 2011 of Norway’s supporting a Palestinian state?  Now we’re getting somewhere, as quoted from the Jerusalem post on the same day:

Norway, host of the 1993 Palestinian-Israeli peace accords, said on Monday it was “perfectly legitimate” for Palestinians to take their case for statehood to the United Nations for voting in September.

Its also noted that the Assad regime of Syria recognizes the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) as the official embassy of Palestine. I do not    need to mention the fact that Assad is having quite a few problems of his own, much like Qaddafi in Libya.  Reuters also says in a statement made by Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas, that he will take his case to the UN Security Council where the US holds veto power.

excerpt from Reuters:

Abbas said on Monday the plan was still on.

“We will seek to go to the U.N. next September in order to obtain membership for the state of Palestine”,  he said.

He added: “Our way is to go to the Security Council. If we fail we will go to the General Assembly.”

links: http://www.jpost.com/DiplomacyAndPolitics/Article.aspx?ID=229906&am...



Seems like more heat for war crimes is the last thing Israel wants, so its starting to become more clear as to why the bombing and shooting occurred in an otherwise peaceful country. Surely the United States wouldn’t allow the (rogue) nation of Israel to commit such acts of terrorism……would we?

Not if   Senator Joseph (CockRoach) Lieberman has anything to say about it

I remember that in the Durban-II conference,” Lieberman said, referring to last April’s UN anti-racism summit which was criticized as allegedly biased against Israel. “The Norwegian representatives were among the few who didn’t walk out, and today I realize it’s not a coincidence. How low can you go?”


Apparently this CockRoach cant get enough brownie points with the Zionists. How is this guy not in jail yet, or at the very least booted out of office? It’s clear he puts Israeli interests before the American peoples. That story is perhaps best left for another time, and another article.

In conclusion, we have 2 theories behind the attacks. one that contradicts common sense

  •  Right wing extremists and the al qaeda terrorists the news keeps telling you about, but no one ever seems to see.
  • Then we have a a rogue nation that has been proven to be responsible for terror attacks, most obvious of which was the 1967 attack on the USS Liberty. That being the Zionist nation of Israel.
  • Of all the other groups they definitely have the means (Mossad is the worlds most well funded intelligence agencies” the motive, being that of Norway’s denial of the oil fund to Israeli firms, and threat of a Palestinian state.
  • Most importantly they have the power to use the term anti-semitism when a goy (their word for non Jews meaning cattle) gets to close to the truth.

Will the people of the world buy in to the lie of they that call themselves Gods chosen any longer?

Well after decades of support to a thoroughly corrupt system, I’ll let you be the judge of that.

More here:  http://cockroachalley.com/?p=417

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