We need a bit of help here from readers.  

As you can see the below letter was put in today to the other 4 City Council members in Kennesaw, Ga.  

I hope it will get some results and they will ask/demand that Councilman Church now resign.  BUT, it would help if you could drop a line to any or all of the Council and Mayor on this topic.

The mayor is on top, the other 4 are on the Council:



To: June 15, 2015

___ C. Welsh, Councilmember
___ T. Killingsworth, Councilmember
___ D. Williams, Councilmember
___ J. Sebastian, Councilmember

Leonard Church and his continuing tenure on the Kennesaw City Council

June 27th is the one year anniversary of the past Mayor and Currently serving City Councilman's arrest for 2 Counts of Child Molestation for the May 9, 2014 actions which took place at his Dreux Court home in Kennesaw.

In the 5/9/14 Count 1, Aggravated Child Molestation charge, he is said to have touched, rubbed and stroked a 9 year old child's penis, causing injury and physical pain to the child.

In the 5/9/14 Count 2, Child Molestation charge, he is said to have showed the child pornographic material on a computer at his home.

These actions led to his 6/27/14 arrest and further investigation by the Cobb Police Dept. resulted in 4 additional counts of Sexual Exploitation of Children.

Count 3 dates from Oct. 19, 2006 and says that he possessed material depicting a minor female engaged in sexually explicit conduct by exhibition of the child's genitals,

Count 4 dates from Oct. 23, 2006 and says that he possessed material depicting a minor female engaged in sexually explicit conduct by exhibition of the child's genitals,

Count 5 dates from Nov. 15, 2006 and says that he possessed material depicting a minor female engaged in sexually eplicit conduct by exhibition of the child's genitals,

Count 6 dates from May 15, 2014 and says that he possessed material depicting a minor male engaged in sexually explicit conduct by exhibition of the child's genitals.

On Jan. 8, 2015 the Grand Jury Indicted Church on these 6 counts. The State recommended no bail for Mr. Church, however, bail was set at $20,000.

The actions of Mr Church, over these 8 years, both while Mayor in 2006 and last year as Councilman are so serious that the Citizens of Kennesaw are being poorly served by Mr. Church's remaining on the City Council.

The Kennesaw City Council needs the services and attention of all 5 of its Council members, not 4 members and one distracted by the possibility of Pedophile convictions which may result in sentences of 125 years in prison.

While Mr. Church is ably represented, and entitled to the presumption of innocence, the Citizens interests must also be served. The City administration's continued indifference in this matter is not in the best interests of the orderly administration of local government or the safety of our residents and their children.

A correspondent relates to me in an email of 6/10/15 as follows:
"I spoke to some city council members on the phone this morning. They gave me the hands our tied, blah,blah,blah. One in particular was seeming as if Mr Churchs charges were all hear say."

While it is to late for the City to 'get in front of' this issue you should be aware that this Fall the matter will be in the news again for either the trial or plea bargain and the resulting press reports will not be favorable to the City if they continue to report that a 'former mayor and serving Council member' is facing 125 years in prison on Pedophile charges. It would be somewhat better if reports referred to a 'former mayor and City Council member'. Either way such reports will give Kennesaw a black eye but having such references say 'former' are better than saying: 'currently serving'.

All the filed Superior Court documents and press reports are available at: http://leonardchurch.blogspot.com/

The 4 City Council members, mayor, City Manager and City Attorney are asked to immediately take up this matter and ask Mr. Church to resign from the Kennesaw City Council so that the City can fill the remainder of his term in the coming November elections.

Bill Harris, Kennesaw

Please send me a BCC of any outgoing:  computer201@hotmail.com


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Comment by consumer activist on June 18, 2015 at 11:45am

Comment by consumer activist on June 18, 2015 at 11:43am


Will Council ask Church to resign?


On Monday, a Kennesaw resident asked a simple question at the City Council meeting. He wanted to know why the City Council had not asked for the resignation of Leonard Church due to his arrest a year ago on two child molestation charges and a subsequent arrest on four counts of sexual exploitation of a child. A total of six felony charges going back to 2006, with a possible sentence of 125 years.

Rather than getting any answer, he got some drivel about how Church was entitled to a ‘fair trial’ and from another person how the city could not force Church to resign.

No one I know, or have heard from, has even said anything about Church not getting a fair trial and we have acknowledged that he cannot be forced off the Council.

The question remains unanswered at that meeting and unanswered in my two communications on this topic with the four on Council.

Here it is again: “Why has the Council not asked Leonard Church to resign?”

As a follow up, I would then ask: “Will you now make that request?”

Bill Harris


Comment by consumer activist on June 17, 2015 at 7:55am


1) The mayor,
2) Debbie Williams, Council Member
3) Jim Sebastian, Council Member

1) Killingsworth, Council Member
2) Welsh, Council Member

For details see:  http://leonardchurch.blogspot.com/

Comment by consumer activist on June 16, 2015 at 12:50am

Kennesaw resident: Have you asked Church to quit?

by Hilary Butschek

June 16, 2015 12:01 AM

Staff-Hilary Butschek

KENNESAW — A resident asked City Council on Monday why Councilman Leonard Church, who was arrested last year on charges of child molestation, is still in office.

The council also debated the matter of eliminating their city benefits during the meeting.

Addressing the council, Kennesaw resident Anthony Depaola, an Army veteran and student at Georgia Highlands College, asked “Why has Mr. Church not resigned?”

Church was indicted on charges of aggravated child molestation, child molestation and four counts of sexual exploitation of children in January after police say a 7-year-old boy told his parents Church showed him pornographic materials on a computer and molested him.

A trial is expected to begin by the end of the year, District Attorney Vic Reynolds has said.

Church has declined to answer questions about the matter since his arrest on June 27, 2014.

Mayor Mark Mathews told Depaola he would answer all of his questions, but that he could not direct questions to Church.

“Have you asked him to resign?” Depaola asked. “It looks like to me that you guys are in full support of this. For someone to sit there and make daily decisions for our city that has been charged of this kind of thing is unacceptable.”

City attorney Randall Bentley said he has researched the laws related to a council member resigning at the City Council’s request. Council members must be found guilty of a felony charge that relates to the performance of their duty to be forced out of office, Bentley said.

“You think what he did has no effect on his job?” Depaola asked. “You guys are all morally OK with it? It’s just like life goes on as normal. Let’s sweep it under the rug like nothing ever happened.”

Mathews said he and the council don’t have the power to remove Church from office.

“There are no penalties that we can do to each other. We can’t do anything to each other,” Mathews said.

During the discussion, Church looked at Depaola, his head resting on his hand, no expression on his face.

Councilwoman Debra Williams also responded to Depaola’s comments.

“We can sit up here and judge everyone by our own moral standards. That doesn’t make it right. The man that sits to my right (Church) has his day in court. He has that right, and I will not take that right from him,” Williams said.

After the meeting, Kennesaw resident June Wick said she agreed with Williams.

“I believe everyone deserves their day in court,” Wick said.

Kennesaw resident Joe Bozeman said he also believes Church deserves to stay on the council until his trial.

“In my opinion, he has the duty to stay on the council,” Bozeman said.

A graduate of Sprayberry HS, Church has worked in the dental field for 45 years. He was first elected mayor of Kennesaw in 1999, serving 2 terms. He was elected to the City Council in Nov 2013 and took office in Jan 2014. Church was initially...
Comment by consumer activist on June 15, 2015 at 1:36pm

My further comments on the matter are:

* Council member Church was arrested on 6/27/14 and he should have resigned his position on 6/28/14.

* The mayor and Council should have quietly asked Mr Church to resign, if he would not they should have asked him publicly.

* Should Councilman Church be acquitted he could run for Council or Mayor at the following election.

* I have looked into how to conduct a recall of a council member. It is not an easy task but if Mr
 Church still refuses to resign we can start that snowball rolling downhill.

* Kennesaw has had a series of press disasters recently. We had the Suffa Dawat  Mosque issue which got international bad publicity, before that we were the 'butt' of a jokes regarding our 'no smoking in parking lots or cemeteries' law. Now we will have a continuation of bad press reports about a Pedophile being on our Council a year after his arrests for Child Molestations.

* The mayor and Council do not have the authority to remove Council member Church, but they have the right and duty to ask him to resign.

Bill Harris, Kennesaw


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