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Perfect driving record Now not so perfect...dohhh

after 28 years of no moving violations or tickets, my luck finally runs out and get a speeding ticket Friday dammit. I shouldn't bitch for it could have been worse. Was in VA's Capitol city Friday doing a residential 6 camera system. It was cut and dry install, and the boyfriend of the girl's house i just did wanted to go celebrate at this new bar just opened. Ya, you see where this is going...lol, anyways, we were there for a long time. I wasn't completely shiotf-aced, but i wasn't sober either. I think there were 2 roommate girls trying to take me home, still blurred there, could be just wishful thinking too...dohh, i remember swapping tattoo's w/ em (Showing them). Decided better get while i can still drive and headed home (60 miles), well to complicate this whole damn thing I've been open carrying a Ruger SR9c on my side now for a while, but as w/ OC rules, Bars, Banks, ABC stores, all taboo! a Bar owner can give final say and let u tote it in, but only if ur NOT drinking...lol..so thats pointless.

So put gun in floorboard, and went about my merry way,gotta call from my bud who was following me, sed, "Yo Hollyw00d State Trooper on your ass", ....and i was doing 70...dohhh well after following fo rabout a mile, the blue light special appeared. after getting my "PAPERS" and after 10 minutes went by, realized i WAS getting a dam ticket...chit. Figured that was gonna be end of it...nope. Now he wanted to do the follow the pen w/ ya eye trick...ok, dun it, then ask me if i was carrying anything illegal or if i liked to drink???...huh???

Then he said, would it be ok to search your vehicle briefly??, I said By all means, go for it., completely forgetting about the Ruger, which by this time had slid under pass. seat, BINGO, now a "Concealed" weapon. Well a County cop had showed up by this time and I was w/ that one while Super Trooper was rummaging thru my car. It hit me like a bat, Shit, gotta gun in there, County cop said, ya better tell him now..SO i said Officer, I have a ...."  "Ya, a gun, found it" he interupted He said you know this is considered concealed cuz I found under the seat?, I told him it was on floorboard after goin into a ...Bank, ya, a bank...LMAO. He said since he run the #'s and it's not stolen, and I'm not a convicted felon, he was gonna pretend he didn't see it...lol He said for your safety and ours sir, I have removed the 19 round clip and its on floorboard, you did not have one in the chamber"  I said, "I know, my dad was a gunsmith and showed me the proper ways to handle firearms long time ago"

Why did I have it??, are you kidding me?, have u turned on that idiot box i asked?, i said "it's also there alot for you guys too right now because ya'll are getting a raw deal here, and I don't like it sir" He said nothing, but thought I saw a grin...anyway's he told me to have a good evening and to slow down....lol       So everything i made Friday I get to donate to the County now...

just wonder if there's anything i could do to keep it off, beat it??, I dunno, just bummed I'm now "Staind" '-}~


..coulda been woise

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Comment by Central Scrutinizer on July 28, 2016 at 11:50pm

He was definitely taking his job seriously, but seemed pretty fair about the whole thing, acted w/ respect towards me as did I w/ him. Im going to call that County Courthouse in a couple days, and see what this is gonna cost, options,etc. Would like to do the 1 day class if possible to keep this blight off my other wise, as 1 Chesterfield Judge once told me,"IMPECCABLE" driving record. blew my mind when he said that, then said, "I'm not gonna screw that up for you today sir" then he dismissed the case. def a feel good moment...lmao

Comment by Less Prone on July 28, 2016 at 6:33pm

He pretended that he didn't see the gun. There is hope.


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