Proper Perspective For Remembering This Day

Happy Memorial Day: A Word On Those Who Died Due To (((Deception)))

I’ll say it this once – I’m not a Patriot, and I don’t agree with anything the modern degenerate United States stands for.

Whether it’s the idiotic concept of “Democracy,” the coddling of non-White primitives, the idea of magic holy dirt, the current cucked forms of Christianity that must surely make the Almighty cringe in disgust, or the acceptance of every sort of sexual perversion, all stand in start contrast to what I hold near and dear.

But on Memorial Day, I suppose I should think about the White men who died over the years fighting non-enemies thanks to the lies and deceit of the Jews (Southerners for a long time have been the majority of the cannon fodder sent away from home to be reduced to pulped meat).

Even with those who fought in the Second World War, I don’t blame them – the common soldiers who knew little about geopolitics or the real state of affairs.

Hell, even in the War Between The States, your common Yankee soldier was often a simple farmer or Irish conscript who had no idea what they were fighting for aside from what they were told before charging into volleys of musket balls and cannon blasts (I might get chewed up for this, but meh).

I blame those at the top – generals, politicians, social agitators seeking quasi-religious utopias, and the descendants of those who murdered Christ – for turning cousin against cousin (with Germany and the Civil War this is literally true) for no reason except to protect the destroyers of White Western Civilization.

So if you either have a relative who lost everything in some faraway land, or if you know someone who did, take a second to dwell on their memory on this day, and think of how you will someday avenge them.

For the majority of White casualties in America’s wars are victims when you really study things – victims who were largely tricked into thinking they were doing good, but who were then slaughtered in the process.

They are witnesses – witnesses of the evil that has wracked and warped this nation for far too long.

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