Robert Steele: Active Shooter at Synagogue — BULLSHIT — False Flag Programmed, Drill, FEMA, Show Me the Bodies…. UPDATE 6: Very Very Old People — Statistically Improbable

07 Other Atrocities, 08 Wild Cards, IO Deeds of War
Robert David STEELE Vivas

I don’t believe it.  If it is a real shooter, he is programmed and most likely programmed by the Mossad on the orders of Benjamin Netanyahu.  As we now know from a review of all past false flags, the Zionists are more than happy to kill their own (Argentina, Jewish community center) as well as Americans (USS Cole, USS Liberty, 9/11). Their objective: to legalize the censorship at #GoogleGestapo where anyone who questions anything is considered “anti-Semitic.

BULLSHIT.  Zionists evil. Jews good.  Not the same thing.  It is also possible this is a FEMA drill with legalized lies to instil fear.  My letter to the Secretary of Homeland Security was ignored.  The letter is below the fold.


And we need legislation to stop crap like this from going national.  Local event, local news, enough already.  This has all  the earmarks of a false flag seeking to advance the Zionist agenda and interfere with the election.

DOC (2 Page): A Letter to DHS AG Hill REDACTED

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Memoranda for the President on 9/11 Truth

Memoranda for the President on Sandy Hook Truth

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‘Deadliest Attack on Jewish Community in U.S. History’: Jewish Lead...

‘It is unfathomable that in the United States of America, Jews or any one else should have to live in fear of being targeted simply because of who they are and where they choose to worship,’ says World Jewish Congress president

https://i1.wp.com/phibetaiota.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Steele-AF-Lite-Cropped.jpg?w=591&ssl=1 591w" data-lazy-loaded="1" sizes="(max-width: 248px) 100vw, 248px" />ROBERT STEELE:  BULLSHIT X2 X10 X100.  In all probability the Chabad Jews did this to their own.  This is a false flag attack intended to disrupt the elections and arouse sympathy for the subversive Zionists who hide behind the skirts of the loyal Progressive and Reform Jews who have been told directly by Be....

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https://i1.wp.com/phibetaiota.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Steele-with-Logo-Cropped.jpg?w=539&ssl=1 539w" data-lazy-loaded="1" sizes="(max-width: 246px) 100vw, 246px" />
Robert David Steele

ROBERT STEELE:  Yes, there are a few crazies that might do this all on their own but no, they would not succeed at killing eight people (now claimed to be up to eleven) unless the people being shot are all morons and stand still. I believe this was a programmed event — a mind-control event — and it will be used to justify draconian censorship across #GoogleGestapo. Sadly, now that Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has been exposed as a theatrical agency — my letter is as good as it gets in terms of warning (as was my 1994 letter on cyber-vulnerability) — I fear they will begin producing real bodies.  Between the Zionists and the neo-cons and secret society folk controlling the Continuity of Government (COG) side of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), there is no aversion at all to killing innocents for a “just cause,” i.e. to further the police state at home and endless war abroad. I have ZERO confidence in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI); they threw the Fort Lauderdale mind-control shooter out of their of....  Then the Fort Lauderdale shooting happened. This individual is in custody if he has not bee silently dispatched.  Have they done a total debrief including truth drugged and trained recovery specialists?  I doubt it.  “Everyone knows” that mind-control is a COG / secret protected activity, legalized lying is explicitly condoned by Congress, and no one is willing to tell the President the truth or help the President get to the bottom of what has become a very sad spectacle of SCHEDULED mass casualties.  We even have  a procurement program to provide vehicles with “Mass Casualties” written on the side, clearly someone is planning for many more such events.

Read the mass media with care.  Below is one example from The Daily Beast, the least ethical of all the second-string outlets, and also very responsive to Media Matters, which is used to guide the Cabal/Democratic message. There are three objectives  to the emerging “message” from the controlled media:

01 Social media and schoolroom monitoring (FEMA is trying to train kids to rat on the parents, teachers, and classmates) is necessary and good for us all. “Zero tolerance” is the term that will be used often.

02 Anyone who disagrees with the Democrats is a hater and should be censored; anyone who is censored is probably also a killer and should be locked up.

03 Zionism and Jews are good (not true, Zionism evil, Jews good, the Zionists are really upset that we have successfully distinguished between the two), the Jewish community is the heart of America (not true, they are a distinct minority with just 9 million voters, but the Zionists have indeed penetrated all communications and computing systems and control banks, entertainment, government, and media).

No bodies will be shown.  There will be a burial spectacular worthy of Nero, with all the brain-dead pundits assuming a somber tone.  Greatest mass murder in history — but wait, what about 9/11 done by the Zionists with the help of George H. W. Bush and Di...?

I don’t make this shit up.  This is where we are headed, with more and more SCHEDULED mass casualties (and more and more real bodies), unless we get a grip on FEMA, CIA, and other rogue elements, and dig down deep to eliminate all the Deep Underground Military Bunkers and all the programs from mind-control to dumbing down and diseasing the public to geoengineering, that are being carried out against the public interest.

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Multiple DHS/FEMA rehearsals before the live event.

From 24 January 2018: Active shooter drill planned for Thursday nig...


We are not sure Kirstjen Nielsen understands the depth of the evil to be found at the intersection of COG and FEMA; she has not responded to my letter, perhaps it was intercepted and she never saw it (just as Kelly intercepts stuff intended for the President).  Below documents prior visits to the synagogue.

Homeland Security officials visited site of Pittsburgh shooting in March


The anti-semitism script is being faithfully followed by media whores who are paid and controlled by the Deep State. This is being combined with the shut-down of Gab.  Anti-Zionism is not the same as anti-Semitism. America is rising up against foreign influence on US elections and policies — Russia is not the enemy, Zionist Israel is the enemy. In no way is this anti-Semitic or against the nine million American Jews that were told to fuck off by Benjamin Netanyahu. This is a contrived event that has been in the planning since January 2018, and the script is contrived as well.

Anti-Semitism has moved ‘into the mainstream,’ ADL director says

The rise in “anti-Semitism” is also bullshit.  What no one in the mainstream media dares to discuss is the fact that the Zionists are documenting every possible statement (e.g. calling for boycott of Zionist Israel as anti-Semitic when it is actually anti-genocide) AND the world is waking up to the Zionist role in 9/11 as well as the Zionist history of happily killing “lesser” Jews when convenient.

Anti-Semitic Attacks On The Rise In The United States, Report Says ...


One aspect that I find odd is that the people who died are very old. The youngest is 54.

It is possible that only elderly people go to that particular synagogue, but it’s also possible that those people took off to some senior citizen retirement center in Israel.

It is also possible that some of them died weeks or months ago, but nobody mentioned it because they wanted to use the deaths for some operation like this.

Take a look at this list:

Rose Mallinger,        97
Melvin Wax,            88
Sylvan Simon,          86
Bernice Simon,         84
Joyce Fineberg,        75
Daniel Stein,          71
Irving Younger,        69
Jerry Rabinowitz,      66
Richard Gottfried,     65
Cecil Rosenthal,       59
David Rosenthal,       54

Pittsburgh synagogue shooting: Who were the victims?

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