For those of you that have spent a significant amount of time down at your local Ron Paul campaign office know the deal. Phone banking is hard. Even harder when every other moron that picks up the phone is short with you, haughty, rude, and a phone spiker. What do these vile little phone creatures all have in common? Oh yes, you guessed it. They are Mitt Romney supporters.


Mitt Romney. The pompous, little political sock puppet from Massachusetts (a Masshole indeed). Oh how I want to slap that smug little condescending grin off his face. Ya know, the look he gets every time Ron Paul makes a valid point during a debate. It's as if he practiced that shitty grin just for Paul. You'd think someone pinched a loaf in their pants and loosened their belt buckle to steam by the look on his face. Have you seen it? Do you know what I'm talking about??


Why so many are drawn to this man is the usual explanation. He is the establishment candidate. It's media bias. The powerhouse of perception that includes the newspapers, cable 'programming', the post debate analysts, and popular magazine publications. No one reads books anymore. We know that. Studies show that the average Americans' attention span for reading a book is about a page and a half. About the length of time it takes to read a web page. Thank you internet. As if our attention spans needed any added adjustments. Therefore, the length of this blog thus far, shouldn't have to many of you zoning out just yet...


I know it varies slightly by state but let's face it, Mitt Romney is the winner here. Dummy America has done it again. For those of you that actually think the polls are a great big conspiracy, think again. It's all perception. People have bought into the scam and Ron Paul is NOT as popular as some would have you believe. Not that good guy propaganda is such a bad thing. Saying it is, would be like saying the good guys shouldn't be allowed to take head shots on the battlefield. War is war. Whether it takes place in the board room, the battle field, or campaign office, hey. Wise up to that and the information war you are cramming to understand will make a lot more sense.


I would keep ranting on but I wouldn't want to conflict with anyone's attention deficit response that should be kicking in right about...


and the fog of war dissipates till next time. :)



Krypke over & out







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Comment by Cryptocurrency on October 27, 2011 at 12:46pm
Two sides to the same fiat coin. Good way of saying it.. The two party dictatorship as it were. The only thing that changes are the faces and the colors i.e red to blue, blue to red; democrat to republican. All members of the same fraternal clubs. That's putting it lightly :)
Comment by Cryptocurrency on October 27, 2011 at 11:18am

Yep, people love the lie. They worship and deify it. Oh but the truth, oh no they can't handle... you already know.  "Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened."


Funny thing is, that last quote came from a liar lol. Yep, madness it is. Utter insanity. My last call of the evening around... 8:35 was the heart stopper for me. The lady was semi interested in Paul. Articulate, fast talking, and could back up much of what she said with details. Boy did she knit-pick every little thing I said. Kept saying,"Careful, I'm very knowledgeable of these things." You hear that more than a couple times and you start thinking the opposite. Anyway, she tried numerous times to insinuate that I was "new to this" or somehow wet behind the ears. The reality is I was just tired and had been there since 2:00, and I was stammering a bit. Anyway, she kept picking away until finally I brought up the topic of the Federal Reserve. Then she started trying to suggest that I had heard all of these catch phrases somewhere, and that they weren't my ideas. Like, "no shit lady! I mean, really?!!" She wasn't familiar with fractional reserve banking and get this... and try NOT to laugh, she believes we STILL use the gold standard!! She was VERY adamant about this. "You don't just call someone up and tell them are money is not backed by anything when we have a gold standard." I swear to Christ she said this. She also told me that I had misunderstood Ron Paul and that when he talks about returning to "the Gold Standard" he MUST be using a metaphor for something that I have apparently misunderstood and that she, conveniently of course, couldn't explain.


I jousted with another lady (earlier) who swore to God Bill O' Reilly was the truth of the world. She thought Ron Paul was kind of "strange" in terms of his mannerisms and message. I slowly convinced her that he meant well and he was an older gentlemen and she agreed but remained hung up on the fact that Bill O' Reilly was the God of Truth and Goodness and Ron Paul will not go on his show. And because of that, she will never vote for him. "The one thing about Bill is he is fair and balanced, and he will get the truth out!" Lol, unbelievable madness that never, EVER ends.

Comment by Tara on October 27, 2011 at 12:39am
I don't know whether to laugh or cry after reading this blog Krypke. WTF is wrong with people? Romney is like the white version of Obamadonna to me.  They both are smooth talking, Don wannabe puppets who parade around with empty talk and shallow promises.... like snake oil salesman. Why can't people see this? Or do they still love to be lied to and deceived? They must because they keep drinking the stupid juice from these con's. Arghhh, the madness just never ends does it?

"Destroying the New World Order"


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