Russian Collusion Gate? No, Hillary Gate!

Hillary Collusion and DNC Wrist Cutting

Is Russian Collusion Gate really Hillary Gate? It would seem the evidence is fast weighing in as the Democrats in a desperate gamble tried everything they could to misdirect the guilt and dirty tricks they employed during the 2016 election. With recent revelations of the Fusion GPS disbursements coming straight from Hillary and the Democrats to attempt to fabricate a fake dossier provided by former British intelligence agent Christopher Steele, so amateurish that no press outlet would even consider it as evidence once released there only remained a question of who paid for it!

Guilty as charged

Already guilty but as yet unconvicted, Hillary Clinton has already been linked to the acceptance 145 million from the Russians through her supposedly charitable foundation that has not even donated as much as 10% of its revenues to humanitarian causes. Husband, Bill, receiving half a million for giving speeches? One might ask why the Russians would even have an interest in listening to Bill unless it was an exercise in misdirection which it was.


Collusion per say is not a crime or proof of treason or a punishable offense against any candidate. Bill Clinton signed this act into law after sources had produced proof that he had accepted millions in election funding during his 2nd term of office from a foreign source ( China). At the time is was illegal. One might recall in 1984 and 1985 Senator Ted Kennedy colluded ubiquitously with the Russians trying to solicit their help in preventing the election of candidate, Ronald Reagan. Today, many might consider this to have constituted treason!

Overlooked by mainstream press

Yet, once again with the Uranium One Deal allowing the Russian government to control 20% of America's uranium with large amounts of the “Yellow Cake” already unaccounted for, Robert Mueller's fishing expedition over Trump can't find anything other than allegations of money laundering by Paul Manafort. A typical tactic by the federal prosecutors is to make accusations that even though unfounded will cost the defendant exorbitant legal fees simply for legal defense when, in fact, there is no guilt, but the US government is capable of confiscating enough taxpayer money or printing up enough fiat currency to fund any trial intended to break a defendant's bank. So, as an alternative, a deal is struck in order to alleviate the court costs and reputation damage and the suspect will be pressured to testify against the “Bigger Fish” the one the prosecutors really want! This Gestapo-like coerciveness has been used time and again as it was against the Mafia in the 1980's.

Righteous backlash

A destructive chain reaction just as bad as a uranium nuclear reaction awaits the Democrats as the illegal laundering of money from Russia targeted at undermining the Trump campaign and enriching themselves at the cost of national security is clearly being revealed as Mueller's impotent efforts move forward. From the illegal unmaskings that began in 2016 with Susan Rice's orders and the her immediate superior President Obama to FBI and department of Justice officials who knew of the Russian bribery being accepted by Hillary and Bill Clinton along with John Podesta to a long string of Democrat operatives and lawyers breaking the law and being allowed by Director Comey to destroy evidence rather have the Bureau investigate its content, a new DOJ with new marching orders will have a proverbial “Turkey Shoot” of guilty defendants to prosecute!

More conspirators

Over and over again President Trump has been exonerated of any collusion with the Russians, but the Democrats will not stop knowing that their necks are already on the chopping block. From Hillary's legal counsel while she was Secretary of State to DNC Chair, Debby Wasserman Schultz, a gauntlet of complicit parties await a real investigation with charges looming for a Democrat Party conspiracy that has perpetuated itself too long and with the passing of the Obama Administration it can no longer deflect legal enforcement of the law. As Donald Trump has accurately predicted his campaign and commercial properties were indeed being wiretapped in the closing weeks of 2016 as Democrats desperately tried to stop the Trump train from ascendancy and they broke the law doing it! FISA Court violations are serious felonies! The equivalent of penalties contained in the Espionage Act. God willing justice will prevail.

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Comment by Diana on November 5, 2017 at 11:52am

It was only "opposition research" per Hillary.  As usual, blow it off as nothing like all her other crimes.  If she and others involved are not prosecuted for this, we no longer have justice in this country.

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