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Seattle Seahawks have Truth on Their Side

Seattle Seahawks and Pete Carroll have the 9/11 Truth movement on their side going into the Super Bowl

Most Seattle Seahawks fans love Coach Pete Carroll because he’s cultivated a football team great enough to get to and possibly win the Super Bowl two years in a row. There are a few fans, however, who are cheering the Seahawks and Carroll on for a less obvious reason: These fans see Carroll as a leader of a very different group — the 9/11 Truth movement.


Pete Carroll admired by '9/11 Truth' movement

PHOENIX — Pete Carroll is a conspiracy theorist, at least that is how the conspiracy theory goes. And it is one that has gained the Seattle Seahawks coach an unlikely following from the "9/11 Truth" movement in the lead-up to his attempt to win back-to-back Super Bowls.


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Comment by Nikki on February 1, 2015 at 3:38pm

I agree Hwood. Like everything else in Murica, football is a sell out and well beyond its golden age. But back in the day it was pretty good. Football got to be really big due to a friendly rivalry between Clint Murchison Jr and Lamar Hunt. That's kind of ironic since both their daddies were somehow involved in The Big Event. Murch never liked the name 'Cowboys' and originally named the team the 'Rangers'. It was Tex Schramm who insisted on the 'Cowboys'. Hunt's team was the 'Texans'. After three years of low attendance and big financial losses, Hunt caved in first and the Texans moved to Missouri and became the Kansas City Chiefs. It was Lamar who came up with the name 'Super Bowl' for the title game. After the Big Event, it was the Cowboys who finally brought some respectability back to Dallas.

Comment by Central Scrutinizer on February 1, 2015 at 8:42am

lol...laff everytime i i watch that....silly players

....sorry, I USED to luvz sum footsball, started when this rookie QB named Roger Staubach took a certain Texas team to icon status and I was 7 ;)

...and NOW....I have severed all ties w/ the nfl now, they went the way of this corrupt, rogue & criminal Gub'mint machine now...ya got Barry trying to endorse his illegal VeryBarryCare scam via NFL commercials & players, ya got that obvious establishment plant, Booby Costas in there screaming about gun control in between plays, then having interviews w/ the king usurping bastiche himself,WTF happened to football?? and now sooperBole half-time shows are Illuminati spectacles driven by subliminal's....sucks ass now. Let's not even mention the amount of "Bad" calls and paid-off refs this year has doubled (so obvious)....My boys and Mr Bryant got robbed by an obvious blown call that lost em the game 3 weeks ago against GB, top it off the ref goes on tv 3 days later and apologized...WTF?????? I'm pissed the only sport i ever liked is now tainted and corrupt ....funny note on Internet roomers, on Monday rumor was that this ref's bank balance went Up by half a Mill, then he left the USA....lol

"Tennis anyone????"

Comment by Nikki on January 31, 2015 at 11:29pm

LOL, Hwood! What did he think? Someone might have an embolism after hearing the truth?

Since there are no teams from the South or Midwest this year, I haven't heard anyone say that their favorite team "has God on their side."

Comment by Central Scrutinizer on January 31, 2015 at 9:46pm

"Alright......is everybody alright??"


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