Sgt. Shamar Thomas (Hero Marine that scared the Cops in NYC) on attack of Scott Olsen at Occupy Oakland



In Nashville and San Diego, occupiers were arrested by police in an effort, officials say, to insure safety. The cops there also confiscated personal belongings including donated food. Many believe this is an effort to dissolve the movement, but in Oakland the numbers have multiplied. The increase in protesters is a response to Scott Olsen. The American war vet was attacked by Oakland police which led to the Marine to be taken to the ER. Sergeant Shamar Thomas, Marine and Occupy Wall Street protester, sounds off on the latest about the movement.

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Comment by Freedomrox on October 31, 2011 at 4:41pm

Good Order of the community, Mein Fuhrer? Who died and made you God? You seem like a provactuer Mr. Jett, so I will not even take the time to explain the 1st amendment dedication of our God given right to assemble and to seek a Redress of Grievances with this out of control, illegitimate govt.


No, sir..I will just say have a nice day, and wear your chains with pride and dignity...oh that's right your police state masters won't allow you any dignity.

Comment by Old Denmark on October 31, 2011 at 4:47am
Western countries must be proud of their "brownshirts" beating down peaceful protesters i thought we lived in anno 2011 and not in 1934. !


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