Could it be that the crucial opinions held by the public are a product of propaganda conditioning? 

The term sleepwalker does not always apply to a medical condition associated with the unconscious activity of a sleeping individual who cannot distinguish between the dream state and reality. In this instance a sleepwalker is a person going through the motions of being a living thinking individual without knowing or caring to know what really is going on in the world around them. This term can also be applied to people who do not self actualize their existence and therefore do not live up to their potential, but isn’t this true of all of us to some degree or another.

Classic Sleepwalking

Let us stick to the specific definition of one who goes through life never asking any serious questions or examining themselves or the world they live in. More like a preprogrammed biological robot they simply go through life reacting and never asking why things are the way they are as they let others make that decision for them. In the next paragraphs ask yourself if you are one of many in society who indeed live this way.

The world through different eyes

As individuals we all see the world in various ways. Different world views result from cultural, religious, psychological, or socioeconomic factors, education, and perhaps a combination of all of the above. Then take into consideration that there are more than 6 billion people on the face of the earth with that many different points of view, but keeping this in mind, let’s take a look at those occupying American society. Since one important aspect of our society is American exceptionalism and the emphasis on individual freedoms getting a representative cross section of world view might be more conducive in the “land of the free home of the brave” right?

Who we elect

Let us take the time to briefly examine ourselves and where our attitudes and opinions are formed as adults and how this affects our society as a whole. Society in a large part is usually held together cohesively by core beliefs or sacredly held self evident truths such as morality, a sense of right and wrong that is generally accepted. Yet, in all this we appoint or elect our government to do the heavy lifting when it comes to representing our point of view in law making.

What if?

What happens when a large percentage of that society are sleepwalkers then what happens to that society when apathy describes the general consensus of the populace? Ask yourself the following questions if you are so inclined. If you find yourself willing to admit that you share these behavioral traits and then acknowledge that a great number of people share the same vision or lack their of, then ask yourself what kind of chance do we have of keeping our freedoms, our sovereignty, or our way of life that we take so much for granted. See if you qualify as a “Sleepwalker”.

How about your opinion?

Do you allow others to form your opinions for you? Did a teacher in school tell you that socialism or Communism is a better way of establishing equality in society? Did you accept this doctrine as a valid point of view because a campus professor posed it, or a high school teacher? Did you ever pay attention in history class and learn how the “Cold War Era” got started and why it represented a threat to your society in the past? So, a possibly slanted form of opinion influenced your because it came from a seemingly authoritarian figure like a college professor disenfranchised from the concept of free enterprise?

Do you really know?

Did you ever wonder why you might have formed a negative opinion about such people as Sarah Palin or Rush Limbaugh? Was it due to the media’s slanted or biased reporting of these people? Was their reporting based upon fact or simply negative spin because they serve the best interests of the federal government? Did you ever bother to hear them speak before you formed your opinion or bother to comprehend what they were saying? Why of course not. You allowed the liberal hacks of the state controlled US media to think for you!

Ever bother to check?

When you form an opinion about a political topic such as what constitutes a patriotic political leader or a charlatan do you simply judge by his or her’s appearance whether you like them or not, without listening to what they are saying or bothering to check the facts such as when your President Obama consistently misrepresents the truth, says it with a straight face, and does it with charm and charisma so that’s enough for you, right? Did you ever wonder why he never debates with his detractors or why so many people accuse him of violating the US Constitution, or is it just that he’s simply your president that you should take his word for it?

How about those tax increases?

If our federal government is looking out for the best interests of Americans then is it a good thing that taxes keep going up? There’s a logical explanation for this right? If they tell you that climate change is manmade and therefore we all need to pitch in and pay more taxes that’s okay with you, right? Why, just because they told you this was true, or did you bother to check the facts? Can you even distinguish between consensus and actually scientific data? is there a political reason behind the way the data is being presented. It’s okay if someone like Al Gore makes billions off this vague and largely unproven pseudoscience while accusing other of being a bunch of corrupt capitalists, right? No conflict of interest their, right? Not even when one can do a little research go back in history and see that Al Gore cast the deciding vote over the government assessing income tax on senior citizens who are living off their Social Security savings, right?

How about the president?

Have you ever wondered why our President Barack Hussein Obama, who has spent more time on the golf course than any other president and never bothers to come back from vacations he has taken in Hawaii or Europe whenever there’s a national crisis always tells Americans to tighten their belts, to pay their fair share of taxes, or that when we get older we should expect not to get medial treatment for serious illness if we are no longer making a contribution to society? I wonder if he, his wife, or his daughters have to live under this type of coverage too? Is it okay with you if the president tells you to live less of a quality of life as he parties on taxpayer money eating the richest fattiest food while Michelle forces school children to endure low fat veggie menus at the cafeterias?

How about all that spending?

Do you ever stop to consider how continued government spending and the huge deficits it brings will affect the US dollar as the Federal Reserve prints worthless paper money to float a supposedly anemic US economic recovery? Ever asked what kind of things our federal government is throwing taxpayer money at? Did you care to find out that the US government spends millions on donations to HAMAS a terrorist organization? Did you know that your government wants to spend millions of taxpayer dollars on free education for illegal immigrants along with free medical services and Social Security benefits that they never paid into the system for? Have you ever bothered to ask why?

How about that terrorism?

Have you ever bothered to ask or be concerned over the fact that President Obama never seems to say anything critical over terrorist attacks all over the world and especially when it involves the deaths of US citizens? Especially if it involves Muslims, does it not seem that the president warns everyone not to rush to judgment about Muslims as all acts of terrorism are committed by radical Islam, yet Obama is quick to pass judgment over our very own police if it involves a black criminal being shot, right? So, do you think our president has blood on his hands when our police are being shot by thugs who feel that our federal government is on their side if they do kill policeman?

Who to blame?

So, if you are frustrated over higher taxes, more regulations, more invasions of your privacy, rising energy costs, and unaffordable health insurance even though your president told you that health care costs who reduce by 25% do you ever bother to ask why? When the mass media blame the Republicans for all this do you even bother to check and see if this is unfounded accusation or opinionated journalism?


Have you bothered to inquire just why our President Obama releases thousands of illegal aliens who have been detained for deportation back into our cities? When Sheriffs and Cops are shot by illegal aliens who were released by the ICE do you ever get upset enough to ask why or what was the reasoning behind this action by a president who is supposed to value the safety of his own citizens first? Is it simply okay because Chris Matthews of MSNBC says it’s okay because he should know better than you, right?

Did you answer yes?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions or to the majority of them then you are just like most Americans we call “Low Information Voters” because you are the very backbone of our White House and federal government. They rely heavily upon your denial of the truth, your apathy, your unwillingness to show concern over the erosion of your rights and freedoms. You are the Sleepwalkers who are allowing our government to get away with their destruction of our US Constitutional Republic as you watch your ballgames, view your favorite reality TV shows, spend hours at your video games, or take the word of every pundit who wears a suit and tie sitting behind a desk in front of a news camera and tells you the Tea Party is made up of right wing extremists who are preventing bi-partisan cooperation on Capitol Hill.

Bottom Line

Congratulations, because you have exactly the kind of government, or should I say rule, that you deserve. Remember you’re too busy! You believe everything the media wants you to subscribe to. You already know that people like Mark Levin, Michael Savage, or Sean Hannity are right wing nuts without even having to listen to what they say because the media told you what to think already. You don’t have to see for yourself! You don’t have time to weigh the facts and get at the truth or you simply scream at people that you hate politics whenever someone brings up the topic. Well, let me reassure you Mr. and Mrs. Sleepwalker, not only do you get the government you deserve, but you get to pay those wondrous taxes that go right along with it so don’t you worry.Your self assured outlook is guaranteed, but just remember one thing. You may not like what you get.

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