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Sssh, it's Happy Eastern Star, oops or is it Ēostre? Don’t forget your Osterhase Eggs!!


Click here to enlarge this imageThe Easter Bunny, ah, is not ‘bunny’ or 'Bunnywabbit' at all, but is actually an Hare.

The Hare was the sacred animal of Eostre [or Oestra or Ostera], the ancient Teutonic Goddess of the Spring Moon. At the time of the vernal equinox [March or April] the hares are famed for going ‘mad as a March Hare', and it was at this time of the year that out of character for its species, one of Eostre’s hares laid an egg.

Not just any old egg, for this was the Egg of a New Life - the Eostre Egg.

Image Detail

From Kit Williams - Masquerade, that made me and 1000's of others dig up country Manor lawns, golf courses and wherever we thought the "Golden hare" was buried!

Though isn't Easter a Christian festival marking Jesus Christ’s resurrection after dying on the cross, and not a ceremony to a Pagan hare-headed goddess?

Well of course it is, as actually it’s both.

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Synod of Whitby

After much debate at the Synod of Whitby in the 5th Century, the ‘Christian Easter’ is destined to fall roughly around the same time as the ‘Pagan Easter’ due to its association to the Judaic Passover, - which is also fixed by the lunar cycle.

Both these festivals could also be said to reflect new life, either Christ’s return from the dead or the blossom and birth of Spring. So with that in mind, it was not too much of a stretch of the imagination for the "Christian Church" to merge both festivals together.

And this is what is known as ‘assimilation’ and was a habit frequently employed in those times to ease and encourage, rather than to force it down the throats in their conversion of wild heathens that trod these lands.

Easter - The East-Star, is all about fertility, reborn, rebirth and the Lions Paw and all that; “...the raising of Hiram Abif” in Freemasonry, - what Faberge's eggs symbolise and why Lady Gaga came on stage in an “egg”.

Image DetailImage Detail

Rebirth of Hiram Abif

Image Detail

Lady Gaga goes to work in an Egg

 Like I say, it's not really a Rabbit, as pagan tradition fits more comfortably with the Hare, for “eggs”, like hares and rabbits are also fertility symbols of ancient times.  Since birds lay eggs and hares and rabbits give birth to large litters in the early spring, these became symbols of the rising fertility of the earth at the Vernal Equinox. 

Image Detail

Image Detail 

The Vernal Equinox

The origins of an egg-laying bunny wabbit in the USA came about in the 18th century, when German immigrants in the Pennsylvania Dutch area told their children about the "Osterhas",  also spelt “Osterhase", ‘Hase’ means "hare", and in Northwest European folklore, the "Easter Bunny" indeed is a hare, not a rabbit.

Has, Has, Osterhas - Musik: Volkslied - Text: Paula Dehmel [1862-1918]

Has, Has, Easter Bunny,
We do not want to wait any longer.
The crocus and daisies,
Forget-me-nots and tulips stand
been long in unser'm garden.

Click here to enlarge this imageFather Christmas

Father Christmas is a combination of both the Holly King [of Hollywood], the personification of the Pagan winter festival of Yule-Tide and Santa Claus, and the Eastern Saint Nicholas who represents the Christian Advent-Tide.

Image Detail

He is both these things and more, a curious conglomerate of various Heathen and Christian motifs. He was once accompanied by strange and ill-tempered dwarves such as Knecht Ruprecht and Balck Peter, who would whip impatient, greedy and badly-behaved children with birch-wood canes.

Image Detail

St. Nicholas and Black Peter..."Dave, is that you Dave, Dave..."

Image Detail

Papa Lazarous - "Hello Dave" from the series 'League of Gentlemen'

Image DetailKnecht Ruprecht

In America and in modern day in general, there’s been what we could call a rather misconception about the Christmas character that is largely unrecognised, as Knecht Ruprecht, is the scary and even sinister companion to Saint Nicholas.  

Image Detail

The red cloak of Saint Nichlos

What does Ruprecht do with that rod of his? 

Is this not where the origins and traditions of corporal punishment, such as the Birch on the Isle of Man, or the Cane at school came from?

As he beats children who have been bad, naughty and not that very nice!

Knecht Ruprecht

Knecht Ruprecht


Knecht Ruprecht, who has different personas in different nations.  In some eastern European countries Knecht Ruprecht is called "Krampus", an horned beast, - and perhaps where we get the term; "He's got the horn", or is that a gun in his pocket"?

Image Detail

Bush and other world leaders love giving it the Krampus greeting!!

Image Detail

The Kallikantzaroi

The Kallikantzaroi, are a kind of deformed Greek fairy/ies that appear during the 12 days of Christmas '...my true love said to me...; 

At night they make a procession through the streets in good old Rodeo fashion riding on animals or chickens backs.  They are the size of small children, but monstrous little buggers with oversized heads, tusks and other attributes of animals - and the film; Gremlins comes to mind.  They will torment those they encounter, though they finally leave at the Epiphany, to return the following Christmas!

Image Detail

"Only Coca-Cola" - "That dam Cocaine goes everywhere...slurp!

Modern day Santa Claus has been so watered down, it's like American beer, as we actually love the old toad, so much so my aunty Bess often helps "Santa" empty his sack, as he's been known to have the odin, I mean odd accident, and could often be seen to shed his load!

From an Odin archetype, we now have a fat Coca-Cola styled jolly old chap alongside his frightening little helper, who has been transformed into a harmless elf toy maker of Lapland, "We had to sell-out, we had no choice, have you seen the price of Raindeers" 

Image Detail

Odin King

Yet there is something primal about the combination of the original version of the European Saint Nicholas and old Knecht Ruprecht, though it's said there’s a true-life message behind all this folklore, and after all it’s what gives fairy tales their influence.  Children are taught that life does not always provide gifts and joy.  Side by side with happiness is desperation and despair, and that on that one day we might have plenty to eat, when the next we may be starving. 

Image Detail

Appreciate it when there is plenty, for hard times are always lurking nearby, like Ruprecht with his rod of punishment, - life’s duality is indeed a hard lesson and bitter Blue or Red pill to swallow.

Image Detail

According to the legend, and like that of Santa Claus, it’s only good children who receive “coloured eggs” in the nests they made in the form of their caps and bonnets before Easter, and like at Christmas time when an old stocking or sock is used.

One of the Brothers Grimm, Jacob, wrote in 1835, of a long-standing myth in Germany itself. Grimm suggested that these derived from legends of the reconstructed continental Germanic goddess Ostara.

Image DetailJacob with Shriner like Fez [1785 - 1803] & brother Wilhel Grimm [1786 - 1859]
Image Detail      Ostara, Bunnies and Eggs; 'Sanctuaries without Walls'

That it’s hardly surprising that rabbits and hares should become fertility symbols, or that their springtime mating antics should enter into realms of Easter folklore.

Image Detail

Chocolate Easter Bilby

The Aussies have Easter Bilby’s, - Bilbies are native Australian marsupial, as they had no "European" rabbits until some idiot introduced them into the wild, and they did what they do, which is breed like rabbit's and ravaged the continent for decades.

Image Detail

Myxomatosis is a disease discovered in 1896, in Uruguay, where it causes sporadic lethal infections in the American cottontail species (Sylvilagus sp.). The virus has spread over the entire American continent, and has become endemic in some regions.

It was soon discovered that the European rabbit, (Oryctolagus cuniculi) was very sensitive to this virus, causing severe skin abscesses, infections, and ultimately death.

In the 1950se, the myxomatosis virus was introduced and spread among wild rabbits in Australia, in order to reduce its population.

This operation decimated almost all the wild rabbit population, except a few individuals that seemed resistant to this virus. The surviving rabbits started to reproduce offspring and colonised the country anew. In Europe, the virus spread rapidly and has now become endemic in some regions, which are populated by the European rabbit.

Image Detail

Many Christians to this day typically dye their Easter eggs red, in recognition of the blood of the Christ, thus the renewal of life in springtime. If green in colour, it’s in honour of the new leaves and foliage emerging after the dead of winter.

German Protestants wanted to retain the Catholic custom of eating coloured eggs for Easter, but did not want to introduce their children to the Catholic rite of fasting. Eggs were forbidden to Catholics during the fast of Lent, which was the reason for the abundance of eggs at Easter time, the end of Lent.

Image Detail

Many of my Catholic "friends", do this each year, then they scoff their little appy faces off with chocey running all down their chiny chin-chins as soon as the time arrives!

However my droogs, if we are trying to uncover the truth of the matter, we have to go back even further and before the likes of “Christ” was even contemplated and created by man.

The “Eastern Star” in Christian tradition, is the same Star of Bethlehem, also called the Christmas Star, which revealed the birth of Jesus to the Magi, that later led them onto old Bether’s. The star appears in the nativity story of the Gospel of Matthew, where Magi "from the East" are inspired by the star to travel to Jerusalem.  The Magi [and where surely the origins the word Magic derives from], are also referred to as the Three Wise Men, or Three Kings, or Kings from the East or Orient, okay droogs let's pump up the volume;

"We three kings of Orient are
Bearing gifts we traverse afar.
Field and fountain, moor and mountain,
Following yonder star.
O star of wonder, star of night,
Star with royal beauty bright,
Westward leading, still proceeding,
Guide us to thy perfect Light".

The only one of the four Canonical gospels to mention the Magi, states that they came "from the East" to worship the Christ, "born King of the Jews."

Image Detail

Though in the East, the “Magi” traditionally number twelve, and their identification as “Kings” in later Christian writings is probably linked to Psalms 72:11, “May all kings fall down before him”.  Which is rather a nice and convenient way and clause to then slip into the writings of the Bible, that makes it perfectly acceptable that “Kings” should rule “us” on “behalf” of thy “Lord”, - how dumber can you get, yet around a billion people love to play this game, - though I don’t blame them, as they have been lied to after all.

Image Detail

The Star of Ishtar from Al Manning's "The Magic of New Ishtar Power"

All droogs have to know, as it was a long time ago and before baby Jesus was even invented; there were these bad boys and girls:

Image Detail
Image Detail
"What the hell you talking about, it's the Virgin Mary and Child", - well actually it's Isis and baby Horus
Image Detail
Image Detail
Image Detail
Image Detail
Image Detail
Image Detail
Thoth as Ibis

To understand ancient “Star” symbolism, and let’s not forget the Sun is a star, our Sun is our major Star, that without it we’d all be brown bread, - is to understand the major religions. 

Image Detail

In the ancient world they used one particular symbol for the Sun’s journey through the year.  And this is still a fundamental symbol used by the Babylonian Masonic Brotherhood whom too are of course part of the Catholic Church.  It symbolised both the Phoenician depictions of Barati and was on the shield of her British expression – Britannia, which found its way on that countries coinage.

The ancients took the circle of the zodiac [a Greek word meaning animal circle] and inserted a cross to mark the four seasons.  

Image Detail 

At the centre of the cross, they placed a symbol of the Sun.   Many of the pre-Christian deities were also said to have been born on December 25th merely because of this symbolism, which is between December 2lst-22nd, we have the winter solstice when in the northern hemisphere, the Sun is at the lowest point of its power in the annual cycle.  

The ancients see this as the Sun had symbolically ‘died’.  Then by December 25th, the Sun had demonstrably begun its symbolic journey back towards spring, then summer the peak period of its power.  

Image Detail

Ra the Sun God

The ancients therefore said that the ‘Sun was born’ [the Sun of God, the Son God, which to the Egyptians is Ra], on December 25th.  The Christian Christmas the ‘Son was born’ is merely a renamed Pagan festival, as indeed are all the Christian festivals.  

Easter is another one, as around March 25th, the old fixed date for Easter, the Sun enters the astrological sign of Aries the Ram or the Lamb, ready for the slaughter, for its this time the ancients used to sacrifice lambs because they believed this would appease and please the gods, most notably the “Sun God”, thus ensuring an abundant harvest and a jolly spring.

Image Detail


In ancient Babylon, Tammuz, the son of Queen Semiramis was said to have been ‘crucified’ with a lamb at his feet and his body was placed in a cave.  

It was through the merger of Sun worship and Christianity that the day of worship was moved to Sun-day. Every day of the week in our Roman calendar is devoted to a different pagan deity:

Sun-day: the Sun
Mon-day: the Moon
Tues-day: Tiews (The Nordic equivalent of Mars)
Wednes-day: Woden (equivalent to Mercury)
Thurs-day: Thor (Equivalent to Jupiter)
Fri-day: Freya (Equivalent to Venus and Aphrodite)
Satur-day: Saturn
Because Constantine was a Sun worshiper, he moved all worship to Sunday, forbidding Christians and Jews to worship on the Sabbath. Today the church has been so indoctrinated into this practice that they refer to Sunday as the Sabbath day. This is but one more example of the corruptions of Babylon.

The corruptions of Christianity due to its merger with Sun worship are many, and few realise the extent of them. Many Christians speak of “Sun-day worship” and “Sun-day school,” not realising the origin and meaning of what it is they are saying. Even depictions of the Christ bear the marks of Sun worship.

Image Detail

Jesus - No, it's Apollo
This above picture is easily mistaken as a painting of Christ, I always thought that's who it must be, or some Saint. It is actually a painting of Apollo. The “solar halo,” also called a nimbus, was very common in depictions of deities that were related to the Sun and Sun worship.


Image Detail

Due to Catholicism’s deep ties to Sun worship, symbols of the Sun are found in its abundance

This is a picture of the Pope carrying what is very obviously an image of the Sun. The sacrament of the Mass observed by Catholics is rife with Sun images. Even the wafer that is supposed to represent the body of Christ is in the shape of a solar disk. It is this which is held in the center of the image above.

These solar wafers were used in the observance of pagan rites. In contrast, at the Passover supper the Lord took unleavened bread and "broke" it, he tore it to pieces, and didn't not carve it into neat little thin circles that represent the Sun and pass it out to all his buddies and say; “This is My body broken for you. Eat this in remembrance of Me.” Nor did they mark this observance on Sun-day.

That fish symbol you see on the back of many a "believers" car, had long been employed in pagan religions, for it was a symbol of Venus [yes that lil ol planet often refered to as the Morning Star, - Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, or just good ol Lucifer to others], as well as Bacchus. In The Two Babylons, Alexander Hyslop writes, "Icthus, or the Fish, was one of the names of Bacchus." Bacchus was another name for Tammuz, the Sun-deity.

The worship of the fish deity is found in Scripture as we read of Dagon, the fish god of the Philistines.

The priests of Dagon wore fish shaped hats.

It is from this that the Catholics obtained the Mitre. Note that this priest of Dagon is sprinkling water, just like the Catholics do in their rituals.

Did you ever stop to question where the Catholic Church gets all of its costumes and symbols? The Catholics say they trace the lineage of the popes back to Peter, yet you show me where Peter can be found dressed in such a way.   Remember droogs, I'm an agnostic borderline atheist, so don't give a toss what he wore, I'm here to help you seek the truth that's all.

Regarding the appearance of the Ichthus symbol in Christianity, Alexander Hyslop writes: About the very time that the Bishop of Rome was invested with the pagan title of Pontifex, the Savior began to be called Ichthys, or “the Fish,” thereby identifying Him with Dagon, or the fish-god; and that, ever since, advancing step by step, as circumstances would permit, what has gone under the name of the worship of Christ, has just been the worship of that same Babylonian divinity, with all its rites and pomp and ceremonies, precisely as in ancient Babylon. - Source: The Two Babylons, page 370.

So why is it the Catholic church eats fish every Friday?

Where did this custom come from?

When the Constellation of the Bull [Taurus] was rising at the Equinox, folks were “washed in the blood of the bull” - The Egyptians also annually slew a sacred bull in atonement for the sins of the realm. The concept was that the blood of one god, or the symbol of that god, could cleanse the sins of many.  However, after two thousand or so years the spring equinox slipped from Taurus, the Bull, into Aries, The Ram, and this heralded the birth of yet another new god, this time emerging from the Israelites.

Image Detail

Aries taking the Bull by its horn and nose; the most sensative part of this beast of an animal and why the 'ring' it.

They distinguished themselves from the bull-worshippers by using the blood of the lamb as a sacred fluid and symbol. For Moses was leading his people,chosen with lamb’s blood, to a new religion. This was the new world age marked by Aries and thus a new god was required.

Image Detail

Let's take a bucthers hook at the Romans, they worshiped Aphrodite Salacia.

Pisces began the lead position in the Zodiac around 2,000 years ago when the spring equinox heliacal rising slipped from Aries the Ram to Pisces the Fishes. However this was never a clear distinction, as Pisces is such a large constellation and its two fish reaching through the sky actually encompass the stars of Aries.

The coming of the age of Pisces, the "new world order", was eagerly awaited as it was heralded by a triple conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Pisces in the year 6 BCE and Virgil, in his Fourth Eclogue, announced it would be the return of the Golden Age. This conjunction was the astronomical highlight of the time, eagerly awaited and then watched and was later named, in Christian mythology, the Star of Bethlehem.
But the fish was an ancient symbol long before it was adopted by the new god. The Greeks incorporated the Fish as a sacred symbol through Aphrodite in her form as a fish-goddess called Aphrodite Salacia.

Aphrodite Salacia - "Fish anyone?"

Image Detail

Freya was the Scandinavian equivalent of Aphrodite.

Aphrodite Salacia was a fertility goddess. The worshipers of Aphrodite ate fish on Fridays and engaged in orgies, alright some it could be argued. Fish is considered an “aphrodisiac.”, any Oysters and Champange come to mind, as does a line of Charlie, - from the name of 'Aphrodite Salacia' we also get the word “salacious,” which is defined as “intended to arouse people sexually", as one can easily get a boner under such conditions.

Outside the oldest Roman Catholic church in Macon, Georgia, St. Joseph’s Catholic Church. This shrine outside the church contains the Pyramid and All Seeing Eye of Freemasonry [note the sunburst behind the cross.] It includes the cross, which is a symbol of Tammuz, who is Nimrod reborn, the god of the Sun. This is signified also by the solar burst behind the Tau-cross. It has an image of Mary, who is modeled after Semiramis, the Queen of Heaven, the mother of Tammuz and wife of Nimrod.
"Macon" is the French word for Mason. Both Freemasonry and Roman Catholicism trace their roots back to Babylon. The city of Macon was laid out by its Masonic founders after the street design of ancient Babylon, a fact attested on the local Chamber of Commerce, but isn't that what they say about the layout of Washington and London among many other cities.

Image Detail

"Owl! What Owl? I see no bloody Owl on the layout of Washington, you talk a load of Molochs, - must be some crazed conspiracy theorist!"

When one opens ones eyes, they can clearly see the incredible influence of the Babylonians within the Catholic church, as it's found everywhere, though strange how a billion or so can't?

Image DetailThe Rock that was Rolled from Jesus' tomb

Image Detail

Image Detail

Image Detail

Image Detail

Rolling Stones

Image Detail

Jay Z's Rocawear

Rockefeller, Rock n Roll, Roll Away the Stone, the Rolling Stones and even Rocawear comes to mind, as it's said that a rock was rolled away from the cave’s entrance three days later, and his body had disappeared, but no I’m not talking about “Jesus”, this is the legend of Tammuz, as that's what allegedlly happened to them as well!! 

You really couldn't make this kind of shit up, you really couldn't, well surely you wouldn't be able to get away with such a farce, - could you?

Circa 400BC

Image Detail

The ancients also symbolised the Sun as a newborn baby in December, as a youth at Easter time and as an immensely powerful and strong man in the summer, whilst becoming an ageing olded man losing his power in the autumn period, then an actual old man by the time of the winter solstice.

Image Detail

Old Father time present New Blood for the Spring

The modern depiction of ‘Old Father Time’ is a version of this event.  They also symbolised the Sun as having long golden hair, the ‘rays of the sun’ which got shorter as he lost his power in the months of autumn.  Now look again at the Old Testament story of ‘Samson’ = ‘Sam-sun’, he was incredibly strong and had long hair, but he lost his power when his hair was cut. 


Samson bringing the Masonic pillars to the ground...

Samson about to lose his bacon from Delilah

His problems started when he entered the House of Delilah - the astrological ‘house’ of Virgo, the virgin, through which the Sun passes as autumn approaches, summoning his last burst of power, ‘Sam-the-Sun’, pushes down the two pillars, which are classic Masonic Brotherhood symbolism going back at least to ancient Egypt and are still used by the Freemasons today.  Samson is ‘Sam Sun’ – a symbolic story of the Sun’s annual cycle.  The Bibles version of Samson is purely fictitious there wasn’t really any such person.  In Hebrew, Samson = the ‘God of the Sun’.

     To the orthodox Christian, Jesus is the only begotten Son of God who died so our Sins could be forgiven.  But you will find exactly the same claims for a stream of other ‘gods’ in the ancient world ‘long before’ the name of ‘Jesus’ was even heard of.  Indeed, we know his name wasn’t Jesus because that’s a Greek translation of a Hebrew name.  The term ‘Son of God’ would seem to originate at least as far back as the Aryan Gothic kings of Cilicia who took the title ‘Son of the Sun God’, a tradition adopted by the Pharaohs of Egypt.  

‘Jesus’ to others he was claiming to be the King of the ‘Jews’ by right of his King David bloodline.  

Image Detail

But did Jesus, Moses, Solomon and King David actually ever exist, anymore than that of Alice in Wonderland?  Apart from the texts in the bible, there is not much credible evidence they actually did, so if this is the case where perhaps did they spring from and more importantly were they not more metaphoric symbols, as it’s much easier for the ‘common man’ to be able relate to by simply putting a name to a person ‘in the image of man’, than it is to name and describe a celestial body such as the Sun, as a deity or God to man, and then count on non educated people to be expected to understand complex issues such as astrology and astronomy, it far more easier to put it across as a, metaphor disguised as ‘fable, tale and story’ with the ‘once upon a time there were three kings, a virgin mother and an immaculate birth as opposed to trying and explain Equinox’s, various dates, seasons, centres of the cross, solstices etc. etc. and besides they didn’t want the ‘low life scum’ to know the truth, in fact they still don’t want ‘us’ to know the truth!

And why many will scoff at this article, like as if I'm worried ;-)

Image Detail

"Can you see Alice?" - Said the Mad March Hare


Ah what a wonderful wonderland we live in, so with all this in mind my fellow droogs, have a lovely Eastern Star this Ēostre, though try not to go too mad!

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Comment by Exposure on April 8, 2015 at 10:45am

Just seen this - space-wabbit - thank you and happy belated Ēostre and to all you wabbit related friends! ;-)

Comment by space wabbit on April 5, 2015 at 12:50pm

Wow - that's one awesome article!!  Great info - thank for sharing. . .  silly wabbit

P.S.  Happy Easter from space wabbit and all of his cwazy wabbit cousins  (Bugs Bunny, the Ever-ready bunny, Brer Rabbit,  Alice in Wonderland's the Mad Hare etc. etc.

Comment by Steve on April 20, 2014 at 1:23pm

Just another reason for all to leave preconceived ideas, programming and prejudices. Love is the only true telltale sign of a moral and righteous heart, regardless of race or religion. It is vital for people to unite as one.

Comment by Exposure on April 7, 2012 at 10:50am

Nice one Vincent a lot truth in that video, despite being disturbing at it's reality...

Comment by Exposure on April 5, 2012 at 3:28pm

Nice one Daniel, yeah man there's plenty of them matrix bombs yet to come...if they suddenly stop, then you know what's happened!!!

Comment by Old Denmark on April 5, 2012 at 11:48am

I love it and cant deny the facts :-) And christmas is even more 'twisted' but dont tell it might spoil the fun for many. But keep posting those matrix bombs

Comment by Exposure on April 5, 2012 at 5:27am

Thank you Patriot, you are a brave and honest person, even though you might not agree with all I say; "although I dont agree with some of the spiritual comments..." you are cute enough to see that all things of doubt and truth has to be tackled no matter how at times it can be painful, as believe me, and I mean this most sincerely, I get no pleasure whatsoever shattering someone elses illuisons, - but I cannot live with myself if I am expected to live in a masquerade of world, a place I love so much and would love to cure...and the only remedy is exposing all untruths...it's the only way and it will never be an easy one :-(

Image Detail

Comment by Exposure on April 4, 2012 at 10:03pm

Cheers Vincent, perhaps I should of had those mushrooms later on!!

Comment by Exposure on April 4, 2012 at 9:46pm

Greg, you're either a fundamental Christian, or simply a buffoon, perhaps both, - this has not been multi posted on the same thing, as you incorrectly accuse me of doing, dearest friend, as if are bothered to take a real look, you will find the truth, as it's been posted to My Space, Facebook, Digg, and Twitter you twit! NOT THE SAME PLACE!!!


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