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For those who are relatively new to The CLS and what The CLS do … here is some stuff. 

The CLS work with and facilitate those whom need or want to be EDUCATED in matters relating to Alleged Minor Criminal Offences and Civil Cases (The LAW).  Education is the key term here.  

That means, no Legal advise is offered or given. Schools, Tutorials and One to One Talks can be facilitated.  If you are of a mind to study the Law, in order to educate and protect yourself and your family lawfully, then The CLS may be the place for you.  If on the other hand, you want legal advise or want to engage with a barrister, lawyer or solicitor, or want legal representation you should look elsewhere.  

TO BE CLEAR:  You do not have to have Legal representation to address any Court on this Island.  All you need is the Law and the most appropriate Law relevant to the matter in hand. The Constitution, the Statute Law derived thereunder, and the Human Rights Convention are the overriding Law(s). Despite many opinions to the contrary, these Laws cannot be interpreted to mean something other than what they clearly state and mean.  The LAW can only be read and CANNOT be interpreted.

THE LAW; per se, isn’t a preventative, it is a set of remedies.  Until a Crime, Offence, Allegation etc. is proven in, by and according to Law, no punishment, fine, removal of property, award etc. can be applied, fixed or and attached.  

RACIAL DISCRIMINATION:  The Courts and the State in most cases do not operate under the principle of Law, that principal being IONNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY.  They do act and operate in most cases to the contrary of this, and they do DISCRIMINATEparticularly against People, whom chose to represent themselves, rather than employ Legal representation, those particular People with the attached label being “Lay Litigants”.

NOTHING WILL CHANGE; until such time, as enough People are educated to stand their ground with the LAW.  Most People do not fully grasp or comprehend what RACIAL DISCRIMINATIONis, and will look in the mirror to examine their skin colour or tone, or if they’re facial features or accent can ascribe or link them to a particular country of origin or ethnicity. This of course is a big mistake, when it comes to dealing with the LAW.  Discriminating against People as Lay Litigants is blatant, but comes across as being subtle.  No Judge should or has the right to ask you if you are a Lay Litigant, or if you are or are not being Legally represented.  The question although seeming quite innocuous, is highly prejudicial.

EVERY MAN and EVERY WOMAN; has the right to attend any Lawfully Constituted Court without having to validate whom they are.  Would you take offence at being asked if you are Old or Young? or Male or Female? What your Sexual orientation is? What colour your skin is? Are you a traveller or a settle traveller etc., etc., etc.

MOST JUDGES OR REGISTRARS are probably pre-programmed to DISRESPECTthe authority, or not recognise the legitimacy of someone who is not legally represented.  Many of them (Judges and Registrars) go out of their way to subjugate, ridicule, deride and or mock anyone who is not legally represented, and feel justified in being blatant in their attacks.  This is akin in their minds, to a Master whipping a slave for leaving the plantation.  At one time they could legallyget away with it, but not any more.

WE THINK IT OF SIGNIFICANT IMPORT for everyone to fully grasp what Racial Discrimination or Discrimination is, how it is defined or codified, and perhaps eventually be in a position to able to use it against those who would discriminate against you.  We have written other articles on this subject matter before … but here is a summary of RACIAL DISCRIMINATION:

RACISM is a broad contextually driven term.  It is an umbrella term for the ideology; that People can be divided or sub-divided into distinct groups, collectives or classes, based uponwide and varied categories, such as; origin, colour, age, gender, religion, race, species, ethnicity, religion, ideology, nationality, culture, social class etc., etc., etc. ad infinitum.  The aim being; to SUBJUGATE those whom you have identified, grouped, collectivized or classed as being a particular type.

FINALLY:  If you wish to engage with The CLS on a PRIVATE One-to-One basis via a conversation or meeting, go to :   to the “NEED HELP” page, to book the appropriate time you think you may require.  The CLS will contact you soon thereafter.





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