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I Suggest people should have 4 main bags/ kits
1) Main Bug Out Bag
2) Car accident/ Bug Out Bag
3) Small Secondary Bug Out Bag (Satchel)
4) Pocket Altoids Can Survival Kit
5) (Extra) Hip Bag
Survival Sites
Videos Survival Information
Survival Stores Online (Compare Prices Before buy and cost of S/H)
Survival Kits sites
Food Links
Medical Supplies
Must Have products

Solar Products
Knives / Pocket tools (You can never have too many and user preference)
(I own 2 and I carry one in pocket every day 2" X 1-1/4" x 1/4")
Hacksaw Blade Knife (Made from Hacksaw blade)
Other Knife Links
Back Packs and Other Bags
Water Filters
Clothes/ Outerwear
General Products to have
  • 30 Gallon black garbage bags (Several)

  • Plastic grocery bags (Several)

  • Aluminum Soda Can (Hold Candle..light reflector)

  • Several Tea Candles (they sell 100 pks)

  • Zip lock One Zip One Gallon Bags Heavy Duty and Freezer Bags

  • Zip Ties Various Sizes

  • Bic Lighters small and large

  • Rubber gloves

  • Charmin to go (Travel toilet paper)

  • Puffs Tissues To Go

  • Q-tips

  • Small 1.75 once Vaseline (Fires, many uses)

  • Johnson and Johnson First aid to go pouch Super small First aid kit

  • Ear Plus

  • Travel toothpaste

  • toothbrush

  • Coppertone Sport 1 oz

  • Empty Vitamins aspirin bottles

  • Safety Pins

  • Tooth picks

  • Books of damp environment Matches

  • Citronella Whippets

  • Duct Tape

  • Electrical tape 2 roles minimum

  • Deck of Cards

  • Hat and gloves (In Bag)

  • 2 pair socks (In Bag)

  • Pens and Paper

  • Steel Wool (Burns Good)

  • Handcuff keys

  • Dryer Lint (For starting fires)

  • Toothpicks

  • Key rings 1 " and bigger

  • Bandanna (At Least 4)

  • Altoids Can 1.76 oz.

  • Synthetic or Cotton from aspirin/vitamin bottle (For starting fires )

  • Dryer Lint in small bottle/film canister (For starting fires )

  • Small Chain Quick Links (Several or Choker chain)

  • Paper clips

  • Buttons (various sized buttons to fix clothes

  • Left over fabric fro cloth repair

  • Batteries (Extra For flash lights)

  • Film canisters
Pet Items
High End for extreme Survivalist

Gun Training
Home Gardening
72 Hour Kit – A bag of items intended to sustain the user for at least 72 hours. Also see BOB (bug out bag),

Survival Kit, PSK (personal survival kit). (I Call it the OSB or Oh Shit Bag I keep by the bed, and In the Car)

Some also call it EPAK - Emergency Preparedness Action Kit

AR-15 - Is the civilian version of the military M-16 and M-4 rifle.
BOB - Bug Out Bag. This is some kind of duffle or back pack equipped with emergency supplies.
BOL - Bug Out Location (A predetermined (hopefully well stocked) location that you would head to in case of an emergency
BOV - Bug Out Vehicle (Get you to your BOL)
BIB - Bug In Bag (Similar to a BOB, but is designed to get you home - like if you are traveling)
Camo – Camouflage
CB - Citizen Band Radio
CBRN- Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear
CERT - Community Emergency Response Team
DOD - Department of Defense (USA)
EDC - Every Day Carry (this can be used to refer to items you always have with you: firearm, knife, mult-tool, etc.)
EMP - Electro-Magnetic Pulse
EOTWAWKI - End Of The World As We Know It. This means that the world as you know it has come to an end - some kind of world
wide event has happened, kiss your old life good-bye.
FAK - First Aid Kit
FEMA - Federal Emergency Management Agency. FEMA’s mission is to support our US citizens and first responders to ensure that as
a nation we work together to build, sustain, and improve our capability to prepare for, protect against, respond to, recover from,
and mitigate all hazards.
FRS - Family Radio Service
GMRS - General Mobile Radio Service
GPS - Global Positioning System
HDR - Humanitarian Daily Ration. They are food rations intended for humanitarian crises. Each is intended to serve as a single
person's full daily food supply, and contain somewhat over 2,200 calories. They have shelf-lives of about 3 years, and their contents
are designed to be acceptable to a variety of religious and ethnic groups.
LEO - Law Enforcement Officer
MRE - Meal Ready To Eat. This is a military ration. Its normal shelf life is several years. The contents are sealed in a tough plastic
Multi-tool - This is a combination survival knife, pliers and will usually have a wide assortment of tools built in. One example is the
Gerber Multi-tool.
NBC - Nuclear, Biological, Chemical
NOAA - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. NOAA is a US agency that enriches life through science. Our reach goes
from the surface of the sun to the depths of the ocean floor as we work to keep citizens informed of the changing environment
around them.
NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NVG - Night Vision Goggles
PSK - Personal Survival Kit.
SAK - Swiss Army Knife
SEAL - Sea, Air, Land
SERE - Survival, Evasion, Resistance, & Escape
SHTF - SH*T Hit The Fan. This means that some kind of event has happened. This is a term used in relation to your location. A SHTF
situation is not normally world wide.
SKS - A Soviet 7.62x39mm caliber semi-automatic rifle, designed in 1945 by Sergei Gavrilovich Simonov. SKS is an acronym for
Samozaryadniy Karabin sistemi Simonova
Survival knife - A multi purpose knife used for survival in the wilderness.
USGS - U.S. Geological Survey. An unbiased, multi-disciplinary science organization that focuses on biology, geography, geology,
geospatial information, and water, we are dedicated to the timely, relevant, and impartial study of the landscape, our natural
resources, and the natural hazards that threaten us.
USAF - United States Air Force
USN - United States Navy
Zulu - Refers to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
Billy (Endtimes Watchman)
PO Box 756
KILA, Montana 59920
contact Trapper @
Trapper's Cabin
POBox 914
Marion MT 59925
Other Sights to Check Out!!!!!!!

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