January 27, 2011
Mr. B in the Far East


We talk gold all the time, now let's have a look at the diamond market for a moment. I am working in the mainstream of diamond sales with a remarkable sale of a ominous large black stone called the BLACK OBAMA and it's 824 carats of super large translucent purity (photo attached) appraised at about 160,000,000 usd. Price tag is $55 mio USD.

While working to sell this stone we came across a leading Diamond Purveyor, Professional in Israel, who commented, "I would be taking interest in this, but we have no time for these matters now" and he just hung up. We knew that the diamond market is very slow at the moment with Buyers outstripping Sellers of rough diamond collections 520 to 10! We also learned that the Israelis are preparing for war and are downsizing the diamond cutters activities there. In other words the Diamond Giants are slowing down distribution of the large rough diamond collections and cutting into the use of diamonds as money!

So what can be done with existing ownership of diamonds rough or polished? What is interesting is that the BIS has allowed diamonds to be put into trade. This will allow diamonds rough or polished to be avalled and used in PPP programs. (see attached overview for your eyes only) This means that banks are loading up to create positive balance sheet figures using real assets to include bullion, diamonds and bank instruments. As the Banks now are more and more aware of what they will be doing in an upcoming world war, they are getting prepared. Corporations and institutions are organizing new agendae based on a synergy between the 'secret government' and the falseness of shortages.

The current inside line is that it's the calm before the storm. This is a reference to the disquieting action of "cheaper" gold allowing governments everywhere to keep printing up their currency to match the amount of listed au in registered supply. Gold is being sold quietly at the bank level, or when gold is coming out of trade and has to be sold.

Consider then a bank holiday that will inflict a real change in the oil-backed dollar and the USD as the commodity driver. Currencies will take on new value based on how much gold they have on book. If gold's value has to go up to 2000 USD per ounce one week and 4000 USD per ounce the next, it's all because a leading currency will have to own up to what paper is printed against what is existing against it's bullion reserves. If you printed too much, then your currency is out or renamed into the new unit of measure. And guess what, the Rouble and the Remimbi will not be in that drain pipe scenario.

There are some owners of bullion out of Asia that have to create cash-streams to pay off high interest fees on bullion storage or basically come out of hiding. You can move billions of dollars of bullion without the FED noting what is going on. And so all the bullion that is in the system is being accounted for until. This means eventually if a gold sale happens and the FED does not want the cash to reach it's buyer, then they will freeze it. So 200 Metric tonnes worth 3 Billion USD will go into hyper space with a weaker USD having to cough up three or four times the paper to buy.

The "secret government" agenda has it's financial streams that will operate in it's etheric state without impunity and will keep an apparent downturn of the markets in a lower cloud formation which most of humanity will have to eat of that sandwich.

Mr. B

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